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“There is only one such place in this world. A place that doesn't need you at all. Join the Detective Agency. We don't want your ability. What we want is that "kindness".”
— Ranpo to Akiko, when they first met.

Ranposano is the het ship between Ranpo Edogawa and Akiko Yosano from the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom.


Ranpo and Yosano first met, when the Detective Agency had only one member - Ranpo himself. Fukuzawa and Mori were fighting with each other, because of how Ougai treated Akiko and Edogawa was spending his time with Yosano escaping with her. Akiko was in a really deep depression back then. She thought it was her fault, her ability's fault that someone important to her died. She didn't want to escape. She thought her ability was horrible and she didn't want to continue living with it. She told Ranpo that she can't go on living like this. Edogawa after that, with his usual cheerful attitude, told her it's stupid and she should just stop using that ability if she hates it so much. He tried to convince her that her ability isn't the most important thing about her. After she asked if there's a place where it's okay for her to go on living, Ranpo told Akiko that there's only one place that doesn't need her at all - Detective Agency. That they (him and Fukuzawa, at that time) don't want her ability. "What we want is that kindness". He was the first person who told her that it's her feelings that matter, not her ability.


Akiko's fake death

Those events were the beginning of their deep friendship they still had after a dozen or so years. It's been shown to us how important they are to each other a few more times. A good example is the time when Akiko and Ranpo were together in Poe's novel, trying to solve a mystery. Concretely the scene where Akiko fictionally "dies". In that scene Edogawa holds hands with Yosano and looks straight at her with his eyes wide open. We could see on his face how much Yosano's "death" affected him, although it wasn't a real death.

Ranpo and Akiko are quite often seen standing or sitting next to each other in the Detective Agency. That also shows us how close to each other they are.


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Ranposano is the most popular hetero ship in the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom.



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