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Radmond is the slash ship between Radicles and Raymond from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes fandom.


They meet in the episode "Sibling Rivalry", Raymond threatens the bodegamen with a butt-kicking, to which Rad replies "Ha! Kick my butt? Please! My 2-pack is touting a 12 pack!", showing Raymond his butt. Raymond replies, "Impressive", visibly sweating. Before Rad can attack him with his Finger Beam, Raymond fires 2 roller blades from his arm cannon onto Rad's hands, causing him to crash and injure himself. Raymond tries to finish him off with another blast from his cannon, calling him a "poor little slugger", but is interrupted by a fireball kick from Enid.

In the episode "Plaza Prom", Raymond crashes Rad's party, vocally upset about not being invited. K.O. instigates a dance battle between the two, which Raymond agrees to with joy. When Rad receives praise from the crowd, he becomes angry and rips off his tux, exposing an Elvis-style costume underneath. This grabs Rad's attention and Raymond does a provocative dance move. The battle continues until Rad strikes a pose, finishing off Raymond and sending him flying into the sky.

In "RMS & Brandon's First Episode", Rad and Raymond are seen competitively flexing at each other during a battle in the plaza.

In "Plaza Film Festival", when Rad is pinned to the ground by a pile of bricks, Raymond says he hopes he has a "good view down there", referring to the movie screen. Rad can be seen quickly checking out Raymond's body via an up and down glance as he continues talking down to him.

In "Let's Watch the Boxmore Show", Rad wants to eliminate Raymond, calling him "handsome, but a pretentious snob".

In "All In The Villainy", Raymond appears sad when Rad and the other bodegamen prematurely leave their battle of the day, while the other bots only seem confused. Before they left, Raymond and Rad were battling each other 1-on-1 away from everybody else.

In "Project Ray Way", Rad grumbles about Raymond thinking he's "so hot" after seeing his new store's commercial on TV. Raymond exhibits an identical reaction when Rad appears in Drupe's commercial. When confronting Raymond about stealing Drupe's designs, Raymond seems to have been expecting Rad to barge in, as if he wanted his attention. Meanwhile, Rad seems more interested in who's hotter and needs Drupe to remind him why they're actually there. Rad challenges him to a style battle.

During said battle, Raymond sees Drupe dressing Rad up in "the best outfit she's got." Anime style sparkles surround Rad from Raymond's point of view (similar to the sparkles on Professor Venomous the first time we see him from Boxman's perspective in "We're Captured"). Raymond opts to confront Rad himself instead of sending one of his clones. When Rad and Drupe see Raymond approaching, Rad says "Ha! He doesn't look hot at all.". Drupe points out that he's "really sweaty". He blushes when Raymond tosses off his fur coat. After Raymond uses his mind control remote on the spectators, Drupe encourages Rad to win by being more original than Raymond and just being himself, which Rad enthusiastically interprets as being told to "go out there naked" before being corrected. Shortly after, he defeats Raymond by being original and wearing his usual outfit (which makes Raymond blush), proclaiming he's "just the hottest" and striking the same pose from "Plaza Prom", sending him flying into the sky once again.

In "Beach Episode", Raymond and his siblings show up to the beach. Shannon and Darrell are wearing beach wear, but Raymond is essentially naked. Rad is the first one to point this out. In a cartoonish fashion, Raymond rips off his "skin", revealing a pink speedo, which shocks Rad and makes him blush. Later, they share a surfboard as the heroes and villains form a truce to defeat King Wavezilla.

In "KO's Health Week", Rad and Raymond are seen walking and talking together, smiling at each other while the heroes and villains go for a hike. Their conversation is unheard. Later, Raymond notices how his skin is "absolutely glowing", and checks his reflection while Rad looks at him with a smile. When KO falls off the cliff, Rad and Raymond can be seen hugging each other in fear, while no other characters embrace anyone else.

According to show creator Ian Jones-Quartey, the episode "Radical Rescue" was originally going to feature Raymond as the antagonist, but it was changed to Mikayla, MegaFootball Baby and Bell Beefer to "fit the theme better".[1] In a Discord Q&A session, storyboarder Dave Alegre claims this original concept would have involved them fostering kittens together.[2]

Ian JQ has also shared that there was going to be a musical episode featuring Raymond and Rad, which was also cut due to the series' cancellation.[3]

Behind the Scenes

According to show creator Ian Jones-Quartey, Rad and Raymond are mutually attracted to each other, finding each other "hot and handsome".[4] He's also said they were supposed to develop into a rival-pairing, with "Project Ray Way" being the intended kickoff.[5]

Shortly afterwards JQ revealed that the third season would have featured more episodes involving their rivalry had the show not been cancelled,[6] adding that what they did get to show of their relationship was "not subtle"[7].

In old scrapped notes posted by storyboarder Danny Ducker, the word "Radmond" can be seen.[8]

During a Discord Q&A session, storyboarder Dave Alegre said "my torch definitely burns for radmond".[9]


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