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Rannschl is the poly ship between Razor, Bennett and Fischl from the Genshin Impact fandom.


The trio is shown to be friends with ties to the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt. While only Razor and Bennett canonically interacted in a event and Fischl doesn't seem to have any voicelines about Razor, Bennett is shown to have voicelines for both characters, and due to the popularity of his ships in both sides, fans have adopted a popular headcanon that they are all apart from the same friend group, sometimes calling it "Benny's adventure team".

Bennett's voiceline about Razor says that he refers to Razor as, "Wolvendom guy" and that he sees him as, "kinda feral." In his opnion, Razor doesn't talk much, but he's alright. Additionally, Bennett sometimes cook meat for him, and in exchange Razor teaches him how wolves communicate. Razor's voiceline reveals that he thinks Bennett talks too much and whenever they eat together, he's never full. They appear together in the Windblume Festival story event quest, where Bennett tries to save Razor from a mechanism and ends up trapped with him. While they were trapped, Razor helped Bennett to write a love poem, adding Razor's addition as he sees the Windblume flower to be Wolfhooks. A common headcanon during that time was that the poem was going to be given for either Fischl or Razor, or both of them.

As for Fischl, she never interacted with either of them in a event, but Fischl's Character Story about her Vision mentions Bennett, though not by name, calling him the 'Adventurer Who Bears the World's Curses'. In the same story, which is set in the past, it says that he would eventually become friends with Fischl in the future when they meet. Additionally, in her voicelines about Bennett, she implies that she worries about Bennett and his bad luck, calling him an 'ill-starred young man', and she says that she 'has seen with unmistakable clarity how his heart ails at being forsaken by the world'.

Now, for Bennett's voiceline about Fischl, he calls her 'amazing'. He also says that he often asks Fischl about exploring her home world, though she often avoids the topic. He concludes that this means Fischl is worried for his safety, and that her home world sounds dangerous. This makes Bennett as one of the few characters who actually believe in Fischl's tales of being a princess.

In the first year anniversary of Genshin Impact, a web event called An Unforgettable Journey was released. All players who are Adventure Rank 10 and above can enjoy a theater timeline of their journey through the Anniversary Theater. Fischl and Bennett made a cameo together in the theater at the start, and they appear to be talking about Razor, or remembering him, since he appears in a dialogue bubble next to them.


“Ah, the ill-starred young man... My Auge der Verurteilung has seen with unmistakable clarity how his heart ails at being forsaken by the world—”
— Fischl's voiceline about Bennett
“Oh yeah, the Prinzessin der Verurteilung from the world beyond! She's amazing. I keep asking her if we can go adventuring in her home world together, but each time I bring it up she sort of avoids the topic... She's probably just worried about my safety. Her home world sounds like a dangerous place, for sure.”
— Bennett's voiceline about Fischl
“For someone like me, I'm actually way more familiar with the wilderness than the city, especially around Mondstadt! I mean, I'm not on the same level as Fischl, who is also in the Adventurers' Guild. But that's expected, because she works in the Intelligence Department.”
— Bennett talking about Fischl in his Hangout Event
“Wolvendom guy! Looks a little on the feral side... doesn't talk much... but he's alright! We both love eating meat, so we got that in common. I sometimes cook some meat for him, and he teaches me how wolves communicate in return. Haha! You should join us next time!”
— Bennett's voiceline about Razor
“I'm always so unlucky... so I'll take what I can get!" "Yes! But... In future, be careful!" "Hey! You should talk! Hahaha...”
— Bennett to Razor in the story quest
“Bennett... Much talking. Eat with him, never full.”
— Razor's voiceline about Bennett


The headcanon that Rannschl are all part of the same friend group got so popular that the ship currently has about 108+ works on AO3. The three characters are shown to be very socially awkward and outcasts in their region given the situations they had to endure, so naturally it would make perfect sense to them to be around eachother and join adventures together. They are shown to be around the same age aswell.

Both Razor and Fischl have some issues communicating with people, since Fischl uses a very colloquial and formal speech due to her Prinzessin persona while Razor is less verbal in general, so Bennett could stand in the middle to help them understand eachother and other people.

Sometimes, this ship is depicted with Barbara Pegg and Noelle, since they are all from Mondstadt and appear to be around the same age, while sharing some canon interactions together.



Bennett/Fischl/Razor tag on AO3


Rannschl hashtag on Twitter


Rannett refers to the ship between Razor and Bennett
Fischnett refers to the ship between Fischl and Bennett
Electro Scavengers refers to the ship between Razor and Fischl


  • Razor and Fischl are seen to have a connection to Lisa. She is Razor's teacher and Fischl borrows some of the fantasy novels from her library. Lisa calls Fischl a "good kid" and Razor a "good boy".
  • Razor and Bennett both love meat, while Fischl seems to dislike it, especially fowl and the recipe Sweet Madame because of Oz.
  • They are all 4 stars from Mondstadt, with Bennett appearing together with one of them at least once in a banner. He has been in a banner with Fischl during Albedo's first banner and he appeared with Razor during Kazuha's first banner as well.





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