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PlayStreli is the non-binary ship between Player and Strelitzia from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Strelitzia first encountered Player when she was passing through the Fountain Square in Daybreak Town, noticing that they were waiting for someone, that someone being Ephemer. When she returned from her mission that day, she saw that Player was still there, waiting. Strelitzia felt sorry for Player, noticing that their eyes had begun to well up and how disappointed they looked when Ephemer didn't show up.

Since that day, Strelitzia started noticing Player's presence whenever they happened to run into each other on missions, noting that it was strange because they must have crossed paths so many times before despite not noticing them until the day she saw them waiting at the Fountain Square. Strelitzia wanted to become friends with the player but could never muster up the courage to introduce herself.

Strelitzia eventually told her older brother, Lauriam, about how she wants to become friends with Player and how she fears that if Player doesn't join the Dandelions, it will never happen. Lauriam teased his little sister about her apparent crush on Player, causing her to become flustered.

One day, Strelitzia is approached by Master Ava, who asked her if she's a member of the Dandelions and made her one of the new Union Leaders after confirming that she is. That night, while thinking about how much responsibility she will have as one of the New Union Leaders, Strelitzia suddenly remembered that Player isn't a member of the Dandelions and will be forced to fight in the Keyblade War if they don't join. Strelitzia resolved to recruit Player into the Dandelions, planning to wait for them at the Fountain Square the very next morning.

While waiting for Player, Strelitzia's Chrithy appeared and told her that Player had been spotted entering a small building. Strelitzia followed her Chirithy to the building that Player had been seen entering. Strelitzia entered the building and called out asking if anyone was there, she was then approached by a shadowy figure, who was later revealed to be Ventus, only to get struck down. Before Strelitzia disappeared, her last words were that she wished that she had the courage to talk to Player.

Months Later, Lauriam, who had been desperately searching for Strelitzia, told the other Union Leaders that, before she disappeared, Strelitzia was desperately trying to get someone to join the Dandelions. Ephemer and Skuld, were able to deduce that Player was the one whom Strelitiza was trying to recruit, having been very close friends with Player prior to the Keyblade War.

Ephemer had Lauriam accompany him as he went to meet with Player to see if they knew anything about Strelitzia's whereabouts. While Player didn't have any clue as to where Strelitzia was, Lauriam said that their conversation did manage to clear something up. Before leaving, Lauriam asked Player to keep Strelitzia in their heart.


PlayStreli is currently the most popular ship involving Strelitzia and seems to have dethroned PlayEphe as both the most popular ship involving Player and the most popular Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross ship in general. This is likely thanks to Strelitzia being confirmed to have feelings towards Player and PlayEphe beginning to dwindle in popularity due to the lack of interactions between Player and Ephemer after the Keyblade War.

There are currently 24 works with the tag 'Player Character/Strelitzia' on AO3.



Player Character/Strelitzia tag on AO3


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