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Qingguang is the femslash ship between Keqing and Ningguang from the Genshin Impact fandom.


When the traveler first meets Keqing in the archon quest "A New Star Approaches", she mentions Ningguang, saying "I know of you, Traveler. You're Ningguang's guests, yes?". The traveler talks a bit more with Keqing where she talks about her ideals and how they contrast with the Tianqian's. "Well, for Ningguang... She would talk anything and everything out if she could. But I doubt we can do that here."

Later, the traveler goes to the Jade Palace and talks with Ningguang, who asks them who they thought was more trustworthy between herself and the Yuheng. The traveler chooses Keqing, to which Ningguang laughs and says that she had a feeling. She then says that, originally, she thought Keqing was too "hard-headed". However, after Keqing said "The time of the adepti has long passed. If even the Liyue Qixing don't want to face that truth, then what future is there for Liyue...", then quite a few of doubts Ningguang had were dispelled.

After the big fight with Osial, Keqing and Ningguang give a speech together where Keqing then tells the traveler that they can ask something of the Liyue Qixing. The traveler asks for help to put up missing poster signs for their sibling.


For Keqing, she has the most voicelines about Ningguang than any other character in the game has about anyone else. All the characters only have two at most about another character but Keqing has three discussing the Tianqian.

The first one is labeled "Conflict" and in it, Keqing says that the two of them do work well together, but are polar opposites personality wise. She also talks about how Ningguang is focused on making Mora. "Hmm, or maybe turning a profit is her principle?"

The second voiceline is called "Cooperation". It takes place after Rex Lapis has departed, and Keqing says that they have found some common ground. Although the two still disagree, Keqing says that she considers Ningguang "as a comrade in arms".

The final voiceline Keqing has about Ningguang is a more lighthearted one, labeled "Trifling Matters". Keqing talks about how she had ordered a Lucent Crescent from Mingxing three months in advance and when she had finally gone to pick it up, she had been told that Ningguang had bought the last few months worth of Lucent Crescents by paying double. "She can be such a pain!" It seems as though Ningguang had done this purely out of amusement and to mess with Keqing.

Ningguang only has one voiceline about Keqing where she notes that Keqing has changed a lot in recent times. She then muses to herself for a bit. "But is Liyue better off with the Yuheng we have now, or the Yuheng we used to know? Only time will tell."


Qingguang is relatively small, due to both characters already being in larger and more popular ships. Ningguang is more commonly shipped with Beidou while Keqing is shipped more with Ganyu. However, there is still a moderate amount of fanart and fanfiction written for this pair. Fans enjoy seeing the two interact with each other, especially since it seems as though Ningguang enjoys to rile Keqing up for the fun of it (as mentioned in Keqing's voiceline).

Some people have thought of Ningguang as being the type to tease and mess with Keqing while the latter gets flustered and indignant, giving opportunities to write fun stories or cute artwork. Their canon dynamic makes the ship a rather cute one for people to enjoy.



Keqing/Ningguang tag on AO3


  • Keqing and Ningguang are a part of the Liyue Qixing.


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