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Eda“Whatever you say.”
Raine“See? You'd be a mess without me.”
— Eda's Requiem

Raeda is the non-binary ship between Raine Whispers and Eda Clawthorne from The Owl House fandom.


Wing It Like Witches

The carnival photo, signed "R."

Eda looks through her old photos in her notebook, reminiscing over her Grudgby days. One of the photos is obscured, where Eda and a bard witch link arms at a carnival, and Lilith is watching them in the background. The bard witch is confirmed to be Raine, who is proven to be an old friend from Eda's Hexside days.

Eda's Requiem

Eda is again going through her old things, and she picks up an instrument engraved with a thunderbolt and a raincloud. She looks at fondly and begins playing a song that the audience later comes to know as Raine's Rhapsody. At first, the objects around her begin to glow and float into the air, and Eda questions whether her magic has returned, but her magic quickly fails, making the objects fall to the ground, and with a gray substance over them, as if they are burning away.

Later, Eda bumps into Raine for the first time in years when Raine, along with the other members of their rebellion, the BATTs, throw a performance in defiance of Belos. When the BATTs are surrounded, Eda offers an escape route. Upon Katya, a member of the BATTs, asking Eda how they could repay her, Eda asks to join the rebellion. When Raine denies Eda, she admonishes them, referring to them as an "old friend" in the process. During this exchange, both of them are blushing, and it is revealed that even after all this time, they are still on good terms. This was in direct contrast to the popular fan theory before Eda's Requiem aired that Raine and Eda were exes and on bad terms. Raine introduces Eda to the group, saying that Eda was the one who inspired them to form the BATTs. At Eda's surprise, we delve into a flashback, where Eda is playing "Raine's Rhapsody" on her instrument, and Raine is gazing at them, looking lovestruck. Raine fixes their position on the instrument, saying "you'd be a mess without me", which leads to Raine blushing and both of them looking away.

After Eda join the BATTS, the team goes on a series of raids to help free some of Belos's prisoners. After a successful night, thanks to Eda's plan, Eda calls Raine "rainstorm", and Raine responds with "haven't heard that one in a minute", showing the viewers that Eda used to call Raine "rainstorm" when they were at Hexside together. Eda asks about Raine's stage fright, questioning how they became head bard despite it. Raine says they're "just that good", asking Eda about her stage fright in turn, and if she still knows any of her bard magic. Eda deflects, talking about how her curse "messes with magic", but Raine summons them an instrument and asks them to play. Eda reluctantly does so, once again demonstrating their "death" magic. Eda remarks that Raine's Rhapsody had become more like "Eda's Requiem", hence the episode title.

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door

Raine and Eda's breakup

In Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door, we see a flashback of Raine and Eda breaking up in Eda's dream sequence. Eda lies and doesn't tell them about what's going on, and Raine responds to that with: "You're lying, again. It's like I don't really know you. So, I've made a decision." Eda's next words are "I know how this plays out, but I'll be ready this time," implying that they have replayed this same memory enough times to be familiar with it and memorize what's going on.

Raine then says that they're joining the Bard Coven, but Eda doesn't get upset at that part. It's the part after- she says to herself "No, no, no, I hate this part"- when they say "I think we should see other people. I'm sorry, Eda, it's over." This is when Eda truly has a reaction, their eyes getting smaller and going black, and feathers beginning to sprout from their arms. She lets out a whimper, and Raine immediately notices, worried and asking- "Are you okay? Is this the curse?"

Present Eda tries to get through to her past self, and we can see that she regrets pushing them away, begging herself to let them help her. It doesn't work, of course, with Past Eda lying once more and saying she's fine, telling Raine that they can leave now. Raine disappears after that, leaving them with "I can't do this anymore," and Eda is left alone with the now fully transformed owl beast.

Follies at the Coven Day Parade

In Follies at the Coven Day Parade, it is revealed that Eda hired someone to spy on Raine. Luz comes up with a plan to save Raine so Eda can talk to them. Later, Eda takes Raine and brings them to an alley so she can talk to them about what happened in the events of Eda's Requiem. Raine, seemingly has no memories of their fight with Darius and Eber towards the end of that episode, and claims that them and Eda haven't seen each other for years, and asks her to leave. Eda refuses and says she's not leaving until she gets through to Raine. The two of them proceed to fight and Raine keeps trying to get her to leave them alone. After, some coven scouts are looking for Raine, and Eda uses an invisibiliity glyph to leave, and Raine is seen wiping a tear from their eye before walking away.

Them's the Breaks, Kid

This is the flashback episode that reveals how Eda and Raine met. Eda and Raine met at a program called Instructing Future Witches of Tomorrow, Eda sits in a hallway by herself after failing one of the activities. Raine went up to Eda after she threw her drink, and changed the flavor of it. They then go on a rant about Bard magic, and Eda enjoys it, the two then become quick friends and team up on the activities. During a break, the two talk about why they are at the IFWOT, and it's revealed Raine went to St. Epiderm, and Eda doesn't want to be seperated from her sister, they assure Eda that after the closing ceremony they can leave. But instead, they are forced to play "Covens vs Wilds" and are on opposite teams, Eda betrays her teammates to help Raine. The two dance and send a spell at Terra.

At Hexside, Lilith leaves Eda sitting by herself and Raine comes over and sits with her. The two trade juice boxes and Eda tells them about the school, Raine gives her a loving look.

The episode concludes with Eda saying that the two were inseperable. Back at the castle, Raine blows in the tea, revealing that they weren't brainwashed at all, and learns more about the spell on the Day of Unity. They promise to keep Eda safe, by not getting her involved.

O Titan Where Art Thou

In O Titan Where Art Thou, Eda overhears a Coven guard talking to a headwitch (Raine) about trying to find Eda. After listening in on the conversation, she goes and confronts Raine, who is surprised to see her. She tells them that she knows about the Day of Unity, and Draining Spell, and tells them to do what they can to keep her kids safe.

Later in the episode, Eda asks Raine why they didn't tell her about their plan, and they tell her that they wanted to keep her safe.

Clouds on the Horizon

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Luz tells Raine to protect Eda, and they promise to. Later, Raine questions whether Eda still wants to go through with the plan, and warns her that she won't be able to practice wild magic ever again if her curse heals. After using a cloaking stone to look like Raine, she messes with them and takes her head off, making Raine laugh. Eda then tells them that it’s awesome they finally can get one last mission together, much to Raine’s sadness and concern.

King's Tide

When Belos gathers everyone around for the draining spell, Eda gets ready to take Raine's place. Raine tells her to pay attention, saying the other covenheads think they will be royalty after it, and warns her the cloaking stone does not cover her voice, so she should be careful not to speak. Eda says the curse will do its thing, and assures them she's got it, also telling them not to worry. They reply she shouldn't tell them not to worry, while holding her hand. When Eda comes out, she stares at Raine and Lilith and they gaze at her back, worriedly. She winks and smiles at them. A few moments after Eda is caught, she sees Raine captured by an Abomination.

Eda wakes up with all the Coven Heads unconscious around her, and her body starts to decay because of her curse. Raine pulls off her arm, in order to prevent the curse from killing her. They fall unconscious in her arm while Eda sadly calls out their name.


Ever since discovering the photo in Wing It Like Witches, the fandom has speculated on whether or not the bard witch in the photo with Eda was a past love interest. With the Season 2A Trailer and the clips of Raine and the young Eda flashback, it only added fuel to the fire. The plot summary to Eda's Requiem was later released as well: "A special witch from Eda's past enlists her in a rebellion against the Emperor." Many took this wording and began speculating if they were exes, and how they might have interacted in the past.

On AO3 Raeda is the most written ship for both Raine and Eda. It's also the second most written ship in The Owl House tag.



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