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Eliot“Peaches and plums, motherfucker. I'm alive in here.”
— Quentin and Eliot's last conversation; Escape from the Happy Place

Queliot is the slash ship between Quentin Coldwater and Eliot Waugh from The Magicians fandom.


The Magicians

Book I

Quentin looks around confused before turning around and seeing a teenage boy leaning against a tree, smoking a cigarette. Quentin walks over to him, still confused about where he is. He asks if they're in Fillory, the teenager says no, they're in upstate New York. Quentin's confused, but the teenager just says that Quentin needs to get to the house. He starts to walk across the lawn, Quentin quickly following behind. He asks Quentin his name, who answers, before introducing himself as Eliot. He tells him not to tell him anything he doesn't want to know, since he doesn't want to get too attached.

Quentin asks if Eliot lives there, Eliot saying that he does, of a sorts. They make their way through a maze and reach a large house. Eliot says that the dean will come to collect Quentin. He tells him to act like he belongs, and to not tell the Dean that he was smoking or he'll banish him to hell. Eliot then leaves Quentin there, very very confused.

Quentin passes the exam and becomes a student at Brakebills. He decides to stay until the school year officially starts. The campus is mostly empty, but he does occasionally see Eliot. He's walking around campus, when he finds Eliot at the spot where they first met. Eliot offers him a smoke. They're contraband but Eliot was able to get them after making a deal with one of the teachers. Quentin says that they're not his brand, but Eliot says that they're the only one's he can stand, and offers again. Quentin takes it, and, having never smoked before, starts to play with it. Eliot tells him to smoke it, and lights it. Quentin inhales and starts to cough, causing Eliot to laugh.

They spend the rest of the afternoon together, Eliot leading Quentin around Brakebills and telling him about its history. Quentin asks about the curriculum, Eliot explaining that everyone gets the same classes, but you have to be really smart to get through them. He asks if Quentin is smart, and Quentin awkwardly answers "I guess." Eliot says that everyone there is, and now he's gonna be forced to interact with people on his own level. He's not gonna like it. Eliot also explains that the reason that most people can't do magic is that they're not smart and miserable enough lack of education or moral fiber. They could still have all of that, and still not be able to do it though. Quentin says that he doesn't believe that he has the moral fiber one, but Eliot doesn't think he has that either. It's most likely optional. As Eliot lights another cigarette, Quentin asks if Eliot has magical way of staving off the negative health effects of the cigarette's. Eliot jokes that he sacrifices a virgin every couple of weeks. It clears his lungs.

Over the next few days, Eliot and Quentin spend more and more time together. On the last day before classes started, they decide to take a boat out onto the river. As they float down the river, Eliot smoke's and tells Quentin about his past. Quentin had assumed that Eliot had been raised in Manhattan among the higher class, but that turns out not to be true. Eliot grew up in Oregon on a farm. His dad thought there was something wrong with him, and think he's a a school for "computer geeks and homosexuals." It's why he doesn't go home in the summer. He tells Quentin not to feel sorry for him, he's happy at Brakebills, and doesn't need his family. Quentin realizes how much of Eliot's personality of a facade to hide his real problems.

During the school year, heads up to the Brakebills Observatory to study when he sees the trapdoor open. He peeks his head through, and sees Eliot along with another guy named Eric. They start to do some role play before starting to have sex, which is when Quentin decides to leave. He questions how often Eliot went through guys, and whether he still had to hide himself, even at Brakebills. He then questions why Eliot never came to him for something like this, even though he's unsure if he would have gone through with it. Quentin had never seen the look Eliot gave Eric on his face before. He was in Eliot's line of site, but Eliot never spared Quentin a glance.

Quentin is walking with his classmates Surenda and Gretchen, when they ask how he knows Eliot. Quentin says that he really doesn't, since Eliot mostly sticks to his own crowd. Surenda asks if Quentin knows about Eliot, but Quentin doesn't let on that he does, and becomes offended. Surenda is surprised to find that Quentin doesn't know that Eliot is gay, when Gretchen screams at a false realization. She believes that Quentin is sleeping with Eliot, but Quentin can't deny this, since he's punched in the face by Penny.

Quentin and Alice are able to get into the Physical Cottage, where Josh, Janet and Eliot are waiting for them. Eliot says that he's glad they could make it, and notices the burned down door done by Quentin and Alice. Eliot goes back to work on dinner in the kitchen, and a dazed Quentin follows. Quentin asks if they have the whole place to themselves, and Eliot says that they do, Quentin and Alice now also do as well. Quentin asks if all the disciplines have their own places, and Eliot says yes, explaining where each discipline goes. They're interrupted by Janet, who is ready to eat. Eliot tells him to grab the wine and they head out to join the others.

They gossip and talk about what they're going to do after graduation before growing bored. They drink and lie around, Quentin taking note of how close Eliot and Janet are. He finds it a little funny given that Eliot is gay. Quentin says that he thought there'd be more Physical kids, but Eliot says that that's it since two other students graduated. Although he feels that when they do get members, they get the best one's. They all toast to being the best.

After getting to Brakebills South, Quentin finds the group at the top of the tower. He says that place doesn't seem so bad and asks what time skinny dipping is. Eliot says that he might have been off about that, even if they did all get naked. Quentin tells him about the man he met downstairs, and Eliot tells him that he met Professor Mayakovsky. Quentin asks if he's related to the Dean and Eliot says he's his son. Josh wonders how bad he must have messed up to be teaching down south, and Quentin suggests that he might have wanted the assignment. Eliot says that he's probably going to be the first to break, and Janet tries to calm him down.

Book II

After graduating Brakebills, Quentin and Alice move to New York and continue to be friends with the other former physical kids. A buzzer rings at their apartment, and Quentin tells Alice that it's Eliot. Alice asks if he's going with Eliot early, and Quentin confirms so. Quentin meets Eliot at the door of the apartment, who asks if Alice is coming. Quentin calls to asks Alice but she doesn't answer, instead just deciding that she'll probably be coming by later.

After leaving the argument with Richard, Eliot retreats into the kitchen. Quentin finds him later, staring out the window. Unaware of the world around him. Quentin starts to wonder if they lost him for the night, but Eliot turns up again later. After everyone leaves, the two and Janet are the only one's left cleaning up. Eliot tries to stand up, but ends up falling on the floor. He laughs and Quentin and Janet pick him up, and they all end up laughing as they take him to his room, which takes 20 minutes. They get Eliot on the bed, and he passes out. They then end up having sex, which Eliot joins at some point.

Book III

Quentin gets lost in Ember's tomb and takes a rest. He hears footsteps come down the hall and is about to fire off a spell when he realizes that it's Eliot, who joins him against the wall. He asks Eliot if he's okay, and Eliot nods. Eliot pulls out a flask and the two each take a drink. Quentin tells Eliot that he got shot with an arrow, and Eliot says they should head back to the others. Quentin thinks that who they were fighting is still back there, but Eliot says that they have to get the button anyway. He also tells Quentin that Anais and Dint probably hooked up. Quentin smiles and asks when they had the time, and Eliot guesses that it was after the second fight. Quentin applauds their initiative but they both feel bad for Josh. Eliot tells him that he doesn't refret coming to Fillory, despite how awful things got. He probably would have drank himself to death back on earth. Quentin says that he can still drink himself to death in Fillory, but Eliot says that he probably won't get the chance. They both stand and make their way back to the others.

Book IV

Quentin is at his office when there is suddenly an explosion that blows out his windows. Outside his window, Janet, Eliot and Julia are flying in front of him. Eliot says hello, and Janet says that they're taking him back to Fillory, since they need another King. Eliot says that it could work this time with Martin Chatwin gone. Quentin tells them to go asks Josh, but they already tried. Eliot says that he considered being queen, since they're pretty open about those things there, but rules are rules. Quentin asks why they're doing this, given everything that happened, and they could make it worse. Eliot asks how much worse it could be, and Janet says they all knew what they were doing when they got into it. Quentin regards Julia, asking if they replaced him with a hedge witch, but Eliot just says that she's got magic. He smiles and asks if they really had to break his windows. Eliot says not really, and Quentin goes with them to Fillory.

The Magician King

Book I

Quentin, Eliot, Julia and Janice are riding through the forest, when Eliot tells them to stop. Quentin asks why, and Eliot says that he thought he saw something. Quentin wonders if it's even possible to track a rabbit, but Eliot corrects him and says that it's a hare, but Quentin says it's all the same. Janet asks if their hunter Jollyby would be able to track it, but Quentin says that he's not that good. Eliot says that he likes looking at Jollyby since he wears tights, and can get a good look at his calves. Quentin pretends to be affronted since he also wears them, and Eliot snorts at him.

Book III

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Book IV

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The Magicians Land

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Season 1


101 Queliot meet.gif

Quentin walks through some kind of magic portal and onto the grounds of a school. Confused by his surroundings he walks up to the building to see a man lying on the sign in front, smoking. The man looks Quentin over, before asking if he's Quentin Coldwater. Quentin confirms so, and the man hops down. He introduces himself as Eliot, tells Quentin to follow him, quickly walking away. Confused, Quentin follows him and asks where he is, Eliot telling him that he's at Brakebills and was offered the exam, and continues to lead him away.

Later, Quentin is getting settled into his room when Eliot bursts in with Margo, who starts examining him before Eliot starts to take him on a tour of the school and how everything works. Two people pass them, looking incredibly depressed, and asks who they are. Eliot tells Margo not to say, but Margo thinks they should. Eliot tells Quentin that most of the third year class vanished and those were two of the four left, but doesn't want to focus on it and decides to go find something to smoke.


After an attack on Quentin's class, Eliot and Margo come by to check on him and take them back to the Physical's kids cottage. Out on the porch, Quentin tells Eliot about the spell that he and Alice performed, which Eliot sums up that they messed up. Eliot thinks its really bad, but Eliot tells him that there's a bad story every couple of years, it's unavoidable. Quentin tells Eliot that he's done at Brakebills if he confesses, but can't go back to the mortal world. Eliot gives him a spell to stop the possibility of having his mind read, which Quentin thanks him for. He asks if Eliot can now help him live with the guilt, and Eliot decides it's time for a personal moment. He tells Quentin how he discovered his magic when he killed a man who used to beat him on accident. He wants Quentin to know that he's not alone, and that magic comes from pain.

After talking to the headmistress, Quentin is walking with all of his books, which Eliot see's. Eliot wants to know what he's doing, Quentin telling him that he's returning everything, since his life at Brakebills is over. Eliot says not to say that, but Quentin tells him that they're bringing in a specialist. Eliot is silence, which Quentin knows is bad. Eliot says that he's sorry as Quentin tries to justify not knowing about magic, but he'd rather choose the knowing. Quentin says that Eliot doesn't need to make him feel better since they just met, but Eliot bonds fast. Eliot tells Quintin to not be the old him, but Quentin doesn't know how. He asks if there's a way to avoid having his memory wiped, but Eliot doesn't know.


Quentin is talking with Alice, when Eliot walks up ad says that he needs his help, high priority. He pulls Quentin away to a side room where there is a box on the table. He explains that at one of the Physical Cottages parties a book was stolen by someone, and if they don't find it they'll end up in trouble. The box shakes and Quentin asks what's inside. Eliot opens the box, and a book flies out, Eliot quickly explaining that they can be used to find the first volume.

The two go to New York, where the book leads them to a store. Eliot checks it over and see's that it's warded by Hedge Witches. He tells Quentin to let him do the talking as they enter the store. They get to a backroom where there are a large group of witches, Quentin's friend Julia among them. Eliot accuses them of having their book, which the witches deny but their own book finds the other one. They leave but Julia follows them out, and confronts Quentin. Eliot tells him to ignore her, which he doesn't.

Back at the cottage, Quentin and Eliot are drinking as Quentin thinks about Julia and how things turned bad between them. Eliot says that life happens like that, and pours Quentin a glass of wine, but they're interrupted when Kady busts open the door to the cottage as part of her entrance.


Eliot is drinking with Alice when Quentin pulls him away to talk. He asks about Cancer Puppet, the unofficial Physical kids mascot, which Eliot takes him too. Quentin tells him that he's going to try a spell on cancer puppy to cure him. Eliot helps Quentin prepare the spell, but when he performs it, cancer puppy dies.


Quentin wakes up in the middle of the woods, only to see Eliot sitting close by at a fancy table. Eliot gives vague directions for the next test, and Quentin sarcastically asks if he has to spear a fish, but Eliot doesn't give him an answer, and disappears. Quentin calls to him but doesn't get an answer.


Eliot is with his new boyfriend Michael, when Alice and Quentin return from Breakbill South. Eliot introduces them to each other and asks how their trip was. Quentin stammers through an answer, and Eliot can immediately tell that they got together while down there. Alice and Quentin deny it but Eliot just suggests more awkward situations that happened up there. The two then awkwardly leave.

Quentin is studying when Eliot shows up with a pile of clothes, claiming he has nothing to wear. Quentin suggests going to Margo but she's not here, so Eliot had no choice but to turn to him. When Quentin says that everything looks the same to him, Eliot realizes his mistakes and tells him to leave. Quentin reminds him that he was there first, but he's also never actually seen Eliot care about something. Eliot says that there normally isn't much to care about, Quentin reminding him of his few exceptions, which Eliot agrees with. He still wants Quentin to leave.


Quentin and Alice walks into the Physical Cottage, but stop short when they see Eliot. Eliot asks where they're taking a flight too, and Quentin tells him England. Eliot says that they don't need a plane since he and Margo made a door to their favorite pub there. He'll let them use it, as long as he can come with since he's bored. Quentin is about to say that he doesn't even know what's going on, but Eliot says he'll catch up.

The three, along with Penny, end up at Christopher Plover's house and sneak in at night. They find some documents that reveal that Plover was missing before being pronounced dead, meaning that the truth of his death was a lie. Eliot asks why they would lie, Quentin explaining that the Chatwins going to Fillory made it look bad for Plover and find out he was studying magic. They hear something and find a man who warns them to get out. Eliot gets him to talks and he starts to explain about Plover but suddenly the lights start to go flicker and he disappears. The group find him dead, and Eliot suggests they leave. Penny and Quentin run out before Quentin realizes that Alice and Eliot are still in the house and runs back.

Alice, Eliot, and Quentin eventually get out of the house, and find each other outside. Quentin explains that the Plover's were literally the worst people on the planet, and gets the idea that Plover might be the beast, but they also have to find the the pocket of a dead body.


After bottling up their emotions and returning them to their body's, Quentin and Eliot go back to the cottage and are drinking in front of the fireplace. Eliot asks if he thinks that anything from the Fillory books are real, Quentin believing that at least some of the good parts have to be. He asks why, Eliot says that it's because he probably has liver damage and that they're out of wine. Eliot begrudgingly tries to get up and get some but falls over. They end up laughing and giving a toast before Quentin downs the rest.

111 Queliot morning after.gif

Margo and Quentin carry a drunk Eliot back to his room, and they all fall on the bed together causing Eliot to pass out. They start to think about Eliot and how much of him is hurt. Quentin wakes up in bed the next morning, with a naked Eliot and Margo beside him. He flashes back to the night before and realizes he had a threesome with them.


112 Queliot (3).gif

Quentin, Alice, Margo, Penny and Eliot are in the cottage after the night before. Penny tries to tell them what they need to know about the fountains, but Quentin keeps thinking about his threesome with Eliot and Margo. Penny catches on that something is up, but Eliot and Margo just say that everything is fine, but Quentin admits that its not. Alice gets angry at him and walks away. Eliot jokes about the situation, but Quentin tells him to stop. Eliot still thinks it's all hilarious.

Quentin is still angry at Margo and Eliot, although Eliot thinks that they should get a pass because of the emotion magic involved. Quentin says that they ruined his life, Margo thinks Quentin did that to himself, and Eliot just wants to skip to the part where they transport themselves to another world.

Season 2


The gang returns to the knife makers place, as Quentin finishes telling why Julia did what she did. Eliot gets it, but it's still pretty dumb. Quentin says that she's not sane right now, Eliot asks what they need to do and everyone agrees that they still need to kill the Beast. Quentin looks into the Fillory books, and discovers a possible place to find information, but it's only accessible to the King and looks to Eliot. Eliot's okay with that, and tells everyone to grab a snack before they all head out (minus Penny and Margo).

They try and stop the carriage for the King, but discover that they can't get on unless Eliot is crowned King. Quentin looks through the books and discovers that they have to go to a specific place of coronation. Eliot asks about the other kings and queen's and Quentin tells him that he gets to pick them. He then asks if he can be one, which Eliot sarcastically asks if he would prefer that he picked Penny. They need to cross the rainbow bridge, but they don't have a map. Quentin knows that Martin found the bridge with a spell, and Eliot suggests they do the same.

201 Queliot kneel.gif
201 Quliot hands.gif

They arrive and meet Penny and Margo. They see a man laying next to a trunk, and Eliot asks if he's alive. Quentin suggests going to the trunk but Penny just walks ahead. They discover that they have to know 90's trivia in order to pass the knights test, which Eliot does with a Patrick Swayze impression. He opens the box and takes out one of the crowns, as he's about to put it on Quentin tells him to stop. Quentin's full nerd comes out and he suggests that they do a ceremony since it will only happen once. He asks for the crown from Eliot, which he gives, and has him kneel. Eliot kneels, and Quentin starts his speech. He tell Eliot that he has royalty in his blood and thinks that he'll make a really good king. He asks what Eliot would like to be dubbed as King, and he really doesn't care but plans to be spectacular. He crowns him, and Eliot takes his hands to stand up thanking him.

201 Queliot look.gif
201 Queliot hug.gif

The group, newly crowned, arrive at the castle where they are directed to the armory, but it's almost entirely empty. They do find one book and realize that they have to get back to Brakebills, however Eliot cannot leave Fillory. Later, Quentin finds Eliot in the armory, and asks him to hold onto his crown while they're gone. Eliot asks if they're all packed, and Quentin starts to feel awkward. He starts to say thanks, and Eliot means about taking one for the team...for the rest of his life. Eliot says that he's trying to make the ruling thing an adventure, but their are so many problems, the biggest being that they don't know what champagne is, so he'll invent it. Quentin can't help but smile at him and sits beside him as Eliot asks about the weird time stuff between Earth and Fillory described in the books. Quentin confirms this, and Eliot wants to know if it happened all the time. Quentin can't give him an answer but says that everything is going to be fine. Eliot fake agrees, but also gives the worst possible option of never seeing any of them again. The sit in silence, when Eliot says that Quentin should probably hug him right now and Quentin hold him close.


Quentin returns to Fillory and is doing some kind of ritual, which Eliot and is confused by. Margo explains that Quentin is calling to a Niffin, you have to do something personal. Eliot assumes it's a sex thing, Quentin quickly yelling back that it's from Cique de Soliel. He tries to start over but Margo and Eliot stop him. Eliot tells him to come back to the castle for rest, and could possibly use the very large amount of problems that their country has to distract him. Quentin agrees but he has to go to the memorial for Alice tomorrow, but he'll be back.


Eliot and Margo are researching in the Physical Cottage when Quentin walks in. Eliot asks how Quentin has been since the memorial, Quentin replies that he's managing. He asks how things are, and Eliot explains that they're at war, and broke. Realizing they're all in a similar boat, he asks how they would feel about robbing a bank. They're both impressed, but Quentin has to explain why first.

After robbing the bank, Penny is stuck inside and they're forced to go back in. Quentin is able to get him out using Alice in his head to calculate the code. Eliot eyes him as he puts it in, but Quentin just shrugs it off. They get inside just as the time runs out, but Quentin ends up setting off the alarms and summoning a security magician forcing them back in the vault. They think of possible ways out, Quentin asking about on of Eliots Wrecking Balls, but he says it was a one off. The door unlocks, just as they suddenly are repeating the same things and realizing that Julia is rewinding time.

207 Queliot.gif

They try several times but can't get it and only have one left. They run out a final time but the Magician isn't where she was before. They turn around to see her. She makes a move for Quentin, but Eliot steps in front of him just in time and is seemingly killed. Quentin kneels on the ground next to him as Penny tells him to go. He asks about Eliot as he bleeds out, but Penny reminds him that it's a gholem and they need to go.


Margo takes wine away from a drunk Quentin. She tells him she needs help with Eliot and his wedding. Quentin notes how mean Eliot is when needy, but Margo says that he needs Quentin to be Eliot's friend right now. Quentin, scared, agrees.

210 Queliot Hold.gif

Quentin returns from one of the tasks he had to do, seeing Eliot moving figurines around and assuming they're at war. Eliot says they're the place setting for the wedding. Quentin tells him that he has to go back to earth, which Eliot waves away. But Quentin says it's too help Julia and can't ignore it, since it was a vision. He says that he has to do it, and Eliot can tell. He walks over and hugs Quentin, but tells him that if he misses the wedding he will kill him.


Quentin is at a window in Brakebills south when Eliot walks up to him. Quentin's confused, since Eliot can't leave Fillory. Eliot thinks, or is certain, that he was banished. Quentin says that this happened to Chatwins when their adventure would be over, but Eliot doesn't understand why other than probably it's because he's a fuck up. He asks for the button but Quentin had to give it to a dragon. Eliot is shocked, but can't express anymore when a resurrected Alice walks by.

Later, Eliot asks about the dragon, but Quentin starts to wallow about Alice. Eliot is forced to reassure him that everything will be fine, but he just drunkenly flops to the ground, Eliot deciding to join him. He reassures Eliot again, and asks about the dragon. Quentin tells him that there are more portals, but they're all completely unexpected except the first one they used. Eliot looks up the clock, and Quentin realizes that it was in the office of the man from his "Yale" interview. Eliot agrees and they go to find it.

They head to a place in Vancouver and Quentin is able to notice that the man who owns it is a major Fillory series fan, but realizes that he actually is from Fillory. Eliot uses some magic and see's the man's real face and he removes the disguise to reveal he's Umber.

Umber explains how he ended up there, and asks why they want to go back and a bunch of focus group questions for his new world. Eliot says they need to get back so they can fix his kingdom, but Umber just laughs. It turns out that really the only reason Eliot got banished was because Ember found his reign boring, and wanted more chaos, and to give up.

Quentin asks if Umber's actually going to let Ember throw Fillory into Chaos, and Umber just allows it. Quentin confronts Umber on him letting all go, but Umber won't do anything for Fillory anymore. Eliot tells him to give them the clock since they won't walk away, and convince's him to let them try.

They take the clock back to Brakebills South, and Eliot goes over their list of goals when they get there. Quentin sounds like they're going to conquer Fillory. Eliot says it's for it's own good, but Quentin reminds him that that was Martin Chatwins plan. He asks if Quentin has a better idea.


Eliot is in the library, when Quentin walks up holding a tray. Eliot asks how Alice is, but Quentin doesn't want to talk. He asks if Quentin gave her the drink to not harm herself, which Quentin did, but she's still could mentally break down. Quentin slides to the ground in defeat, Eliot crouches down to talk to him. He tells him that he learned a lot as the king of Fillory, like that screw ups are inevitable, and even thought it sucks they have to still move forward. They have a plan, but need Quentin.

Season 3


304 Queliot Hug.gif

Julia and Quentin are talking when suddenly Eliot and his family burst through the door and quickly lock it behind them. Quentin runs over and hugs him. Eliot tells them about the neither-lands, but Julia's distracted by Fray. Eliot says that she's his daughter, which confuses Quentin, but Eliot doesn't explain. He continues to tell how they got to Earth, and Julia and Quentin tell him about the Truth Key.


305 Queliot drag.gif

Quentin asks if it was a good idea to send Fen and Fray into the city, but Eliot says it's fine since he sent Todd with them. They get back to the quest as Eliot looks through the book. He asks where they get the key, and Quentin points out a picture. Eliot asks what it is, and Quentin frustratingly has to explain it since it will give them the key at the end. Eliot's ready to go, but the Mosaic is in Fillory.

305 Queliot (6).gif

They go to the clock, but get rabbits from Margo asking for help. Eliot decides that it's time to move and use the key to open a portal. Quentin says they should gather everyone but the key pops out, Eliot taking it as a sign that it's just the two of them this time and goes through the portal. In Fillory they feel magic in the air and hug, but Q notices something wrong. The castle is still being built, meaning they ended up in the past.

As Quentin and Eliot walks to the mosaic, Quentin tells Eliot about the mosaic, and how someone had solved it before Jane. Eliot asks who, but Quentin doesn't know so it might be them. They arrive at the mosaic to see a man there who quits working on it for good. They gather all the pieces, and Quentin starts to figure out how many possibilities there are...there are a lot of zero's.

They finish the first possibility but nothing happens. Quentin starts to get frustrated by magic not working on the mosaic, Eliot trying to calm him down saying they can do it the old fashioned way, but Quentin thinks it's impossible. They argue, Eliot reminding Quentin that it's their quest, it may be hard, it may take awhile, but they'll finish it. He tells Quentin about how they can be the one's to do the mosaic for Jane, Quentin lamenting that he didn't think it would take a decade. Eliot tells him that they need to try.

305 Queliot (1).gif
305 Queliot (4).gif
305 Queliot (5).gif

They try another possibility, but it doesn't work frustrating Eliot. He falls over in exhaustion as Quentin tells him not to take it apart till he writes it down. They try several other possibilities, at one point a woman named Arielle comes by offering some peaches and plums. The two celebrate their first year of working on the mosaic with a toast. Quentin takes a drink, and then quickly kisses Eliot. Quentin smiles at him and Eliot leans in and kisses him. The next morning Quentin and Eliot attempt to talk about the previous night, but it becomes awkward and Eliot says they should leave their over thinking for the puzzle. Quentin agrees.

Several years go buy and the two argue over whether to continue with mosaic, Eliot accusing Quentin of wanting to live his life here. Arielle arrives at some point later, she and Quentin end up forming a relationship and eventually get married and have a son, Ted. Arielle ends up dying, and Eliot comforts Quentin through his grief. Years go by and Ted is finally old enough to set out on his own and they see him off. Even more years go by and they continue to work on the puzzle. One day, Quentin looks over at Eliot seemingly sleeping and calls to him, but Eliot is dead. Quentin wraps his body in a blanket, and starts to dig a grave, but find the real piece to solve the mosaic. He ends up giving the key to Jane and leaving a letter for Margo to find.

Margo is able to arrive in time to stop Eliot and Quentin from going back, as well as still having the keys and erasing the timeline. They sit around and discuss how Margo got here and the alternate timeline.

They get back to Fillory, where Quentin finds the letter. He sits down to read it, and Eliot joins him. The letter and the aroma of peaches and plums causes them both to suddenly remember the erased timeline. Their family. Quentin asks how they remember that, but Eliot has no idea.


306 Queliot Forehead Kiss.gif

Eliot finds Quentin apologizing for being late. Eliot asks if he's okay having to be a palace guard in his own castle, but really the uniform is just really hot. Eliot knows, but doesn't want the fairy queen to try and control Quentin as well. They go to another room to figure out more about the quest, Quentin figures that they key is in a part of the ocean called the Abyss. It's night the whole time there, but Quentin says that they're magical boat quest won't entirely suck. Eliot wants to go, but he needs to help Margo run Fillory. Quentin gets it, but he was really looking forward to going on the quest with him. Eliot jokes who wouldn't, but tells him that he can take Benedict, and mumbles about Quentin being life partners with someone else for a bit. He gives him a side hug and says that Quentin can finally do the thing he's waited his whole life to do at the front of the ship. Quentin asks what thing, Eliot answering with "the thing" and gives him a forehead kiss goodbye.


Quentin and Alice meet Eliot and Margo. Eliot tells them that them breaking into the castle put Tick on high alert, and now they've all got a bounty on their heads. Quentin tells them that Julia is now getting along with the fairies, much to Margo and Eliot's displeasure. Quentin suggests talking to Julia, but Eliot reminds him that they're all wanted. They suggest sending one person, but they're still wanted. Then Josh walks in and they get an idea.


Quentin tells everyone about the plan to get magic back and keep the monster inside, but he would have to stay behind. Alice and Eliot immediately object, but Quentin reminds them of the own sacrifices they made in their quests. Margo proposes the god killing bullet, which Eliot seconds, but Quentin still says no. Eliot says that it's straight forward, but Quentin thinks it's better to do it the hard way.

313 Queliot (4).gif

Eliot decides to follow Quentin to the monster, and watches as he approaches it. As Quentin moves closer, Eliot fires the god killing bullet at the monster while Quentin screams no. Quentin says that they didn't agree to this, but Eliot says that he didn't agree to anything just decided not to let Quentin spend eternity guarding a monster. The knight disappears, and Eliot decides it's time to go, pulling Quentin away. Quentin tells him that he spent to much time as a king, Eliot says that's not the issue.

313 Queliot (5).gif

After having all their memories wiped by the McAllisters, Quentin is seen walking out of a book store when "Eliot" suddenly appears in front of him. Quentin says that he made a mistake and is actually Brian. "Eliot" asks him to do a card trick, but Quentin just says that he has him mistaken for somebody else and walks away. Quentin constantly looks behind him before turning a corner, facing "Eliot" again. "Eliot's" eyes glow as he grabs at Quentin. It's actually the monster.

Season 4


The monster leans his head against Quentin’s shoulder, happy to have the real Quentin back. Quentin asks why the monster tortured Elias’s servant, but he doesn’t really answer just says that they took something from him. Quentin asks the monster that when he gets back what the gods took from him, if he could have Eliot back. The monster accuses Quentin of liking Eliot more than him. Quentin tries to reassure it that that’s not true, but the monster knows that Quentin misses Eliot, and takes him to his other friends.


Quentin tells the monster that throwing the planes was cathartic, and the monster thinks it was fun. The monster asks if it feels good after you deal with death, and Quentin says it does help a bit even if it still hurts. The monster says that he’ll need Quentin’s help to find more gods, and he’ll be more useful if he feels better. He tells Quentin that Eliot is dead, and says that he can smash more things before he leaves. Quentin just stares ahead unable to think about what just happened.

At a diner, the monster tells Quentin that he felt when Eliot died. He promises that it was over in a second, and Eliot didn’t suffer. The monster believes that Quentin will come around, but Quentin can’t look him in the eyes.


405 Queliot (1).gif

Inside the monster’s mind, Eliot is in his happy place and a man named Charlton tells him that he needs to go to his most repressed memory to find a door that will allow him to access his own body. After going through several memories they’re forced to go back to the happy place, along with a memory of Quentin. Eliot asks Charlton about his worst memory, causing Eliot to realize that the memory is what he fears most. Memory Quentin tells Eliot that he has to figure out what it is so that he can make a distraction and Eliot can go there. Eliot smiles at Quentin and says that even though he’s just a memory he’s a very generous one. Quentin says that you sacrifice for the people you love, and Eliot comes to a realization. He tells Quentin where to lead the creatures, and knows exactly where he needs to go.

405 Queliot walk.gif
405 Queliot.gif
405 Queliot kiss e.gif

Eliot goes to the moment that he and Quentin gained their memories from the alternate timeline. Past Quentin and Eliot think about the time and how it was beautiful. Quentin thinks that they worked well together. No one else could get a proof of concept like that, living the life that they did. Eliot believes that Quentin isn’t thinking clearly due to the half century worth of emotions just injected into him, as current Eliot is unable to watch. Quentin says that they could give them a shot, it wouldn’t be crazy. Why not? Eliot says that he knows Quentin, and Quentin isn’t…like that, but Quentin doesn’t think it matters, Eliot thinks it does. He tells Quentin that he loves him, but also knows that the alternate time isn't them, not when they have a choice. Quentin turns away and wipes a tear from his eye, and Eliot asks his past self what’s wrong with him. Quentin loves him, went out on a limb, a crazy one, and even though it truly mattered Eliot still turned him down. He turns to Quentin and says that he’s sorry. He was afraid and being afraid makes him run away. He gets down in front of Quentin and kisses him. He tells him that when he gets out of here and is braver it’s because of Quentin. A door suddenly appears, and Eliot walks through.

Quentin meets the monster in the park, ready to execute the plan to get rid of it. As the monster walks up, he pauses and starts to become unsteady, and opens his eyes with a wide smile. The monster addresses insists that he’s Eliot, but Quentin doesn’t believe him and tells him let’s go. Eliot repeats Quentin’s own words back to him. Their 50 years, no one else could get a proof of concept like that. Quentin is confused that the monster would know that, when Eliot pushes him and says Peaches and Plums, that he’s alive. Quentin realizes it’s true, just as the monster takes over again. Alice is about to pour the stone’s blood, but Quentin is able to move Eliot/The Monster out of the way, and he disappears. Back in his happy place, Charleton asks if it worked. Eliot hopes so.


Quentin tells Julia that helping the monster is a good plan, since it’s the only way to get it out of Eliot. Julia says that fighting gods has never been good for them, but Quentin is more focused on Eliot. They can’t fix everything, but at least they can do this. Julia finally agrees but is still wary.

406 Queliot hld.gif

Quentin and Julia hear something coming from the other room, and go in to see the monster looking for pills. Quentin grabs the bottle from his hand, spilling the pills all over the floor. The monster throws Quentin across the room as it scrambles for the pills. Quentin gets up yelling that taking them could kill him, but the monster decides he'll just take a new body if that happens. Quentin tells the monster that if he kills Eliot then they'll stop helping it. The monster becomes frustrated, asking why Quentin cares so much about Eliot. Quentin just says that he does, and if the monster kills him, they’re done. He’ll abandon the monster and kill it, but the monster doesn’t see Quentin as a threat. It wraps it’s hands around Quentin’s neck, and starts to choke him. Quentin says that the monster can kill him if he wants, he’s too tired to care. He tells it that if he hurts Eliot, the monster can build the body on his own. The monster lets go and reluctantly agrees to take care of Eliot’s body.


At the library Alice is searching through the stacks when she overhears Julia, Quentin and Penny. Penny says that he has a new idea about Enyalius. Find him, get his piece, and destroy it before the monster can get it. Quentin loves that idea, except for the part where it doesn’t help get Eliot back. He says they'll figure something else out, but Penny tells him that they probably won’t. Quentin says that they’ll find Enyalius first, but he’s not talking about it right now. He starts to look through a book, as Penny looks to Julia, but she just shakes her head no to tell to leave Quentin alone.

Season 5


Eliot confronts Alice when she says she was going to Fillory. When he discovers she's travelling to the Mountain of Ghosts to drop the last piece of Quentin's soul down a well to the Underworld, he insists to go with her. Eliot is still holding the letter he wanted to time-travel to Quentin before he went into the seam, and carries it with him.

On their journey up the mountain, tensions are high between Alice and Eliot. Alice discounts Eliot and Quentin's relationship and accuses Eliot of only joining her because of guilt from Quentin's death. Eliot fights back by bringing up Alice and Quentin's failed relationship, referencing the threesome he had with him and Alice's betrayal that lead to Eliot's possession and Quentin's sacrifice.

Another traveler also climbing up to the well joins Eliot and Alice. The traveler's journey up the mountain is to commemorate the young and dead "love of his life". Eliot nervously calls Quentin a "good friend" when asked about him by the traveler. When Alice falls asleep, however, Eliot reluctantly names Quentin as his "love". The traveler names it an affair, but Eliot denies it.

When they reach the well, Eliot and Alice say their goodbyes to Quentin. Alice recognizes Eliot cared for Quentin too-- as a friend. Alice drops Quentin's soul into the well. Just as they're about to leave, Eliot shows Alice the time-travel letter and shares his turmoil over changing the past. At a breaking point, Eliot reveals that Quentin wasn't just his friend; Alice reveals she knew all along, When Eliot denies it, Alice says that Quentin was in love with Eliot. Eliot opens up more about his relationship with Q. From the 50 years they spent together on the mosaic, to Eliot turning Quentin down when they got back their memories, to the regret he feels for not telling Quentin his true feelings before he died. Eliot and Alice bond over Quentin's "messiness" with relationships. They drop Eliot's letter into the well together, The two embrace, reaching a supposed emotional closure.


The Magicians

Book I

  • Quentin got used to being the only student at Brakebills, along with Eliot.
  • Quentin questions whether or not Eliot was winning at unhappiness.
  • Quentin wants to be back on the river with Eliot, rather than the classroom.
  • Quentin admits it bothers him when Eliot drops him when he's no longer convenient.
  • Quentin mentions how often Eliot had warned him about the amount of work needed to become a Magician.
  • Eliot brings Quentin charms to help him study.
  • Eliot and his friends are the ones to break up the fight between Quentin and Penny.
  • Eliot tells Quentin how he would have been a chef if it wasn't for magic.
  • Quentin originally thought that everyone at Brakebills would be like Eliot.
  • Eliot tells Quentin about Josh's magic skills.
  • Quentin and Eliot email over the summer.
  • Eliot and Quentin both don't want to be on the Welters team.
  • Quentin watches Eliot go up against Josh.
  • Eliot tells Quentin not to go looking for Josh.
  • Quentin wonders if Josh is right about Eliot teasing him.
  • Quentin tells Josh that they all have to work at magic, except Eliot.
  • Quentin asks why Josh didn't go to Eliot for help with school.
  • Eliot encourages Quentin to finish the game.
  • Quentin points out the flaws in Eliot's Fourth Year theory.
  • Quentin wonders if Eliot is missing his boyfriend.
  • Quentin notices how Eliot's eyes look empty.
  • Eliot waits for Quentin to get back from his trip in arctic.
  • All of the Physical Kids return to Brakebills in less than a week.
  • Eliot explains who the Thames Dragon is to Quentin.
  • Eliot tries to teach Quentin about fine wine.
  • Alice tells Quentin that Janet's in love with Eliot.
  • Quentin thinks about Eliot, Janet and Josh in New York.
  • Janet, Eliot and Josh come take Alice and Quentin away after graduation.

Book II

  • Eliot and Quentin are both ready to blow off steam.
  • Quentin and Eliot are invited to several parties, passing themselves off as brothers.
  • Eliot comes over to Quentin and Alice's so often that they gave him a key.
  • Quentin thinks about how Eliot has changed since Brakebills.
  • Quentin tries to take care of a sick Eliot.
  • Quentin wonders if Eliot is right about there being a point to anything.
  • Quentin and Eliot prepare for the dinner party.
  • Eliot and Quentin installed the wards on the apartment together.
  • Quentin remembers kissing Eliot when he accidentally sleeps with him and Janet.
  • Quentin expects Eliot to call himself too cool for Fillory.
  • Quentin doesn't really remember the last time Eliot seemed to care about something.
  • Eliot wakes up Quentin and leads him to the back.
  • Eliot and Josh go'd Quentin into going to Alice.

Book III

  • Quentin and Eliot help Janet walk.
  • Quentin thinks back to his time with Eliot in the boat.
  • Eliot tries to give Quentin a warning glance.
  • Quentin thought that he'd be more confident like Eliot in Fillory.
  • Quentin is surprised when Eliot goes against him.
  • Quentin wonders why Eliot needs Fillory.
  • Quentin takes note of how messed up Eliot looks.

Book IV

  • Eliot leaves a note for Quentin after he wakes up.
  • Eliot asks if it bothers Quentin that he never found his discipline.

The Magician King

Book I

  • Eliot spells Quentins name Kwentin in official documents.
  • Quentin thinks about what Eliot told him about Julia.
  • Eliot and Quentin watch the final match together.
  • Quentin misses having Eliot to talk to.
  • Quentin remembers the device Eliot used to roll cigarettes.
  • Quentin wonders if they'll use the gold to re-gild Eliots scepter.
  • Quentin finds it liberating to be away from Janet and Eliots gossip.

Book II

  • Quentin believes that Eliot and Janet miss him, but they'll live.
  • Quentin thinks back to what Eliot told him about Julia.

Book IV

  • Quentin keeps the watch Eliot gave him in his coat pocket.

The Magician's Land

Chapter 5

  • Eliot wishes Quentin could see him protect Fillory.

Season 1

Unauthorized Magic

  • Quentin asks if he's hallucinating, and Eliot responds how it would help asking him this.
  • Quentin is sitting with Margo and Eliot after his first class.
  • Eliot tells Quentin that he would have no idea how to get back if he went out into the mortal world alone.
  • As they leave the bar, Eliot asks Quentin how his hair looks.

The Source of Magic

102 Queliot bbq.gif

  • Eliot places his arm around Quentin's shoulder as he pulls him away.
  • Eliot remarks that Quentin never told him he was dangerous.
  • Quentin joins Margo and Eliot for a barbecue.

Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting

  • Eliot is first to notice Quentin and Alice finally being able to open the door.
  • Eliot brings over a drink to Quentin and Alice.
  • Margo asks Eliot what is with his fascination with Quentin. Eliot says that they love high strung super nerds.
  • Quentin tells Alice that Eliot said the Woof Fountain is very enchanted.
  • Quentin tries to tell Penny that Eliot gave him a spell to close off his mind.
  • Eliot sarcastically claps at Quentin pushing aside Julia.

The World in the Walls

  • Quentin is relieved to see Eliot.
  • Eliot is seen sitting next to Quentin during his shut-down.
  • Penny goes to Eliot to ask about Quentin.
  • Eliot accuses Julia of willingly hurting Quentin.
  • Eliot slaps Quentin's butt in his hallucination.
  • When Quentin wakes up, Eliot pats him on the head.

Mending, Major and Minor

  • Eliot explains to Quentin who Alice's aunt is.
  • Eliot explains what Welters is.
  • Quentin and Eliot play Welters with the other Physical kids.

Impractical Applications

  • Quentin rolls his eyes when he Eliot dramatically removes his mask.
  • Quentin says that even Eliot says the test is impossible.
  • Eliot congratulates Quentin on passing.

The Strangled Heart

  • When Michael calls Quentin hot, Eliot lets him know that he already called dibs.
  • Eliot and Quentin wait together in the Hospital.

The Writing Room

  • Eliot tells Alice and Quentin to stop flirting.
  • Quentin calls for Eliot and Alice in Plover's house.
  • Quentin tells Eliot to stop insulting Alice.
  • Quentin and Eliot watch as Penny observes the button.


  • Quentin is confused by a very high Eliot.

Remedial Battle Magic

  • Quentin is mad that Eliot agrees with Margo on giving the key to Plover.
  • Eliot reminds Quentin that just because it went white in the Fillory prediction doesn't mean it was better.
  • Quentin asks how Eliot got a book on battle magic, Eliot says that he tripped and fell on a locked drawer in an office.
  • Quentin defends Fillory to Eliot.

Thirty-Nine Graves

  • Eliot doesn't look Quentin in the eyes at their meeting.
  • Eliot tells Margo that Quentin has a right to be mad at them.
  • Quentin comments that Eliot would just love to skip over all their problems.
  • Eliot stops Quentin and Alice from continuing their fight.

Have You Brought Me My Little Cakes

  • Eliot sends Quentin a letter.
  • Eliot says it's good to see Quentin, but asks why Julia is there.
  • Quentin is surprised that Eliot is the future king.
  • Quentin and Eliot talk to each other after the wedding.

Season 2

Knight of Crowns

  • Quentin glances at Eliot and Margo as they exit the building that holds the wellspring.
  • Eliot asks Quentin about the woman who came with him.
  • Quentin stares at Eliot when he jumps back from the portal.
  • Quentin agrees with Eliot to not drain the wellspring.
  • Eliot sits next to Quentin after talking to Fen.
  • Eliot finishes Quentin's thought about Rupert Chatwin.
  • Eliot asks about the Rainbow Bridge, and Quentin has to clarify what it is.
  • Quentin watches Eliot perform the locator spell.
  • Eliot smiles at Quentin when he tells him to kneel.
  • Eliot is about to crown Q before Margo takes over.
  • Eliot jokes that he would be okay with Quentin squeezing his ass before he goes, causing Quentin to laugh.

Divine Elimination

  • Eliot gives Quentin his cup.
  • Eliot pulls the needle out of Q's chest.
  • Eliot complements Quentin's distraction example.
  • Quentin asks Eliot to go to the temple. Eliot questions why he doesn't want them there but agrees.
  • Quentin uses his cacodemon to save Eliot and Margo from a Niffin Alice.
  • Eliot holds Quentin as he cry's over Alice's dead body.

The Flying Forest

  • Eliot leaves a letter for Q as he recovers.
  • Quentin reads the letter from Eliot when he wakes up.

The Cock Barrens

  • Eliot places his hand on Quentin's shoulder.

Plan B

  • Niffin Alice insults Quentin by reminding him that their relationship ended with him sleeping with Margo and Eliot.
  • Eliot tells Quentin that Mission Impossible was unrealistic.
  • Quetin and Eliot enter the bank together.

Word as Bond

  • Quentin visits Eliot as he's hurt.
  • Quentin asks for Margo to contact him if Eliot's conditions changes.
  • Quentin is distraught that he can't help Eliot.

The Girl Who Told Time

  • Quentin tells Margo that he never gets mad at Eliot for being drunk.
  • Quentin goes on a task for Eliot to bring Josh to Fillory.


  • Eliot notes how the man their looking for is basically a second Quentin.
  • Quentin explains the failed Fillory movie to Eliot.

We Have Brought You Little Cakes

  • Eliot tells Julia that Q told him about her necklace.
  • Eliot congratulates Quentin on saving the world.

Season 3

The Tale of the Seven Keys

  • Margo tells Eliot that they need to think like Quentin.
  • The Great Cock of the Darkling Woods tells Eliot that he has a "brother of the heart" with Quentin.
  • Eliot gets a bunny to Quentin that tells him he needs help.
  • Quentin sends Eliot the message about the book they found.

Heroes and Morons

  • Quentin tells Josh and Julia that Eliot is leading the first part of the quest.

The Losses of Magic

  • Eliot tells the map maker he needs to send word to Quentin.

Be The Penny

  • Quentin tells Julia that they need to contact Eliot.
  • Quentin gets Eliot a glass of water.

A Life in the Day

  • Eliot calls Quentin's observations about the storytelling cute.
  • Eliot drags his hand over Quentin's back.
  • Eliot places a hand on Quentin's arm.
  • Eliot wraps his arm around Quentin's shoulder.
  • Quentin asks how Eliot isn't already frustrated, and Eliot says that Quentin already knows the answer.
  • Eliot questions what the mosaic is supposed to look like, but Quentin argues that it doesn't have to look like anything.
  • Eliot messes with Quentin and his placement of the tiles.
  • Eliot covers Quentin and Ted in a blanket while they sleep.
  • Eliot places his arm around Quentin's shoulder as they watch Ted leave.
  • Quentin tells Jane that he finished the mosaic with a friend, Eliot.

Do You Like Teeth?

  • Eliot adjusts Quentin's hat before he kisses his forehead.

Poached Eggs

  • Eliot tells Margo that Quentin has probably already made it to the meeting spot.
  • Quentin and Eliot meet up after Eliot sends a rabbit.

All that Josh

  • Quentin is the first to hear Eliot when the musical spell is cast.
  • Quentin asks for Eliot when they can no longer hear each other.

The Art of the Deal

  • Quentin mentions that Eliot and Margo got overthrown.
  • Quentin tells Eliot and Margo about the key and reminds them that they no longer rule Fillory.

Will You Play With Me?

  • Eliot tells Margo to let Quentin read the story.
  • Eliot sits next to Quentin on the couch.
  • Quentin and Eliot share a look at Josh's comments.
  • Eliot watches Quentin leave the room.
  • Throughout his speech, Quentin glances at Eliot, while Eliot can't look him in the eye.
  • Eliot places his arm around Quentin's shoulder as they walk.

Season 4

The Bad News Bear

  • Margo walks in and thinks the monster is Eliot, but Quentin stops her and tells her that it’s not Eliot.
  • Margo asks if Eliot is still in there, but Quentin can’t tell.

Escape from the Happy Place

  • The monster asks Quentin if he's still sad about Eliot.
  • Quentin tells Julia that Eliot is dead.
  • Charlton asks Eliot if he is avoiding something painful.
  • Eliot pulls up memories of Quentin, Fen and Margo who he thinks could defeat the monsters.
  • One of the memories that Eliot had repressed included his threesome with Margo and Quentin.
  • Quentin knows that they’re going to kill a monster, but it’s a monster with Eliot’s face and eyes.
  • Eliot wipes at Memory Quentin’s chin.
  • Past Eliot looks over at Quentin when his present self is angry at him over Quentin.
  • Quentin tells Julia and Alice that the monster lied and that Eliot is alive.
  • Quentin thanks Alice for making him hesitate, otherwise Eliot would be dead.

A Timeline and Place

  • Quentin becomes frustrated when the monster starts falling into Eliot's old addictions.

The Serpent

  • Quentin sends several bunnies to Margo, telling her that Eliot's alive.

No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

  • Quentin refuses to leave when Eliot arrives at his funeral.
  • Eliot smells the peach before throwing it into the fire, thinking back to his Quentin's time from the mosaic.
  • The last voice Quentin hears before returning to the underworld is Eliot's.


Ted Rupert Coldwater-Waugh

Ted Coldwater II.jpg

In the alternate timeline, Quentin married a woman named Arielle and the two have a son together. Quentin name's his son after his father. Eliot and Quentin raise Ted together, after the death of Quentin's wife. He eventually grows up and the two see him off as he goes out into the world. Ted eventually has kids of his own.

On twitter, David Keep revealed that Ted's full-name was Theodore "Ted" Rupert Coldwater-Waugh, indicating that Eliot either adopted him after the death of Arielle, or that the three were in a polyamorous relationship and raised Ted together.


Main article: Queliot/Quotes

Behind The Scenes

Olivia“I wish Alice and Quentin could get back together, but I don't think I could get between these two.”
Hale“You can try.”
Jason“You could give it a shot.”
—Revisiting Relationships[2]
“I knew that [Eliot's] relationship with Quentin had to reverberate on multiple cylinders. There is a friendship. There is a romance. There is a soul connection. There is sexиal fluidity. It’s all there […] Eliot and Quentin have seen a certain level of darkness in their lives. Quentin’s depression and Eliot’s past before Brakebills was pretty grim, and together they’re able to transcend that darkness a little bit, if they don’t fall completely into it. I think there’s a hope there. There is a hope.”
— Hale Appleman on Quentin and Eliot[3]
Hollywood Reporter“After fighting all season to save Eliot, Quentin never actually gets to see him again. Given how central that relationship has been to the season, did you consider having them reunite before Quentin died?”
Gamble“I think we knew he would die to save Eliot. So much of Quentin's arc and drive this season is just "Eliot must be saved," and so there is no math going into that final episode where they get to hang out. Quentin is rushing to complete the mission, and has been doing this all season for Eliot, and certainly as we were writing this final run of episodes, and really all season long, that urgency helped drive the scripts. In a human way it's such a bummer, it is a tragedy, but as stories go, it made a lot of sense to us to go out this way.”
McNamara“That's the interesting thing about death in real life — rarely, when someone close to you dies, do you get that kind of movie goodbye hospital scene. That almost never happens. I've lost my share of people, and I was not there for any of their deaths, and in most cases didn't think they were going to die when they died. That’s part of the pain of it, and I think had we given Quentin and Eliot a final scene, it would have had a kind of artificiality to it for me, and it would have lessened the impact that it is going to have on Eliot going forward. Eliot is going to be hugely changed by this, emotionally and psychologically, and in a way, "Queliot" is never going to die as long as Eliot is alive.”
—Hollywood Reporter[4]


I'm Never Gonna Call You | Fall On Your Sword
Eliot calls Quentin to join him and Margo.
Leaving on the 5th | Voxhaul Broadcast
Margo asks Eliot about Quentin.
Evolve | Phoria
Eliot and Quentin's life together in past Fillory.
One More Time | Research Materials
Eliot kisses Quentin and tells him that when he's braver it's because of him.
Take on Me | A-Ha
Eliot sings Take on Me as he mourns Quentin


Although many Magicians fans shipped the two, very few thought they would ever get together. This was due to the book series and prior experience with similar type of pairings. When the tv series depicted the possibility that the two would become a couple, many shippers thought it was too good to be true. Other saw it as media becoming more progressive, and being open to more queer couples in media than in previous years.

After Escape from the Happy Place, and the pairing being officially confirmed canon, many queer people decided to watch the show. When the following episode aired, there were viewers who tweeted about watching the whole series in a week, citing Queliot as the reason for their interest.

As Season 4 went on, fans took note of Quentin's mental state and how his sole focus became getting Eliot back. Some of the looks that the other characters shared or had were interpreted by the fandom as them realizing that Quentin is in love with Eliot. After Eliot broke through, the Monster started to get more of his urges, as well as some of his mannerisms. Fans mostly taking note of how the Monster would touch or comfort Quentin in the same way that Eliot did.

On AO3, Queliot is the most written ship for Quentin and Eliot, as well as the most written ship in The Magicians and The Magicians - Lev Grossman tags.


Season 4 also had several scares during the second half of the season. Home Improvement made it seem that Quentin had unknowingly impregnated his one time hook up Poppy, but turned out to be false. Many fans feared that Quentin and Alice would get back together after the promo for The 4-1-1 showed Alice and Quentin about to have sex, but were temporarily put at ease by several fans pointing out how the two were in outfits and a location from a season 1 episode where the two were together and it could be a flashback (it was actually mind swapping time travel). Fear sprang up again, when the promo for The Secret Sea showed Alice and Quentin about to kiss. Fans started to believe that Alice would kiss Quentin but he would ultimately reject her since he loves Eliot. Alice and Quentin get back together in the episode, much to the shock and disappointment of most of The Magicians fanbase. When the official twitter tweeted out a gif of Quentin and Alice, many of the fans expressed disgust, confusion and how they felt lied to and were hurt[5]. The finale didn't help either.

The finale of season 4 broke fans of all Quentin pairings, Quentin fans, and what he represented. For Queliot fans it was devastating. While fans had debated the previous week whether or not they'd been queerbaited, the finale made it clear that they had.

News Sites

Alyssa“Not to get fixated on ships, but we need to talk about the Queliot of it all. Now that we’ve seen that the writers had Qualice decided as endgame, why did they even have everything that went down in Episode 5 happen? If Eliot was so in love with Quentin, why not even give them a goddamn reunion? They never even had a moment together after the real Eliot was back. Quentin fought so hard to get him back up to that point, and we get nothing? While I guess you could argue that Quentin did what he promised to do — die to save Eliot if need be — it wasn’t really FOR Eliot. It was for everyone. Which is beautiful in its own way, but not at all what it felt like this season was building towards.”
Jessica“I can’t believe I’m about to say this but f*ck it: The Magicians queerbaited us, y’all. They queerbaited us all season and then killed off a major queer character. I’m struggling to accept that this is the same show we’ve come to love over the course of four seasons. You’re absolutely right about Queliot. Why lean in so hard to that relationship, why have Eliot’s almost-confession to Q be his “moment” in the Happy Place, why have Q so obsessed with saving Eliot this entire season if there was nothing there? If you knew Qualice was endgame and Q was going to die and Queliot was never even going to be gifted a reunion before it all went down? It’s almost offensive how quickly the show just wrote this pairing off, not to mention the pacing and writing in this finale felt sloppy and, dare I say, lazy? If you’re going for shock and awe, at least plot the story well.”
— SYFY Wire[6]

Fan Reviews

“Listen… I was so SURE….I was so FUCKING SURE that this wasn’t queerbaiting this time. I thought to myself “they kissed and it was set up so that it would end up as some kind of relationship between Quentin a and Eliot, they can’t possibly be so stupid” but they really are THAT dumb, huh? This is a WHOLE NEW FUCKING LEVEL of queerbaiting.
Listen, I’m gay and I watch a lot of shows. I’m used to it, but I was so SURE this time it would be different, and I’m just really let down.”
— roses-and-ghosts[7]
“As as queer actor playing a queer character in genre TV I feel so bad for Hale Appleman. You read interviews by him and he’s always made it clear how important Eliot’s sexuality was to him. And they keep killing off his male love interests.
— lambrinichampagne[8]
“Every story revolving around Quentin and another character got an ending except for Eliot. I would have given anything for even one scene with Quentin talking with Eliot– hell even if Eliot wasn’t awake because of his injuries. That entire plot will never feel like it was properly resolved due to the writers not doing anything with it.”
— hottesthatter2211[9]



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  • In both the books and the SyFy series, Eliot is the first person that Quentin meets at Brakebills.
    • In the SyFy series, the first lines said by Eliot are Quentin's name.
    • As Quentin walks away from his living friends, the last voice he hears is Eliot's.
  • Aside from the romantic upgrade, there are several differences in their relationship between the tv series and the novels.
    • In the books, Eliot tells Quentin about his life before Brakebills, while in the show the first person, aside for Margo, to learn about Eliot's life is his at the time boyfriend Mike.
  • The Season 3 recap of The Magicians had "#Queliot We ship that" at the end of the third key section[10].
  • On IMDB A Life in the Day is the highest rated episode of The Magicians and Escape from the Happy Place is the third highest rated[11].
  • SyFy's twitter page tweeted their own video edit after Escape from the Happy Place[12], along with the phrase, "We're not crying, you're crying 😭♥️ ".
  • SyFy Wire has also written several articles on the pair:
    • One article compares Quentin's two love interests and how the writers basically tricked everyone into thinking the traditional couple with toxic elements would get together[13].
    • Writer Alyssa Fiske called the pair a "Step Forward for Queer Ships"[14]
      • Alyssa Fiske, is also considered President of the Queliot fan club by fellow SyFy Wire writer, Jessica Toomer[15].
    • The week of March 17th 2019 the weekly article Read This FanFiction recommended the Queliot fan fiction "Protected" by Coal15[16].
    • Queliot was cited as one of the couples that prove genre shows are changing the queer media landscape[17].
    • Their review of The Secret Sea had the writers expressing dissapointment over the possibility of Quentin and Eliot not becoming a couple[18].
  • Many other news outlets considered the pairing a win for queer representation, and fandom.
    • Vultrure called Escape from the Happy Place a "slash fandom triumph"[19].
    • Vox wrote on the payoff of the queer subtext between the two[20].
  • David Reed, Magicians Executive Producer, revealed on twitter that Ted Coldwater II's fullname was Theodore Rupert Coldwater-Waugh[21], meaning that Eliot was Ted's adoptive father.
  • When Lev Grossman was asked how he felt about Queliot in the show, he said that he " love['s] it? I know I didn't explore it fully in the books. I love seeing the show take it further. I love that people are into it. I'm into it too."[22]


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Marqueliot refers to the ship between Quentin, Eliot and Margo Hanson
Quarieliot refers to the ship between Quentin, Eliot and Arielle
Queliolice refers to the ship between Quentin, Eliot and Alice Quinn



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