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Quentin Coldwater is a character from The Magicians fandom.


Quentin Coldwater grew up being obsessed with the magical world of Fillory. One day he is taken away to Brakebills, a school for magic. While there he learns magic, and discovers that Fillory is real. He sets out on a quest to save Fillory and takes his friend with him on his adventure along the way.



Marquentin - the ship between Quentin and Margo Hanson
Poppin - the ship between Quentin and Poppy Kline
Quady - the ship between Quentin and Kady Orloff-Diaz
Qualice — the ship between Quentin and Alice Quinn
Quarielle - the ship between Quentin and Arielle
Quen - the ship between Quentin and Fen


Penntin - the ship between Quentin and Penny Adiyodi
Queliot - the ship between Quentin and Eliot Waugh


Qulia - the ship between Quentin and Julia Wicker


Marqueliot - the ship between Quentin, Margo Hanson and Eliot Waugh
Pennywaughter - the ship between Quentin, Penny Adiyodi and Eliot Waugh
Quarieliot - the ship between Quentin, Arielle and Eliot Waugh
Queliolice - the ship between Quentin, Eliot Waugh and Alice Quinn


Eliot Waugh

Main article: Queliot

Poppy Kline

Main article: Poppin

Poppy and Quentin met when he saved her from a shipwrecked boat. They got along until Poppy slipped him a key that when passed along, gave the user depression. After a lot of shenanigans, the two hooked up right before executing a plan to get the key back from the Underworld. He didn't see her again till something was stolen from a dragon and he figured out it was her. He found out she was pregnant, but the baby wasn't his. After getting things back from the dragon, Poppy asks if Quentin thinks he'll be a father someday. Quentin says that he hopes so, and the two part amicably.


Main article: Quarielle

Margo Hanson

Main article: Marquentin

Alice Quinn

Main article: Qualice

Alice and Quentin didn't get along at first, but eventually became friends. They were both assigned to the Physical Cottage, and got closer as they tried to figure out what was going on with the Beast. During the class trip to Breakbills South, they hooked up, and when they got back eventually became a couple. While under the effects of getting their emotions back, Quentin had a drunken threesome with Eliot and Margo, and Alice broke up with him.

Julia Wicker

Main article: Qulia


Penny Adiyodi

Main article: Penntin



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