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When I lost Anna I thought I could never find anybody who I could spend the rest of my life with. But you proved me wrong. Thank you for showing me that's possible
—Ray finalises things with Kendra

Ray Palmer is a principal character from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom, introduced on Arrow, and based on the DC Comics characters of the same name.


Ray is a billionaire inventor who puts in a competing bid on taking over Queen Consolidated and wins over the board, ousting Oliver Queen. Palmer turns the company into Palmer Technologies and promises to put his wealth and ideas into rebuilding Starling, which he rebrands Star City. Eventually he reveals to Felicity his ulterior motive to perfect his Atom Suit in order to act as a superhero vigilante, protecting the city and honoring his late fiancée, Anna Loring, who died at the hands of the Mirakuru murderers. In spite of worrying about his safety, Felicity quickly finds herself drawn to Ray's charm, intelligence and ambition, and the two become romantically involved. When he is hospitalised after being injured in the field, Ray tells Felicity he loves her, she doesn't respond and he realises that she loves Oliver. They break up and Ray stays in Star City, but is recruited by Rip Hunter to join the Legends.



Atomblazer — the ship between John Constantine and Ray
Atomhunter — the ship between Ray and Rip Hunter
Atomstorm — the ship between Ray and Jefferson Jackson
Atomvibe — the ship between Cisco Ramon and Ray
Atomwave — the ship between Mick Rory and Ray
ColdAtom — the ship between Leonard Snart and Ray
Flashatom — the ship between Ray and Barry Allen
Greenatom — the ship between Ray and Oliver Queen
SteelAtom — the ship between Ray and Nate Heywood
Wallay — the ship between Ray and Wally West


Atomic Hawk — the ship between Ray and Kendra Saunders
Atomic Vixen — the ship between Ray and Amaya Jiwe
CanaryAtom — the ship between Sara Lance and Ray
Darhkatom — the ship between Nora Darhk and Ray
Lauray — the ship between Laurel Lance and Ray
Lilypalm — the ship between Ray and Lily Stein
Raylicity — the ship between Ray and Felicity Smoak
Snowatom — the ship between Ray and Caitlin Snow
Superatom — the ship between Kara Zor-El and Ray
Zaray — the ship between Ray and Zari Tomaz


Legends of Domesticity — the ship between the current members of the Legends


CanaryColdAtom — the ship between Ray, Leonard Snart and Sara Lance
ColdAtomWave — the ship between Leonard Snart, Ray and Mick Rory
DarhkAtomWu — the ship between Nora Darhk, Ray, and Mona Wu
DarhkSteelAtom — the ship between Nora Darhk, Nate Heywood, and Ray
SteelAtomblazer — the between Nate Heywood, Ray, and John Constantine
Steelatomwave — the ship between Ray, Nate and Mick Rory
SteelCanaryAtom — the ship between Nate Heywood, Sara Lance, and Ray
SteelZaray — the ship between Nate Heywood, Zari Tomaz, and Ray


Nora Darhk

Main article: DarhkAtom

Kendra Saunders

Main article: Atomic Hawk

After the death of Carter, Kendra began a relationship with Ray. Near the start of their relationship, they accidentally get left behind in 1950's. They begin to make a life their and fall in love, Ray even getting ready to propose. When they get picked up by the Waverider again Ray puts off his proposal, but does ask her after he nearly dies. She becomes hesitant to the idea, but does end up saying yes. After finding a reincarnated version of Carter, the two realize that they can't be together because of Kendra's destiny, and they break up.

Felicity Smoak

Main article: Raylicity

Felicity was Ray's first girlfriend after Anna. They dated for a while, Ray even falling in love with her. Felicity didn't feel the same way since she was in love with Oliver, and the two eventually break up, but remain amicable.

Anna Loring

Anna was Ray's fiancée, who died when Slade's Mirakuru soldiers attacked Starling city.


Nate Heywood

Main article: SteelAtom

Leonard Snart

Main article: ColdAtom

Leonard has very little respect for Ray, insulting his gadgets and upbeat attitude. Although he did tend to have his back whenever they were in a fight. Ray mourned Leonard's death along with the rest of the team.

Mick Rory

Main article: Atomwave

Ray and Mick were caught by Vandal Savage and placed in a Russian Gulag together, where they became close. The two continued their friendship, Mick even willing to sacrifice himself for Ray at the end of season 1, although Leonard took his place and dies instead. Ray tries his best to comfort Mick after his death, but it doesn't really work. Ray eventually loses his ATOM suit and Mick offers Ray to become his partner and use Leonard's cold gun.


“I died once. At least, the world thought I did. You know what happened? Nothing. All the money, all the buildings, all the inventions; the world didn't care. My life, ultimately, didn't matter. Rip is giving me the chance to help save the world. I have to take it”
— Ray to Oliver
“This is the second worst 'Attack of the Clones' I've seen.”
— Ray, I, Ava



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  • Ray is portrayed by Brandon Routh who also portrayed Superman in Superman Returns and during the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • Ray is an Eagle Scout, having earned "all 21 merit badges" as he informs Snart.
  • His first pet was a Burmese Python named Slinky; Ray's allergic to cats and dogs



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