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Puffychu is the friendship between Captain Puffy and Niki Nihachu from the Dream SMP fandom.


The two are friends of the Dream Team and are both members on the Dream SMP. While Puffy is fine with shipping fanart, Niki has expressed that she wants the shipping with her to stop as she's uncomfortable with it. Though, she is okay with people shipping her Dream SMP character. Both are bisexual.

Dream SMP

Niki is a part of the Syndicate while Puffy is a possible recruit for the Syndicate. Outside of the Syndicate, the two are in a relationship. They went on a date and got to know more about each other. A promise ring was given to Niki from Puffy. A flower shop was also built together by them.

It's possible for the relationship between the two to turn negative. They're sometimes on opposite sides of conflict. Niki burned down the L'mantree while Puffy fought for L'manberg. Niki wanted to kill Tommy while Puffy wanted to protect him. Along with this, Niki felt abandoned by Puffy after failing to get in contact with her. This was due to a problem with the egg, but the two were happily together during the Red Banquet.


Because of Niki being uncomfortable with real-life shipping, people tend to only ship Puffy and Niki's characters. It's the most popular femslash ship within the Dream SMP members, since there's only a few females on the Dream SMP. It's also very popular due to their canon relationship between their characters. Though, Puffychu is overshadowed by other canon ships between the Dream SMP characters such as Karlnap and AwesamPonk. There are currently 464+ works on AO3 of the pairing.



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