The Magicians

There was something off about Eliot's face. His posture was very straight, but his mouth was twisted to one side, in a permanent half grimace that revealed a nest of teeth sticking both in and out at improbable angles. He looked like a child who had been slightly misdelivered, with some subpar forceps handling by the attending. But despite his odd appearance Eliot had an air of effortless self-possession that made Quentin urgently want to be his friend, or maybe just be him period. He was obviously one of those people who felt at home in the world - he was naturally bouyant, where Quentin felt like he had to dog paddle constantly, exhaustingly, humiliatingly, just to get one sip of air.
— Quentin's first impression of Eliot[1]
Eliot“Come on, Q. My lips are blue. My lips are probably blue.”
Quentin“Your balls are probably blue.”
— The Magicians, Page 132
Quentin“Doesn't seem so bad. What time is skinny-dipping?”
Eliot“I might have been a little off base with that. We did all get naked, anyway.”
— The Magicians, Page 146
“Had Eliot really been awake for the whole thing? His brain dealt out a sloppy fan of mental Polaroids, out of sequence: an image of Janet kissing Eliot, of her hand working diligintly between Eliot's legs. Had she really been weeping? Had he kissed Eliot? A vivid sense memory of somebody else's stubble, surprisingly scratchy, chafing his cheek and upper lip.”
— Quentin thinks of the threesome; Page 268
“Hell of a thing getting you out of that dungeon. Richard showed up, finally, for which I suppose we should be grateful, though god knows he doesn't make it easy.
We wanted to stay, Q, but it was hard, and getting harder every day. The centaurs said it wasn't working. But if you're reading this then you woke up after all. I'm sorry about everything. I know you are too. I know I said I didn't need a family to become who I was supposed to be, but it turned out that I did. And it was you.
We'll meet again.”
— Eliot's letter to Quentin; Page 375

The Magician King

“Then Eliot hugged him, a long hug, and when he was done he kissed Quentin on the mouth. That Quentin felt.”
— The Magicians King; 398

The Magicians Land

But Eliot missed Quentin. He wanted Quentin by his side.
— The Magicians Land, Page 54

SyFy Series

Season 1

Eliot“Quentin Coldwater?”
Eliot“I'm Eliot. You're late. Follow me.”
Quentin“Uh, okay. Um, hey - Di--Where am I?”
Eliot“Upstate New York.”
Quentin“Upstate, but I was just-- Hey. Okay, what--what is this place?”
Eliot“Brakebills University. You've been offered a preliminary exam for entry into the graduate program.”
Quentin“Am I hallucinating?”
Eliot“If you were, how would asking me help? Come on, or you'll miss it.”
— Unauthorized Magic
Eliot“How about, I find you, and I don't say magic is real. But I do seduce you and so lift your spirits that life retains a sparkle for decades.”
Quentin“Yeah, that sounds nice. Thank you.”
— The Source of Magic
Margo“You and your first year boys. What is your obsession with the flavor of the month?”
Eliot“Oh, come on. He's a high-strung super nerd. We love those.”
— Margo and Eliot on Quentin; Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting
Mike“[Quentin]'s pretty.”
Eliot“I know, but I called dibs.”
— The Strangled Heart
Quentin“You know I've never really seen you care about something.”
Eliot“Things aren't usually worth caring about.”
Quentin“With some limited, but very important exceptions.”
Eliot“Very limited.”
— The Strangled Heart

Season 2

Quentin“There's a specific coronation place in the forest.”
Eliot“There are four kings and queens.”
Quentin“Yeah, you get to pick the other I get to be a king?”
Eliot“Unless you want me to pick Penny.”
— Knight of Crowns
Quentin“Kneel Eliot Waugh. Would you just do it? It's gonna be quick, I promise. So destiny is-it's bullshit. But you are High King in your blood. And somehow that makes sense, you know? And I-I just-for what it's worth, I think that you are going to be a really good king. Um, so, um, I-I dub thee, um, I don't know. Would you say, like you're more brave or merciful?”
Eliot“I'd say I'm neither. But I still plan to be a spectacular monarch.”
Quentin“I hereby dub thee...High King Eliot, the Spectacular.”
Eliot“Wow, uh, this feels as natural as underwear.”
— Knight of Crowns
You know, it's considered extremely disrespectful to touch a king without permission. But, um, I think you should probably hug me right now. It'll also be okay if you just give my ass, like, a little squeeze.
— Eliot to Quentin; Knight of Crowns
Based on what? Our garbage fire of a relationship that ended with Eliot's dick in your mouth?
— Alice to Quentin; Plan B

Season 3

Eliot“You know, you're not going to get very far if you're this frustrated after 14 days.”
Quentin“How are you not?”
— Oh, Q. You know the answer.[src]
Eliot“Yeah. Yeah, green one. There. No, no, there.”
Eliot“No. There. Just kidding. You had it right the first time.”
Quentin“You know what? I'll tell you where I'll put this.”
Eliot“Yeah? Come at me, Coldwater.”
— A Life in the Day
Quentin“Um, so.”
Eliot“Yeah. Um let's just save our overthinking for the puzzle, yeah?”
— The morning after;A Life in the Day
Eliot“We could be done tomorrow for all you know. You want to live your life, live it here.”
Quentin“What is that supposed to mean?”
— You know exactly what that means.[src]
Quentin“I was looking forward to going on a boating quest with you.”
Eliot“Who wouldn't. You can take Benedict. Go be life partners with someone else for a little bit.”
— Do You Like Teeth?
Shh. Bambi, let him read.
— Eliot to Margo about Quentin; Will You Play With Me?
Quentin“This is not what we agreed on.”
Eliot“I didn't actually agree on anything.”
— Will You Play With Me?
Quentin“You spent a little bit too much time as king.”
Eliot“Well, that's really not the issue now, is it?”
— Will You Play With Me?

Season 4

When you get back what the gods took from you, maybe, could I have Eliot back?
— Quentin to the Monster; Lost, Found, Fucked
Eliot“I know you're just a memory,'re a very generous one.”
Quentin“Well, you sacrifice for people you love.”
Eliot“Oh, shit. I get it.”
— Eliot realizes his greatest fear; Escape from Happiness
I'm about to kill my friend. It's a monster, I know. But it's a monster with his face and eyes.
— Quentin to Alice about Eliot; Escape from the Happy Place
Eliot“Did it happen?”
Quentin“Fifty years.”
Eliot“It happened.”
Quentin“It was sort of beautiful.”
Eliot“It really was.”
— Escape from the Happy Place
Quentin“I know this sounds dumb, but us… we… I don’t know, think about it, we… we work. We know it, because we lived it. Who gets that kind of proof of concept?”
Eliot“We were just injected with a half century of emotion, so I get that maybe you’re not thinking clearly.”
Quentin“No, I’m just saying, what if we gave it a shot? Would that be that crazy? Why the fuck not?”
Eliot“I know you and you… aren’t…”
Quentin“It doesn’t matter.”
Eliot“Don’t be naïve, it matters. Q come on, I love you, but you have to know that that’s not me and that’s definitely not you. Not when… not when we have a choice.”
Quentin“Okay… I… okay. Sorry… I…”
— Escape from the Happy Place
What the hell is wrong with you? Someone good and true loves you, and he went out on a limb, and yeah, it was a little crazy, but you knew. You knew this was a moment that truly mattered and you just snuffed it out. Q, I'm sorry. I was afraid, and when I'm afraid, I run away. If I ever get out of here, Q, know that when I'm braver it's because I learned it from you.
— Eliot to his memory of himself and Quentin; Escape from the Happy Place
Eliot“Q. It's me. It's Eliot.”
Quentin“Okay, no games. Let's just go.”
Eliot“It's Eliot.”
Quentin“No bullshit, c'mon.”
Eliot“Fifty years. Who gets proof of concept like that?”
Eliot“Peaches and plums, motherfucker. I'm alive in here.”
— Escape from the Happy Place[src]
Alice“So you're team monster now?”
Quentin“I'm team Eliot.”
— Escape from the Happy Place; Deleted Scene
Quentin“We've taken down gods before.”
Julia“And we end up losing every time.”
Quentin“It's Eliot.”
— A Timeline and Place
Quentin“You kill Eliot, and you can forget about us helping you.”
The Monster“Eliot, Eliot, Eliot. Why do you care about him so much?”
Quentin“Because I do. You kill him and we're done. I swear to god, I'm serious. I will abandon you and I will die trying to burn you to the ground.”
The Monster“That's cute. But I'm strong And you're weak.”
Quentin“Break my bones and strangle me. Too tired to care anymore. You hurt him, you take one more pill, and you can build your body on your own.”
The Monster“Fine. I'll take better care of the meat suit.”
— A Timeline and Place
Penny23“Let's find him, get his rock, destroy it before the monster comes back.”
Quentin“Wow, I love it. Except for the part where it doesn't save Eliot. We'll figure something out. We always do.”
Penny23“No, bro. Take it from someone from a timeline where you did not figure it out.”
Quentin“We'll find Enyalius first. I'm not talking about this now.”
— The Serpant
Penny23“I saw Eliot in there.”
Quentin“Is he...?”
— The Serpant

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