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Ravender is the het ship between Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown from the Harry Potter fandom.


Ron and Lavender started dating in their sixth year of Hogwarts, when she comforted him after a string of disappointments and embarrassments. In short succession, he found out that his disapproval of Professor Slughorn's clique had cost him a date with long-time friend Hermione Granger; was publicly embarrassed by his little sister Ginny for his lack of romantic experience; and then, after he had stewed on that for several days, Hermione incorrectly accused him of using Felix Felicis potion to cheat at Quidditch, sharply castigating him before finding out that he merely took a placebo. In the wake of so much disappointment, Ron found comfort and passion with Lavender.

Ron and Lavender's relationship was intensely physical; Ginny's cynical description was that "it looks like he's eating her face, doesn't it?" A later occurrence, from Harry's perspective, ended with "a noise like a plunger being withdrawn from a blocked sink," and another was "a kind of vertical wrestling match." It drew Ron out of his prior moping and made him laugh again. Lavender called him by an affectionate nickname, "Won-Won", and sent him a Christmas gift, a golden chain labelled "My Sweetheart".

Sadly, with Ron's motivations for starting the relationship being tainted by a desire to spite Hermione and Ginny, it didn't last. He refused to wear her Christmas present, and admitted to Harry that they didn't actually talk much. Shortly after Christmas, he began pulling away, and when the poisoned mead incident sent him to the hospital wing, he pretended to be asleep on the many occasions that Lavender tried to visit him. In the following weeks, he told Harry that he wanted to break up with her, but that she was ignoring his hints to that effect and holding tighter.

The last straw for them was when Lavender saw Ron and Hermione coming down from the Gryffindor boys' dormitory together, not realizing that Harry was also with them under his Invisibility Cloak. The following day, Ron informed Harry that they had broken up, but that he didn't mind, apart from her yelling at him.


Ravender is not especially popular, although there are a few authors who favor it. Its supporters generally point out that Lavender's openness and attention to her appearance are well suited to Ron, and that his failings in their relationship stemmed primarily from the fact that he was still hung up on Hermione; with a more genuine start, they might have turned out quite differently. It can also work alongside a Harmony pairing.



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