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Rayream is the het ship between Ray and Cream from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



Ray appears exclusively in SegaSonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Mania Plus, Classic-era and Classic form character-focused games, respectively. Cream, on the other hand, appears exclusively in Modern-era games since Sonic Advance 2, meaning the two have never met. However, they have met Classic Sonic or the related, the former which design has "evolved" over time into the modern form of Sonic, and the latter in Sonic Generations.


Like in the games, the two were not shown to interact, although in the Archie comics, Ray had a modern form as well. They were allies, and had mutual friends in both the Pre- and Post-Super Genesis Wave universes.


  • Both are mammals.
  • Both are (in Ray's case at least biologically in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave universe) among the youngest characters.
  • Both have the ability to fly.
  • Both have a roughly yellow/orange color scheme. This tends to be a common trait among young characters in the Sonic series (as seen with Tails, Marine and Charmy).
  • Both are sidekicks (or younger best friends) of other characters: Amy and Blaze for Cream, and Mighty for Ray.


Rayream is an uncommon pairing in the fandom, mainly due to the fact that the two have never interacted in canon, and due to new SEGA mandates that the Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic material should be kept separated, are unlikely to interact in future material. Some fans ship them due to their similarities.

On DeviantArt, material of the ship exists, but is not very common. A notable artist is NoViKiMaRiMaRi, who made multiple pictures of the two together despite Rayrine being her main ship. Another one is rooteh, who made the images Flying Mammals and Be my Valentine, both with over 100 favorites as of 2019. Another contributor is CountryballFan, who founded the Rayream fanclub in 2018.

On AO3, the pairing only has one fan work, making it extremely rare. Even that one fanwork, titled Sonic and the Legend of the Rings has not yet reached a part where Cream and Ray appear. In the original version of this story, posted on Finnish MovieStarPlanet in 2013, Ray and Cream were a vampire couple, who ended up going on separate paths as both believed the other to be dead, before having a surprise reunion six years later.

It has multiple more popular rival ships, especially for Cream. Pairings such as Taiream and Chaream are notably more popular. As for Ray, rival ships include Rayrine and Rayonia, although Ray ships in general are not very common.



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