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Reggie Mantle is a principal character from the Riverdale fandom.



Archiereggie — the ship between Reggie and Archie Andrews
Clantle — the ship between Reggie and Chuck Clayton
Fantle — the ship between Reggie and Fangs Fogarty
Keggie — the ship between Kevin Keller and Reggie
Reghead — the ship between Jughead Jones and Reggie
Regpea — the ship between Reggie and Sweet Pea
Regson — the ship between Reggie and Jason Blossom
Regton — the ship between Dilton Doiley and Reggie
Roose — the ship between Reggie and Moose Mason
Teggie — the ship between Trev Brown and Reggie


Beggie — the ship between Betty Cooper and Reggie
McMantle — the ship between Josie McCoy and Reggie
Midginald — the ship between Midge Klump and Reggie
Relody — the ship between Melody Valentine and Reggie
Valody — the ship between Valerie Brown and Reggie
Veggie — the ship between Veronica Lodge and Reggie


Kanggie — the ship between Reggie, Fangs Fogarty and Kevin Keller
Varchiereggie — the ship between Veronica Lodge, Reggie and Archie Andrews


Veronica Lodge

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Reggie and Veronica slowly fall for each other as they work together in Veronica's speakeasy, La Bonne Nuit. This occurs, however, after Archie breaks up with Veronica and his presence disturbs their relationship a bit. When Archie comes back from trying to escape Hiram's attempts on his and his friends and family's lives, he and Veronica break up for good and Reggie and Veronica start dating in earnest. They get really close, trust each other and have a good dynamic both professionally and personally. After a while, Reggie feels like Veronica doesn't appreciate him and they break up. When Veronica finds out her parents are divorcing, she seeks comfort with Reggie. After he learns what's happening with her family, he does the mature thing, saying they shouldn't be figuring out their relationship while Veronica goes through this. Veronica later asks Reggie for help taking down her father and they get back together. However, Archie also vies for Veronica's affections and Veronica dumps Reggie for Archie.

Josie McCoy

Main article: McMantle

Josie and Reggie hook up at a party and start a prolonged fling throughout the latter half of their sophomore year. They mostly do a dance, flirting it up, although they do seem to start dating as they team up for the student body president election. Despite still being together at the end of their sophomore year, they are broken up by the time junior year rolls around, as Josie has a new love interest.



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