Proctorshipping is the het ship between Gauche and Droite from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal fandom.


Gauche and Droite were childhood friends in the past in Spartan City. The two are often together and display great teamwork. They were chosen by Mr. Heartland who made who trained them further in dueling. Gauche was more more emotional of the two in contrast to Droite's professionalism. They oversaw the World Duel Carnival tournament acting as referees. When Tokunosuke Omoteura used counterfeit heart pieces they went to disqualify him. Yuma defended them and dueled both of them so that he could remain in the tournament. They were shown to duel well together.

When Haruto goes missing Gauche and Droite search by helicopter. They find him with Yuma and think Yuma kidnapped him, but Haruto's power forces them to retreat. They find Yuma again and try and question him but are stopped by Kite. Gauche later resigns his position so that he can compete in the tournament. Droite realizes that he was going after Yuma. After Gauche loses to Yuma in the finals he and Droite both leave together. The two later return to Spartan City where Gauche becomes a Pro Duelist under the name Star Man. He had offered Droite to be his tag team partner but she declined and instead became his manager. Gauche is brainwashed by the Barians to defeat Yuma. Droite aids Yuma in a tag duel in setting him free.


Proctorshipping a fairly popular shipping. Even though Droite canonically had feelings for Kite she spends most of her screentime with Gauche causing many fans to feel that they would make a better couple. It rivals Anxietyshipping.



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  • This ship get's it's name because they both act as protectors at different times in the series.
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