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Ransara is the het ship between Sara Chidouin and Ranmaru Kageyama from the Your Turn To Die fandom.


The real Ranmaru died before he could meet Sara, in his First Trial. Sara is able to find and watch the victim video of Ranmaru's death. After watching the entire thing, she feels a tinge of envy for him being able to die peacefully without having to witness people dying and killing each other. She declares that for his sake as well, she will escape the Death Game.

On the fourth floor, Doll Ranmaru is paired with Sara as her support for the Murderer Sub-Game. Since they are connected together by the "Red String of Fate", if they get too far apart the dummies' head will pop off, killing them, so it is important to stay together.

At one point during their investigation, Sara notices a sign by the bathroom doors that looks like two people holding hands. In hopes it would trigger something, she holds Ranmaru's hand, causing him to get flustered. Sara tells him he's too tense and and will waste his battery power trembling, to which he replies, "A-And whose fault is that...". Inside the room, they meet a girl who asks Ranmaru if the two of them are just a pair for "the objective's sake", or are they partners. Before they leave the room inside, Ranmaru stops Sara and asks to tell her something important. Sara can jokingly ask if he's professing his love for her, which catches him off-guard. He then tells her that he kind of doesn't like being "just a pair".

The Sub-game is eventually changed into a game of tag, where the person who is "it" by the end of the time limit loses. In the Shin lives route, Ranmaru takes the burden of being "it" from Sara, when she began to freak out. Ranmaru holds Sara's hand and delcares that he's free to do what he wants.

After Keiji gets trapped inside a coffin by Midori, Sara is offered a consent form, which she can sign in order to wish for Keiji to be saved. Before she can, Ranmaru rips it up, declaring that they can find a different way to rescue Keiji, that doesn't have to do with Midori.

Later on, the group finds out they need to get Midori's ID card from Maple. At first everyone plans to go in at once, but its discovered that the Disucssion Room will only open for one pair at a time. Ranmaru offers for him and Sara to go since Maple's familiar with them. They do their best to have a friendly conversation while drinking tea. When she asks about their relationship, if Sara answers that she can't really talk about the relationship they have, Ranmaru spits all his tea. He tries to excuse himself while flustered, saying that his organs shorted out.

Maple then tells Ranmaru and Sara about a special condition where they can "win". If only two people are left, they perform a ritual where one person remains human and the other becomes a doll. Maple asks if the two think they can win. She then senses their allies outside the door and starts to clean up. Realizing that they still haven't retrieved the ID card, they reach for her back where it is sticking out. However, Maple turns around making them unable to grab it. As a last-ditch effort, Ranmaru grabs Midori's letter to Maple in an attempt to bargain. But this makes Maple explode with anger, and she starts attacking the two. Ranmaru and Sara work together; Ranmaru acts as a decoy while Sara pounds on the door for help. Then, while Maple is happily doing nothing, she gets behind Maple and pulls out the card.

When the AI version of Shin explains how the Dummies Control System works, he also tells the option to see Ranmaru's preferences, but he interrupts him and tells them to keep thinking about the Upgrade Parts. If you try to choose to see his preferences after the explanation, Ranmaru hastily says to Sara that he can answer for her later.

Later on, while Sara is exploring by herself, she finds an Upgrade Part and gives it to Ranmaru. After he puts it on, Sara can ask if he's still able to feel the hand, and he answers "I-I can, geez! You don't gotta touch it!". In the classroom, they use his new steam spray feature to uncover the writing on the consent form. Sara begins to talk about how she might be able to end the death game by signing the form, and that it might all end at the cost of her life. Ranmaru tells her not to think such thoughts, and that he wouldn't want that. As Sara tries to leave the room, he stops her, asking that since he doesn't want her to die, how does she feel about winning. Ranmaru proceeds to tell Sara that when he's with her, he wants to live more. He quietly begs Sara to win for him.

Kanna Lives route

Sara gets Ranmaru to snap out of thinking those things by giving him a pep talk. Ranmaru self-loathingly apologizes, saying a horrible person like him never had any right to be Sara's friend. Sara then bursts out crying, thinking about how Ranmaru had probably given up on life, considering his situation, but Sara had given him hope.

When Sara despairs that Keiji is burning inside the coffin, Ranmaru gives her a pep talk to lift her spirits. He also asks if she can stand, and Sara thanks him.

Right before the Maple fight, it is quickly revealed that Ranmaru tried to put the Joe AI inside his body, essentially giving up his conciousness, in order to save Sara. His last words in the Banquet are asking for someone to save Sara and Gin. After his death, Sara breaks down and apologizes that she couldn't save Ranmaru or Gin.

Shin Lives route

Sara then gets close to Ranmaru, and ominously tells Ranmaru that won't go well. She manipulates Ranmaru into preparing to kill the others, but she's quickly broken out of her spell and tells Ranmaru to forget everything she just said.

From then on, Ranmaru works to put a plan into action to escape with Sara via Maple's suggestion. When confronted by Keiji in the classroom after making a fake broadcast, Keiji remarks that Ranmaru is just jealous of how close he and Sara are. Ranmaru goes on to knock out Sara, and then Keiji, who he locks in the charging room. When Sara regains conciousness, Kurumada rushes in and apprehends Ranmaru, telling Sara to hurry to the locker room before it's too late. Alice/Reko is shown to be dead by Ranmaru's hand, hanging in the locker room. Sara is very distraught by this, because she truly wanted to escape with everyone alive. When asked by the others why he would do this, Ranmaru simply replies that it's only way left to save Sara.

Before the Banquet, Sara tries to talk to Ranmaru, but realizes she just doesn't want to, because no matter how hard she tries, she can't ignore that he killed someone. His last words in the Banquet are him expressing his frustration that he and Sara were going to win the game.


Kurumada“Probably just dolls, really, but it'll spell tragedy if we don't get weapons. You ever been in a fight?”
Sara“Not the violent sort, naturally.”
Kurumada“Then you have your fluffy-mop buddy give 'em hell. Maybe if you give 'im a good smooch, he'll work his butt off for ya.”
— Kurumada talking about Ranmaru.
Sara“Are you professing your love unto me...?”
Ranmaru“Pppph...!! What's with that flowery language?!”
— Sara and Ranmaru in the Discussion Room
Sara“Yeah, we're on pretty good terms now.”
Maple“Good, I'm glad! I always believed you two could become friends!”
Ranmaru“Friends, huh...”
—About Sara and Ranmaru's relationship, in the Discussion Room.
“I... don't want you to die, Sara...”
— Ranmaru worried about Sara.
“Look, I...! When I'm with you, Sara, I feel more and more like I wanna live! The more serious I get... the more afraid I am to die!”
— Ranmaru to Sara in the classroom.
“If I wanna get out of this alive... All I have to do is take you out, Sara. But... I can't do something like that. On the other hand... I'm sure I could kill... anyone else...!!”
— Ranmaru to Sara in the classroom.
“It was me who gave him hope.”
— Sara crying when Ranmaru left the classroom. (Kanna lives route)
Sara“Are you still able to feel it...?”
Ranmaru“I-I can, geez! You don't gotta touch it!”
— After Ranmaru attaches an Upgrade Part to his arm.
Ranmaru“I mean...! Light! Oh-so-light!”
Sara“(Calm down... Don't get agitated...)”
— Dialogue when Sara gets on Ranmaru's shoulders.
Keiji“Ranmaru... This is just jealousy. You just want to be the closest to her, the one who protects her... isn't that right? ”
Ranmaru“So what?! You think you can save Sara...?! I can do it!! I'll save her from this damn Death Game...!”
— Keiji and Ranmaru talking in the classroom. (Shin lives route)
“Dammit... I can't be anything after all... So... I at least wanted to be Sara's salvation... I thought... if I put the Joe AI in me... ”
— Ranmaru, right before the second fight with Maple. (Kanna lives route)
Sara“Is your battery okay? Show me your ears for a sec.”
Ranmaru“I-I-I-I'm fine!! Don't get so close!”
Sara“(Hrmm... It's important, though...)”
— If Sara asks "Your battery okay?", pre-banquet. (Kanna lives route)
“Do it... Sara...!...I'm sure you can win.”
— Ranmaru in the Kanna route encouraging Sara in the banquet.
“...Ah.... Seriously? Please...! Somebody!! Save... Gin... and Sara...!!”
— Ranmaru's last words. (Kanna lives route)
“....Hah...? You're kidding... Dammit...!! You gotta be shittin' me...!!!! Me and Sara were gonna...”
— Ranmaru's last words. (Shin lives route)


The ship was sailed because of Ranmaru's implied crush on Sara in both routes. The most notable thing that immediately fueled this ship was the hand-holding scene. It also sailed due to the fact that Sara and Ranmaru were chosen as partners by a "red string of fate", meaning the two interact a lot more often than Sara does with any of the other Dummies.

The ship is mostly between Sara and the AI version of Ranmaru, since the real Ranmaru is dead and never met her. However there are many AUs in fan works where Ranmaru survives and is shipped with Sara. Most people in the fandom see the ship as Ranmaru simping for Sara or with a one-sided love on his side. Some even see the ship as toxic, arguing that Ranmaru has an emotional dependency on Sara. Ranmaru's actions in the Shin lives route in particular caused some unrest in the fandom, and as a result some prefer to only ship Ransara in the Kanna lives route. Ranmaru's extreme actions in both routes make some uncomfortable with the ship and see it as unrealistic, especially since the two only knew each other for less than a day. As a result, there are also those who only ship it in a non-Death Game setting.

They are often shipped alongside Ryojoe. Ransara greatly rivals Joesara, but as some fans like both ships, it sometimes results in Joesaramaru.


  • In both routes, Ranmaru died thinking about Sara.
  • Both are high school students, so they are about the same age.
  • Ranmaru has a survival rate of 5.3%, while Sara 15.5%.
  • Ranmaru is below average height, so he and Sara have similar heights in official arts.



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Joesaramaru refers to the ship between the two and Joe Tazuna.
Ransaranzu refers to the ship between the two and Anzu Kinashi.


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