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“So you're just here to hurt me? Well, you can't. I'm actually glad that you broke my heart. You know, I traveled because of you. I found some kind of inner peace. I made new friends. One day I'm gonna fall in love with someone, and that person isn't gonna be you”
— Wally to Mallus "Jesse"

Quickwest is the het ship between Jesse and Wally from the The Flash fandom.


Wally meets Jesse when she comes to stay from Earth-2 after being rescued from Zoom. They're immediately intrigued by one another, although Wally doesn't know about Team Flash until much later, while Jesse knows from the get-go. They become good friends and, once Wally is clued in on Team Flash, they bond over both being separated from the action and unable to help, as well as treated as kids by their fathers. After being exposed to the dark matter, Wally wakes up fast, but Jesse is in a coma. As Barry returns from the Speed Force he awakes Jesse with a touch and Jesse soon learns that she has become a speedster, too.

Having been exposed to the same dark matter blast, Wally's disappointed that he hasn't got powers like Jesse. She tries to cheer him up by taking him along for a run in Central City and Wally finds it amazing. Jesse develops feelings for Wally and expresses them by kissing him, but Wally says he's hesitant to start something when Jesse lives on another earth. He later reveals that he doesn't want to be scared to do something about his feelings and kisses her in the basement of S.T.A.R. Labs. They start dating and, after Wally gets his speed, they become a speedster couple.

Although they live on separate earths, they visit each other as much as possible and Wally is there for Jesse when her father is abducted by Grodd. They're together for a while, until Wally expects a visit from Jesse one day and instead it's Harry Wells, delivering a message from Jesse. Wally never gets the full message, but it's a break-up cube in which Jesse says she wasn't to end things. Wally is heartbroken, especially that Jesse didn't even break up with him in person, but tries to rally and move on. Finding this hard, Wally travels and stays with some friends.

After Sara is taken over by Mallus and Wally tries to fight her, Mallus turns into Jesse and Wally, knowing it's not really Jesse, tells her how he feels and that he will move on from her and fall in love with someone else. It's a very moving and heartfelt moment that signifies the conclusion of their relationship and frees Wally to continue on with his new life and destiny.


Quickwest is somewhere between a rarepair and a fairly common one. It is the most popular pairing for both characters, but due to their limited screen time most development is not seen despite the couple being together for about 6 months before breaking up, one of the longer relationships on the series.

On AO3, Quickwest is the seventh most written ship for Wally and the most written for Jesse.



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