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RayEmma is the het between Ray and Emma from the The Promised Neverland fandom.


Ray and Emma at Gracefield house with the other children

Ray and Emma grew up together at Gracefield house with all the other children since they were infants and are best friends with Norman.

Emma and Ray have a a certain complicity when it comes to protecting everyone. After the escape, their relationship grew Ray saw Emma's will and talent to always succeed what she undertakes and forged a strong faith in her that no one sve.

Escape Arc

Ray's promise to Emma

Ray feeling guilty to have caused Emma's loss of ear

After escaping Gracefield house, Ray make a promise to Emma : to live to protect his family after he felt guilty because he had the attention to abandon them to Gracefield. This promise touched Emma. Ray also felt sorry to have caused the loss of Emma's ear, she answer that all matter to her is that he's happy and alive.

Ray trying to wake up Emma

Emma happy to see Ray Alive

While wandering in the demons' world, the children met some of them. Ray used himself as lure for demons to save the other children. After Sonju and Mujika saved all the children,

Emma is awakened from her sleep by the gentle touch Ray did on her face. Seeing he is safe from the chase he had with a demon, she hug him saying that she's happy he's safe. Ray answer that he's also happy to see her in affectionately patting her head.

Goldy Pond Arc

Ray try to reach and save Emma

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During the Goldy Pond event, Yuugo made everything to get rid of or Emma, or Ray, so he attracted demons that kidnapped Emma to bring her to the underground hunting area. Yuugo discouraged Ray to go rescue Emma saying that he will not make the weight in facing these demons. Yuugo's word didn't removed Ray's determination to save her.

Ray waiting for Emma's awakening while holding her hand

Ray and Yuugo successed to join Emma at the hunting ground and during the battle, Emma lost consciousness. Ray is still determined to save hr, and try to find a way to save her from her wounds.

Ray took charge on behalf of Emma- not allowing to leave anyone behind and to take everyone to the shelter safely as he entrusts her to Yuugo. Yuugo then agrees, promising to save her. Ray shared his goodbyes to Emma even while she's unconscious, holding her hand- he says "You'll have many chances to die outside of here later. We've come this far, let's all go home together.", characterized by a soft smile on his face.

When everyone from the hunting ground safely escaped and returned to the shelter, Ray stood at Emma's bedside, his figure emphasized- signaling he's infront of her, waiting for her awakening while tightly holding her hand.

During her recovery, Ray took care of Emma, and fed her with a soup he prepared.

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7 Walls Arc

Ray promising to Emma to support her no matter her path.

Considering Mujika and Sonju as her friend, Emma wants to do everything to save them both from Norman's extermination. Ray says to Emma that he agree with Norman's point of view, but after he saw Emma's will and success in everything she undertook, he has blind faith in Emma's decisions and promised her to support her no matter what is her choice.

Ray finds Emma.

Final Arc

Ray realizes Emma isn't there

When Emma claims that there is no price she has to pay to go to the human world, Ray is surprised and doubts her at first, but decides to trust in her words. However, when Emma is unexpectedly separated from their family, Ray is visibly distressed and blames himself for her disappearance, criticizing himself for believing her initial claims. He agrees to help search for her with the rest of his family.

In the process of searching for Emma almost a year later, Ray is about to give up looking and leave when he feels the presence of the spirits of Conny, Isabella and Yuugo. Their spirits lead him to Emma, leading him to be the first to find her. Seeing Emma's confused state, he is also the first one able to tell that her memories have been lost. Through their reunion, he is seen crying tears of joy, thrilled to see her again.


“You make your choice. I will be by your side. Whatever path you take, I trust your judgement. After all, defying the impossible is what you do the best. Let's go and build a future we can be proud of.”
— Ray, to Emma before getting over the Seven Walls
“Don't worry about it! (Her lost ear) I'm happy as long as you're happy and alive!”
— Emma, to Ray after have escaped Gracefield House.


This ship is fairly popular in its fandom despite being overshadowed by ships such as NorEmma and NorRay. Although, some include Norman in the RayEmma ship, forming NorRayEmma. On Twitter, RayEmma fest has events dedicated to RayEmma. There is also RayEmma week on Tumblr. Some people started shipping RayEmma after Norman had presumably been shipped out. They saw how much the two cared about each other and decided to ship them after Norman was out of the picture. While RayEmma's main rivals are their respective ships with Norman, RayEmma is also rivaled by Violemma, GilEmma, RayAnna, and DonRay.

There are currently 792+ works on AO3 for this ship.



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