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ReixYuuichirou is the het ship between Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) and Yuuichirou Kumada from the Sailor Moon fandom.


In the classic anime Yuuichirou had a huge crush on Rei from the moment he saw her. But she seems annoyed at him. He begs Rei's grandfather to allow him to become an apprentice and is put through an intensive training program by him.

Later, after hearing that the girls wanted to go to the Moonlight Course ski resort he offers them lodging since he was from a wealthy family. Rei asked why someone from such a rich family would choose to work at the shrine, and he told her that he wanted to better himself. When Rei is attacked by a Youma he protects her but is knocked unconscious. After the Youma is defeated she calls him a "useless idiot" and kisses him on the cheek.

He later mistakes Haruka as a man and thinks Haruka is in a relationship with Rei and becomes depressed. When he sees Michiru with Haruka he thinks that Haruka is cheating on Rei leading him to fight Haruka but Rei intervenes to stop him. He decides to leave town but is attacks by a villain. After being rescued, Rei explains it all to him while she is caring for him.


Rei x Yuuichirou is a fairly common ship in the fandom. It's the most popular het ship for Rei. It rivals other Rei shippings, such as - for example - UsagiAmi or UsagiRei.



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