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Reddie is the slash ship between Richard "Richie" Tozier and Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak from the IT fandom.


IT: A Novel (1986)[]

Richie and Eddie, from Derry, Maine, have been best friends since kindergarten. They met through their friend, Bill Denbrough. Ever since they were children, they bicker and tease each other. Richie always calls Eddie "Eds" or "Eddie Spaghetti" and has even called him "Eddie my love." He often calls Eddie cute as well, just to get a reaction from him, and Eddie is not always pleased about this. He would say that he hates it when Richie calls him that, but that is not true. Not only do they have hilarious banter back and forth, but it’s very obvious they also care about each other immensely.

When they were young, Pennywise the Clown or "It" started terrorizing the town of Derry, Maine. Pennywise lived on people's fears.

The first victim mentioned in the book was Adrian Mellon, a gay man. The cause of his death was that he was at a town fair on his way home, with his boyfriend, Don Hagarty. Three homophobic teens started harassing them and threw Adrian over a bridge. Pennywise dragged him out of the water, bit into his armpit, and cracked his ribs. People suspected that Eddie Kaspbrak was homosexual because he shared a few similarities with Adrian, one was that Adrian was asthmatic, and when Eddie heard the news of his death, he quickly touched the side of his aspirator. More reasons why many people think he's gay is that It presented to him as a Leper (lately explained by Bill and Richie it's not leprosy, but syphillis).


Richie and Eddie, in the 2017 movie.

The leper showed Eddie's fears in 2 ways: one was a fear of diseases. Eddie felt that if it had touched him he would instantly catch every disease that it had and rot from the inside out. The second fear was his own sexuality, the leper offered Eddie a blowjob. It's terrifying for him because not only is he confused about his own sexuality, he is confused by sexuality in general. It is something completely foreign and scary for him at this age, not to mention any fear and repression his mother had instilled in him.

His mother had also mentioned that two of their neighbors, Phil and Tony Tracker, were "queers" for keeping their house clean, stating it in a disgruntled manner.

As for Richie, the novel is way more subtle while addressing his sexuality, but the subtext is still there. It's shown when Bill is crying after they checked the photographs on Georgie's album and Richie can't even comfort him with a hug without looking around to make sure no one is paying attention.

It is mentioned that Richie and Eddie's relationship is very special, and even when Eddie says he hates when Richie calls him "Eds", he sort of likes it too because it was like having secret identities and a way to escape from their parents' fears, hopes and constant demands.

Eddie dies in Richie's arms, right after gently caressing Richie's cheek and telling him to stop calling him Eds. It's worth noting that right before this, he says "You know I... I..." and while thinking about how to finish, he dies.

Richie refuses to leave Eddie's corpse in the sewers after killing IT, saying it's cold and dark and Eddie wouldn't like that, but the rest of the Losers finally convince him to leave Eddie behind as "it's meant to be that way". He kisses Eddie's cheek before leaving, while the sewers (and all of Derry) starts falling apart.

He's the last one to exit from It's lair, kicking the door shut after crying "Fuck you, Bitch!". Bev asks him why he did that, and the answer is the very iconic quote:

“"I don't know", Richie said, but he knew well enough.”

The next day he heads back to California, implying he just wants to forget about everything again.

IT: Chapter One[]

A good majority of the time when either Richie and Eddie are on screen, they’re interacting with one another and most likely bickering.

While Chapter 1 left it very clear that Richie and Eddie were best friends and had a very close relationship, it also implied Richie might have romantic feelings for Eddie this whole time. This is shown in the way he specially messed with him, but also when he pulled him closer and helped him to take a shot from his inhaler when It jumped out of the projector in Bill's garage.

When they all go to Neibolt for the first time, Pennywise uses Eddie's form to call Richie's attention and make him pull away from the group, leading him to a room filled of clown dolls. This meaning Richie's weakness might be Eddie. Later, when Eddie breaks his arm and they all are about to get murdered by Pennywise, Richie tries almost desperately to make Eddie look at him to calm him down and possibly make himself sure they will be the last thing both see before dying, instead of a demonic clown.

After Beverly defeats IT and the Losers leave Neibolt, Richie fights Bill because Eddie nearly got killed, and Bill not only seems not to care about it (from his perspective), but also wants to try again and get everyone killed.

IT: Chapter Two (2019)[]

Since the trailers and TV Spots has been released, it's very clear that Richie has a major plot to be developed in the film. We get glimpses of him having a breakdown while holding somebody in the sewers and his young self carving some initials in the Kissing Bridge. Also, there's a leaked video someone recorded from the set where Pennywise is taunting him with:

"I know your secret, your dirty little secret. Should I tell them, Richie? Should I tell them all?"

All of these speculations have been ended by reviews of critics, even more spoilers, and a book, The World of It (to be released on September 6th) as they confirm Richie was actually in love with Eddie the whole time. The book explains Eddie was his first love and, as a way to express his affection to him, he did went to the Kissing Bridge and carved R+E when he was a teenager.

Eddie, like in the book, dies after saving Richie from It, though this time he doesn't lose his arm, but he gets stabbed in the chest, right after he basically crawls to get on top of Richie to tell him he thinks he killed It.

He still dies in his arms and say to Richie his last words, which leaves him totally broken to the point he has to be dragged away from Eddie's body by Mike and Ben, as Richie is clearly willing to die crushed by Neibolt falling apart.

After Eddie's death, Richie returns to the same spot on the Kissing Bridge to re-carve their initials, before leaving Derry forever.


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Behind the Scenes[]

“Let me give you an opinion, so, there's Richie and Eddie, Jack Grazer's character, and people think they have a gay relationship. And I'll clear that up real quick: they do not. In the book, Eddie is like Richie's little brother. There's a whole thing about how Richie kissed him in the cheek, but that's just because it's like, his big brother or whatever. They're more family than gay lovers. Definitely not gay. You can leave that up to your imagination, of course.”
— Finn Wolfhard, Richie's kid actor in both movies about Reddie in the books[1]
Interviewer“Did knowing this detail about him affect how you played the character?”
Bill Hader“It just gave me more to play. We did a lot of different versions of Eddie’s death scene. We did one where he’s clearly dead, and I’m refusing to recognize it. And some where I was very tender with him, where I’m caressing his face — this is the person I love, and it wasn’t just lust. It’s truly love. [In other scenes] I was playing off James, but knowing on some level that I loved him. It’s something [Richie] can’t connect to, so he has to hate that thing. It’s very adolescent. “I have a crush on you, but I don’t want to tell you that, so I’m going to push you away. But man, if he made the first move, that’d be the best thing ever.””
Interviewer“There was just no possibility that Richie could have been mature and told Eddie how he really felt about him?”
Bill Hader“I think with Eddie, it’s frozen like that. It’s like when you’ve known someone forever. My best friend, Duffy, we’re good, but we’re kind of stuck in the age we first started hanging out, at 15. Or like when you get together with your siblings. You revert back because your relationship’s been established at a certain age. There’s little moments where I tried to play that. [When the Losers’ Club has its first adult reunion] Richie might be in a place where, he’s like, I don’t really care about him anymore. And then he immediately gets smashed. He sees Eddie’s there. He’s like, oh yeah, feelings still there — I’m going to get drunk.[2]
“Richie is gay and he’s always had a thing for Eddie. But it never flourished because probably Eddie wasn’t gay and especially because Richie was never able to come out. Because of that traumatic event in the past, at the time when puberty hit him and he normally would’ve started acting upon his leanings or sexual identity, he didn’t. So whatever would’ve happened between him and Eddie, never happened.”
— Andy Muschietti, movies director, about Richie and Eddie's relationship.[3]
“Richie’s sexuality is never explicitly stated in the movie, a decision Muschietti says was an homage to King’s writing. “Stephen King developed [Richie and Eddie’s] relationship so subtly, he’s almost cryptic about it,” Muschietti says. “I think that’s what’s so great about it, because it generates a question mark instead of elaborating on it.”
— Andy about books Reddie.
“When Eddie meets a tragic end, Richie is driven nearly insane with grief. But in the wake of that loss, Muschietti says that Richie’s final scene — tracing back over the “R+E” he carved into Derry’s kissing bridge as a child — is meant to symbolize a new chapter in his life. “Something changed there,” Muschietti explains. “And by re-carving it, he’s somehow accepting [himself]. I think he’s at peace now with being who he is.”
— Andy about how Richie losing Eddie made him accept himself in the end of the movie
“Well, I think Richie had an issue growing up in a small town and everything with his sexuality. [...] And I think the first time he actually felt love for somebody was Eddie, and in his own way of dealing, like a lot of comedians, you use comedy as a boundary between you and other people and also as a boundary within yourself of having to experience any sort of emotion or desire. Like Pennywise says "I know your secret", it's a thing that he doesn't think anybody knows about and a thing he doens't understand about himself probably. I think going back for him was having to kind of face those aspects about himself, and what's kind of tragic about the movie is that he can't really communicate that with the person he loves, and not just in a sexual way but in an actual emotional way.”
— Bill Hader[4]
“In the second film, we discover that, in his youth, Richie recorded his affection for Eddie on this bridge, when he carved "R+E" into the railing. As an adult, Richie returns to this site after Eddie's death to say goodbye to his first love. OPPOSITE, TOP As a child, Richie declares his secret love to Eddie on the Kissing Bridge. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM As an adult, Richie returns to pay his respects.”
— Entry about the Kissing Bridge from the World of IT behind the scenes book


Eddie my love | The Chordettes
Associated with Reddie because of the name and on secondthought also the lyrics. There's multiple edits, animatics, fanart and etc based on Reddie in this song.
Talk Too Much | COIN
The lyrics tells about a couple in where both of them talk non-stop and never shut up, what really fits Reddie as a dynamic. It's also a song that Noodles made an animatic for, a famous creator in the fandom.


Richie is the kind of guy who is constantly messing with his crush just because he doesn't know how to properly confess his feelings. Besides, he doesn't think there's a minimal chance that Eddie feels the same about him. He can also be annoyingly flirty, this mostly on AUs where they don't know each other and there's no Pennywise,

Eddie would end up almost always too tired to deal with Richie's bullshit, so he'll either make the first move/reject him, depending on the two different headcanons mentioned above. But they always end up bein together and in love, as they're basically soulmates.

Even though Eddie dies in every adaptation, there are a lot of AUs where Eddie survives and ends up marrying Richie or they make Eddie revive, so that Richie confesses his feelings and in the end the two get married, in some cases they even have children



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IT: Chapter Two[]

Behind The Scenes[]



Streddie refers to the ship between Eddie, Richie and Stanley Uris
The Losers Club refers to the ship between Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough, Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon, Richie Tozier and Stanley Uris



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