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Soldier 76“Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”
Reaper“Didn’t take.”
— Shared dialogue

Reaper76 is the slash ship between Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison from the Overwatch fandom.


The two first met during the Omnic Crisis. They became friends quickly and joined Overwatch together. After the crisis Jack was promoted to leader of Overwatch. A rift was created between the two since Gabriel was passed over for the opportunity.


Intel was given to Jack telling him that a businessman named Antonio had attacked an Oslo facility. Jack wanted to run a mission by the book, but Gabriel thought that that wasn't working. Jack ultimately left the decision for Gabriel. Gabriel then ran a Blackwatch mission where he ended up killing Antonio. Jack was angry about Gabriel's actions, but still made him retell the whole story anyways.


Jack became angry at Gabriel after finding out that he had deployed one of his Blackwatch agents in London, despite orders telling him not to. Jack asks if there were any more agents there but only gets a sarcastic reply.

The End of Overwatch

Near the end of Overwatch's time, Gabriel led an internal rebellion against Jack. They eventually the two began to fight at Overwatch's Swiss HQ. The fight eventually caused an explosion that destroyed the facility. Everyone believed that the two were killed as a result.

Old Soldiers

Reaper76 Old Soldiers

While listening over a guards radio in Giza, Jack heard the sound of Gabriel's voice. He entered the facility and interrogated a guard on Gabriel's location. Gabriel comes up behind him and shoots Jack in the back. Before Gabriel can kill Jack he is shot by Ana. Jack and Gabriel fight, but Gabriel ends up retreating.


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The two are typically paired together in game play since their playing styles compliment each other. Reaper is most effective against tanks and mid-distance combat, while Soldier is better used from a distance.



Soldier: 76“Well, you sure do take to this bad guy thing easily, don’t you?”
Reaper“And you sure know how to play boy scout.”
— Even Jack knows Reapers an edgelord
Soldier: 76“Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”
Reaper“Didn’t take.”
— Dead
Soldier: 76“One of these days… someone’s going to put an end to you.”
Reaper“I invite them to try.”
— End
Soldier: 76“You were a disgrace to Overwatch. If I had know what Reyes had been planing, I would never have allowed it.”
Moira“It seems to me that it was convenient for you not to look to closely into Gabriel's business.”
— Moira knows


Final Blow

“This is how it should have been.”
— Reaper eliminates Soldier 76
“You always did have a high opinion of yourself.”
— Reaper eliminates Soldier 76
“Someone had to do it.”
— Soldier: 76 eliminates Reaper


“Reyes should've cleaned up the Deadlock Gang a long time ago.”
— Soldier: 76, Route 66



“The Reaper is a fearsome foe, he may still get the better of us.”
— Soldier, Reaper is eliminated


Reaper“You sure you want to hear about this Jack?”
Soldier: 76“You haven't left me much choice.”
Reaper“Whatever happened to plausible deniability?”
Soldier: 76“Little late for that.”
— Retribution
McCree“How are you going to explain this to the strike commander?”
Reyes“You let me worry about what Jack needs to know.”
McCree“You know you can't shoot him.”
Reyes“No, but I could shoot you.”
— Shooting


The two are shipped based on their shared history, and how connected the two are. It is also common in most fandoms for shippers to ship two who are best friends, which the two were before the fall of Overwatch.

Many fan fictions taking place in the canonical Overwatch universe explore the two having a relationship before the fall of Overwatch. Often they are married. The will often be about the two meeting during the super soldier program, or their life as members of Overwatch. Canon based fics tend to also be bittersweet of have less happy endings, since in Canon Reaper ends up betraying Soldier: 76 and the rest of Overwatch. Writers will typically have Reyes call Jack by pet name's based around his more optimistic personality from the Overwatch days, as well as his formally blond hair. Spanish pet name's are also common from Reyes given his Latino background.

AU's based around character skins are also popular. After Halloween skins were released, a variety of Supernatural-based fics were written surrounding the two's Vampire, and Headless Horseman skins. After the 2018 Halloween Event, Slasher: 76, also became popular to be depicted in art and fics[1].

Fans have given 76 many dad based nickname's and is often seen as a father figure for the younger members of Overwatch. Reaper is seen in a similar manner for the members of Blackwatch and, to a lesser extant, certain members of Talon. Fan's will tend to play into meme's that depict Reaper as an "edgelord" who shops at Hot Topic.

After new lore revealed that 76 is gay, and used to have a boyfriend, fans of the pair were polarized. Some considered it dead, but still chose to support the ship, while many still thought there were ways it could be canon. They also pointed out how Vincent and 76 had broken up at an unknown point of time, meaning that Gabriel and Jack might still be valid.

On AO3, Reaper76 is the most written relationship for both characters, and the second most written in the Overwatch tag.



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  • Both are the only Overwatch heroes whose ages are unknown.
  • Reaper76 has been listed on Fandometrics most reblogged ship list several times:
    • It was the eighteenth most reblogged ship the week ending May 1st 2017[2].
    • It was the twentieth most reblogged ship the week ending May 29th 2017[3].
    • Reaper76 was the twenty-sixth most reblogged ship of 2017[4] and the fifty-sixth most reblogged of 2018[5].



McReaper76 refers to the ship between the two and McCree
MercyKill76 refers to the ship between the two and Mercy
Widowreaper76 refers to the ship between the two and Widowmaker



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