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Plikki is the non-binary ship between Tikki and Plagg from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


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Tikki and Plagg are two Kwamis that "know each other very well." They were original kept together in the Miracle Box until the creation and destruction powers of their Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses were needed and the Kwamis were sent to two different people. Where their roles kept the Kwamis separate, all while being unaware that they and the holders of their Miraculouses, even when Marinette and Adrien aren't using their powers as Ladybug and Cat Noir, aren't always too far away from each other. Until Tikki and Plagg were able to meet face to face again in "Dark Owl", and in order for both of them to recharge their energy Tikki shares her macron with Plagg.

In "Sandboy" the two Kwamis meet up before they make their way to Master Fu's place, so they and other Kwamis can celebrate Nooroo's birthday before beginning the ceremony that would have allowed them to find their lost friend, if it wasn't for Hawk Moth using the power of the Butterfly Miraculous at the time.


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Them being the Kwamis of Ladybug and Cat Noir could be the reason why fans of the Miraculous Ladybug fandom shipped them together, long before Tikki and Plagg's actual relationship was reviled in the season 2 episode, "Sandboy". Where it is showed to be not so different from the Ladynoir side of the Adrienette ship.

While Tikki and Plagg are viewed as a she and he, due to the sound of their voices and how they act, Kwamis are in fact genderless. As some Kwamis are featured as a male in a few non-English dubs of the episode they appear in, and are later presented as a female in the English dub of the same episode. In which has Plikki between a Non-binary ship and a Het ship.



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  • Much like how Cat Noir calls Ladybug "M'Lady", Plagg has given Tikki the pet name of "Sugarcube".


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