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Qualice is the het ship between Quentin Coldwater and Alice Quinn from The Magicians fandom.


Season 1


Quentin is in his first lecture, when a woman named Alice is called to the front of the class. She stands at the front desk in front of a marble and turns it into a horse as Quentin watches. She awkwardly makes her way back to her desk as the room claps.

Quentin is in the school cafe when he sees Alice alone at a table. He says hi, and tries to explain Margo and Eliot, but she doesn't care. He says sorry, then sits down across from her. He says it was his fault that they said that, because they saw how jealous he was of her, and how easy magic is for her. She says that she studies. Quentin says that she does but she also gets it. He’s terrified of getting kicked out and never had anyone to help him with magic before. She says that her parents were useless crazy people who never taught her magic, so it never gave her an advantage. She asks if there’s anything else she can do to make him feel better or if he was good.

Quentin waits finds Alice after class and asks about the symbol on the page she was looking at the other day, but she tells him to go away. He shows her the symbol that Jane Chatwin left on his hand, shocking her. She asks how he got it, but he’ll only tell her if she tells him what it means. She pulls him aside and tells him to meet her at the Admin Building at 10. He asks her what it means, and she tells him “Contact the other side”. He asks if she means seance stuff, and she clarifies it more of a summoning. He sarcastically says that he likes to summon the dead anyway, and she says that’s the plan. She just needs a book that got pulled off the shelves and is now in the dean’s office. He asks if that means it needs to be stolen and she nods her head yes. Quentin tells her that he doesn’t want to get kicked out. She asks if he wants her to pass his tests, because she can do that, but he has to help her. He’s involved for some reason, and she stomps away.

Quentin hands Alice the book and she starts to go through it as he takes off the bandage on his hand, the mark gone sarcastically saying that makes him less nervous. Alice tells him to nut up, and there’s no such thing as safe magic. Quentin asks who they’re trying to contact since they need a name for the spell. Alice says Charlie, her brother. Quentin asks how he died, and Alice presumes it was horribly since no one will tell her what happened, just that it happened at Brakebills. She asks if Quentin actually thought she came her because she loves magic, she only came to find out what happened and tells him to hurry up since they need to be done with the spell by midnight. Quentin tries to say sorry about her brother, when she finds something wrong with the spell. He asks what it is and she’s about to explain when Penny and Kady come in. Alice says that the spell requires four people, asking Kady and Penny to join them. They perform the spell, but nothing happens. Kady and Penny leave and after an awkward pause, Quentin tells Alice that he’ll start cleaning up.


Quentin is in the cafe reading Fillory, when Alice comes up behind him. He asks what she wants, they screwed up that spell so bad and can’t take it back. She also doesn’t like him, but she says that she doesn’t know him. He says he doesn’t know her either from them summoning the beast, which she agrees. She sits down and says that he should hate her since she dragged him into this but he showed up with the sigil, and she thought it meant that her brother was getting him to help her contact him. Quentin says that he’s not sure that that’s what happened. He tells her that it appeared while he was dreaming of Fillory and was given to him by Jane. She’s confused and he says Jane Chatwin, from the books. She tells him that growing up the last thing she wanted to do was read fantasy. He hypothetically asks what if Fillory is real, and he knows she thinks it’s just about Charlie, but it’s possibly bigger given what came through the mirror. Alice says that’s a leap, despite there being other worlds, Fillory is fiction. Quentin tells her that the Chatwins were a real family living next to the Plovers, but she’s still confused. He asks if there’s a place where they can watch a video and she takes him there.

They watch a video explaining the disappearance of the Chatwin children, and Quentin explaining that it’s part of the reason that people are obsessed with the books. Alice asks if he thinks that Charlie vanished, but Quentin isn’t sure, just that they called something from another world. Alice asks what they should do, but really all they need to do is not get caught. Alice tells him that they need to hide the evidence, which Quentin agrees to.


Alice and Quentin are in the cafe after getting their disciplines, Quentin’s being undetermined. Alice asks if they can do that, Quentin telling her that Sutherland says that it happens, and they’ll try again next year. He asks what hers is, and she tells him Phosphoromancy, bending light. She turns her hand invisible, shocking Quentin. She says that there are cooler areas, but Quentin thinks it’s pretty cool, given that he’s a nothing-mancer. She asks why he’s assigned to the Physical Cottage if he’s undetermined and he tells her it’s because they have extra space. Alice says that they also have their mind-blowing cocktail, so it can’t be all bad.

They get to the cottage where there’s a sign telling them to let themselves in. Quentin tries to open the door but it doesn’t budge. He asks if there’s a doorbell, and Alice says no. She reads the note and determines that they have to figure out how to get in. Quentin calls them a bunch of dicks, as Alice tries to pick the locks but is shocked and says that it might actually be hard. They sit outside for an unknown amount of time, when Quentin looks at the sun and gets an idea. He asks about Alice’s light bending, and possible using it as a magnifying glass. He asks if she ever burned ants with one as a kid, and she calls that horrifying. She uses her powers and burns a hole in the door. He sticks his hand through the door and opens it. Eliot walks over and hands them a drink. Alice and Quentin do a half hearted toast before taking a drink.

Alice whipsers to Quentin that she’s not an experienced drinker, and he sarcastically says that he couldn’t tell. She tells him that the spell they did to reach Charlie should have worked, she went over it like a million times. Quentin says that she’s talking like she wants to do it again. He asks if she does want to try it again, and she says that she needs to know the truth. She compares the spell to a phone call, and the beast picked up instead of Charlie, and now she asks where he is. Quentin says that the last time they asked that someone died. Alice says nevermind, since he doesn’t care, but Quentin says he does and wants to help. He suddenly gets an idea and grabs a book from the Cottage library asking if she’s read Teukolsky. He tells her that they can find spirits with a simple locator spell if they want to be found. She smiles at him and says that’s stupid and that he has a stupid face. He then asks if anyone has a match.

They take the match around campus, which doesn’t seem to be working but Alice tells Quentin to keep walking. It goes off at Woof Fountain. Alice says that she always hated it, and that it’s supposedly bottomless. Alice says that the psychics love it, suicide fountain. Quentin asks if she thinks her brother went in, but Alice says that he wasn’t that kind of guy. He was the kind of guy who wanted to help and fix everything, and he taught her the spell she showed everyone the first day. They stand around but nothing happens and Alice tell him they should go and they walk away.

Quentin and Alice share a look when they find out that someone was attacked at Woof Fountain. Quentin and Alice walk up the stairs of the physical cottage, Quentin asking if what attacked the other students was Charlie. Alice doesn’t know, but it might be, if not it’s a big coincidence. He asks that if it was Charlie, wouldn’t it have been easier just to reach out to her directly. They enter her room and see a bunch of glass horses everywhere.

In the main room, Alice looks over one of the horses, definitely Charlie. Quentin asks why Charlie would want to drown a bunch of psychics, just as Margo walks in asking if they’ve met them. She asks if they’re talking about what happened at Woof, but Alice says that they’re having a private conversation. Margo says well, meow and walks away. Alice and Quentin share a look, Quentin asks what that was. Alice says that she doesn’t trust Margo. Quentin moves it back to Charlie and tells her that drowning people is a little violent. She suggests that Charlie might not have even known what he’s doing. He asks how they get in contact with Charlie without him trying to drown them, but Alice doesn’t know. Alice starts to go through possible spells, but Quentin suggests talking to Margo, much to Alice’s annoyance. They’re interrupted by Eliot needing Quentin’s help. Before he leaves, Quentin tells Alice that she needs more information, and Margo’s discipline is gossip.

Alice and Quentin are in the cafe, Quentin asking about the niffin box. She explains it and how they have to use a short chant. Quentin says it sounds easy, but she tells himt that there was also the month long enchantment to get it to work in the first place. She tells him they’re not gonna use the box, confusing him. She says that they’re gonna bring Charlie back and Quentin tells her that he now has to look at her like she’s nuts. He tells her he’s been doing research on Niffins, and apparently they’re not even alive, they’re something else. Alice says that Charlie is out there somewhere, and Quentin asks if going Niffin is even reversale. Alice says that there’s nothing saying it isn’t. She shows him a spell that can transmute things in theory. He tells her it’s Major Arcana, and she says that he’s only saying that because he couldn’t do it. He tells her that no one could do it and she’s making it up as she goes. He calls her an amazing Magicians, and she tells him not to patronize her. He says he’s not, but it’s still not a good idea. She asks what he even knows, he only learned about magic three months ago. He says that’s true, but he still knows that it’s a crazy plan and wonders why she can’t see that. She tells him to stay there then and she’s going to do the one thing she’s here for, helping Charlie. He pockets the niffin box and follows her.

They go to Woof Fountain and Alice starts to read out the instructions. He asks if she’s singing from the Breakfast Club but she ignores him. Quentin then points out across the fountain, and Alice sees it’s Charlie. She gets to him, but he starts to hurt her, Quentin telling her to stop but she she ignores him. He pulls out the niffin box but Charlie knocks it from his hand and starts to choke him. Alice starts to perform a spell to bring him back but it’s not working. Quentin tells her to stop, but she insists that she has it. Out of options, Quentin binds Charlie to the niffin box. She’s angry that he brought the box, but he tells her that Charlie was gonna kill her. She asks why he thought he had to save her, and that she almost had him but now he’s gone. She then runs away crying.


Season 1

Unauthorized Magic

  • Quentin tells Margo he has no idea how Alice does magic.
  • Margo explains to Quentin that Alice comes from a whole family of magicians.
  • Quentin occasionally glances over at Alice during class.

The Source of Magic

  • Alice and Quentin look at each other while being looked over by the paramedics.
  • Alice watches the watch in Quentin’s hand turn to sand.
  • Quentin stands behind Alice as Sutherland explains the Beast.
  • Quentin runs up to Alice after the attack.
  • Alice looks back at Quentin as Margo pulls her away.
  • Quentin is "researching", but Alice points out that he’s reading a kids book.
  • Alice asks Quentin what he said, but Quentin says nothing.
  • Quentin and Alice interrupt Kady and Penny.
  • Quentin sits next to Alice.
  • Alice and Quentin look to Kady to see if she sold them out.
  • Quentin asks Alice what Penny means and looks at her.
  • Alice looks back at Quentin as she leaves Sutherlands office.

The Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting

  • Alice smiles at Quentin after she burns the door.
  • Quentin and Alice laugh together.
  • Eliot and Margo watch Alice and Quentin across the room.


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On AO3, Qualice is the most written relationship for Alice and the second most written for Quentin. It's also the fifth most written relationship in The Magicians (TV) tag, and the second most written in The Magicians - Lev Grossman tag.



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Queliolice refers to the ship between Quentin, Eliot Waugh and Alice
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