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Princess Peach is a character from the Super Mario fandom.


Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is frequently kidnapped by Bowser and saved by Mario. Peach has also helped assist the plumber in the past and saved him as well, alongisde Toad, Luigi, Tippi, and the Sprixies. She also acts as Mario’s love interest, although no romantic relationship between the two has been fully established.



Foxeach — the ship between Peach and Fox McCloud
Leach — the ship between Peach and Link
Lloyeach — the ship between Peach and Lloyd Garmadon
Luich — the ship between Peach and Luigi
Mareach — the ship between Peach and Mario
Peachiroth — the ship between Peach and Sephiroth
Prichter — the ship between Princess Peach and Richter Belmont
Powser — the ship between Peach and Bowser
Shadeach — the ship between Peach and Shadow the Hedgehog
Soneach — the ship between Peach and Sonic the Hedgehog
Wareach — the ship between Peach and Wario
Wolfeach — the ship between Peach and Wolf O'Donnell


PaluPeach — the ship between Peach and Palutena
Peachalina — the ship between Peach and Rosalina
Peachamy — the ship between Peach and Amy Rose
Peachauline — the ship between Peach and Pauline
Peaendy - the ship between Princess Peach and Wendy O. Koopa
Peaisy — the ship between Peach and Princess Daisy
SyruPeach — the ship between Peach and Captain Syrup
Pelda — the ship between Peach and Zelda
SamuPichi — the ship between Peach and Samus Aran


Peachadette — the ship between Peach and Toadette
Peach×Toad — the ship between Peach and Toad


Bowsareach — the ship between Peach, Bowser, and Mario
Peachaisalina — the ship between Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina


Renstool — the ship between Peach and Joker
Pink — the ship between Peach and Inkling



Main article: Mareach

Mario and Peach are childhood friends who are implied to have romantic feelings towards each other. However, they have yet to form a romantic relationship as of yet. Mario rescues Peach, while she will reward him with a kiss or some cake. The duo have also worked together in Super Mario 3D World and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.


Main article: Powser

Bowser and Peach are childhood enemies. Even as toddlers, Bowser has been shown to kidnap her, resulting in Mario rescuing her. While his motives tend to vary, a common trend shows that he has romantic feelings for Peach. Bowser has even made attempts to marry her. Peach does not return said feelings however, due to his constant schemes and kidnappings. She will still ally with Bowser when necessary, though.


“Yay! Peach! Let’s go!”
Princess Peach, Super Mario 3D World
“Ohhh, did I win?”
Princess Peach, Super Smash Bros. Melee


Princess Peach is one of the most famous female characters in video gaming. Ever since her first appearance in the series, fans have adored the character for her design and personality. Although, this is not to say the character has not received backlash. Critics may describe her as merely being a “stereotypical damsel-in-distress who does nothing” due to her frequent roles in the series, but this ignores instances in which she is both a playable character and a savior.

The most common ship with the princess comes in the form of a red plumber. Some, however, may prefer Powser as a ship due to Bowser’s personality and motives. Peach is also shipped with Pauline, thanks to both characters being major female characters who are romantic interests for Mario. Rosalina and Daisy are also commonly paired with Peach.

In terms of crossover ships, Samupeach is one of the most common femslash pairings in the Super Smash Bros. series. This is due to them both being female characters featured in the Super Smash Bros series and some promotional work for Nintendo. For those who also enjoy Rosalina and Peach as a pair, polyships have formed with the trio.

Currently, Princess Peach has at least 1,400 fan-works on Archive of our Own, making her the fifth most popular character in the Super Smash Bros series and most popular character for Super Mario, outranking even the titular character. FanFiction.Net, has an even larger amount for Peach, with 1,400 for Super Mario and 500 for Smash, giving her a grand total of 1,900.



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355 Mareach Mario het
109 Powser Bowser het
33 Peaisy Princess Daisy femslash
28 SamuPichi Samus Aran femslash
24 King Boo×Peach King Boo het
19 Luich Luigi het
19 Peachalina Rosalina femslash
17 Pelda Zelda femslash
9 Daisy & Peach Princess Daisy gen
8 Peachaisalina Princess Daisy • Rosalina poly


  • Princess Peach's first appearance was in 1985’s Super Mario Bros., adorned with red hair and wore a white dress.
  • In America, Princess Peach was originally referred to as just “Toadstool”. When Yoshi’s Safari was brought over, however, she was then given back her original name. Super Mario 64 then confirmed Toadstool as her last name.
  • Her final smash, Peach Blossom, is based on one of her moves in Super Mario RPG. Specifically, it takes inspiration from Sleepy Time, in which sheep will rain down and cause the enemy to sleep.
  • Currently, Super Princess Peach is the only game in which she saves Mario and Luigi.
  • With her appearance in Yoshi’s Island DS and Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, Princess Peach has known the brothers since they were all children and would even have play dates with them.
  • Bayonetta 1 and 2 features a Princess Peach inspired outfit aptly named “Mushroom Princess”. Only Bayonetta and Jeanne can wear it, as Rosa is unable to wear any of the Nintendo costumes.
  • Peach, Bowser, and Luigi have all been possessed or mind controlled at some point in the Paper Mario spin-off series. With Peach, she was both possessed by the Shadow Queen and partially controlled by Nastasia.
  • A costume of Princess Peach can be used for Lili in the Wii U version of Tekken Tag Team 2.
  • Princess Peach is featured as in easter egg in the following Legend of Zelda titles:
    • Link's Awakening features a photo of her signed by Christene.
    • Her photo can be seen at Hyrule Castle alongside Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Yoshi in Ocarina of Time.


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