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Rannett is the slash ship between Razor and Bennett from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Razor and Bennett are friends with ties to the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt. The two often cook and adventure together.

Bennett's voiceline about Razor states that he refers to Razor as, "Wolvendom guy" and that he sees him as, "kinda feral." He continues to say that although Razor doesn't talk much, he's alright. Additionally, Bennett sometimes cook meat for him, and in exchange Razor teaches him how wolves communicate. Razor's voiceline reveals that he thinks Bennett talks too much and whenever they eat together, he's never full.

Razor and Bennett appear together in the trailer for the Windblume Festival and later appear in-game for the first time during the Windblume Festival story event quest. After Bennett hears about Barbara and her letter, he rushes off to the Thousand Winds Temple, only to find Razor had been trapped by a mechanism. When trying to save him, Bennett got stuck as well before both getting rescued by the traveler and Venti. After getting freed, Bennett chuckles and says that it's nothing new for him. Razor apologizes though Bennett reassures him that it's not his fault. Venti asks how they managed such a feat, but Bennett demands to know what happened with the letter. Paimon explains it was simply a fan wanting her attention to which Bennett exclaims that he had been stuck in the trap for an entire day to which Razor apologizes again.

During their time in the cage, Bennett has Razor review his love poem and even adding Razor's addition as he sees the Windblume flower to be Wolfhooks. Razor’s review is, “Don’t understand words. But feel... warm, tingly... Like... Wolfhook thorn...” After Venti reads Bennett's love poem aloud, Razor compliments Bennett saying that, "Bennett did good poem!" (the recipient for Bennett's poem is never revealed.)

To celebrate that all the poems had been collected, Venti invites them all to the tavern in Mondstadt, however Bennett declines, saying, "I'm afraid Razor and I have to be going. He said he knows of some relatively unknown areas worth exploring and wants to show them to me. Have a great time, though!"

In the final cutscene after finishing all the Windblume Festival story quests, Razor and Bennett walk back to Mondstadt together where Bennett says, "We gotta bring enough supplies this time, otherwise you'll go hungry again!"

It is notable that there are two butterflies in the foreground in the cutscene — they are reminiscent of the story of the Butterfly Lovers, an ancient Chinese legend about young lovers similar to that of Romeo and Juliet. Allusions to Chinese history like such are common ways to avoid censorship.

In-game, they are a good combo as Bennett's burst and Razor's attack damage increases and applies Overload to enemies. They are often seen in teams together because they're both easily obtainable four star characters who do their roles very effectively.


“Wolvendom guy! Looks a little on the feral side... doesn't talk much... but he's alright! We both love eating meat, so we got that in common. I sometimes cook some meat for him, and he teaches me how wolves communicate in return. Haha! You should join us next time!”
— Bennett's voiceline about Razor
“I'm always so unlucky... so I'll take what I can get!" "Yes! But... In future, be careful!" "Hey! You should talk! Hahaha...”
— Bennett to Razor in the story quest
“Bennett... Much talking. Eat with him, never full.”
— Razor's voiceline about Bennett


Rannett began with headcanons that the two would be cute together. They share many similarities and are friends. Razor, with his natural survival skills, would not have as a hard time with Bennett's bad luck, as say, anyone else. Their relationship is an "opposites attract" type, as their personalities heavily contrast. While Bennett is energetic and optimistic, Razor is more faint and prefers not to talk, that being said, they are both very kind and are shown to greatly treasure close bonds. Rannett share many similarities, such as scars, a love for meat, and having an adoptive family, with a strong, caring personality towards their friends and family. While Bennett is very outgoing, his bad luck often drives people away; Razor, on the other hand, is considered "feral" by the outside world and does not fit in.

They are also the same age (16) so this shows no complications age-wise, and can further be optimized in fandom headcanons such as Highschool/Modern AUs or simply them sharing the struggles of being teenagers. If not as lovers, they are popularly depicted as close friends, along with a similar ship, Xingyun. In fanfiction, Razor is often depicted as honest and forward about his feelings, while Bennett is written as a bubbly character, sometimes breaking and revealing just how lonely he is sometimes. They are showcased as a "fluffy" couple, providing comfort to each other.



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  • Both characters are known to be adopted. Razor was adopted by Boreas and the wolves while Bennett sees Springvalle as his whole family as an orphan.
  • Razor can be a main DPS while Bennett can be a support DPS or healer.
  • During the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event, the Traveler and Paimon asked Bennett if Razor's with him on Dragonspine and added that they always spend their free times together.



Fan Art


TVT DREAM refers to the ship between the two, Chongyun and Xingqiu


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