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Reigisa is the slash ship between Rei Ryugazaki and Nagisa Hazuki from the Free! fandom


Iwatobi Swim Club

Nagisa and Rei first met when Nagisa was trying to recruit members for the swim club. He saw Rei's pole vault and thought that his dive was perfect. Nagisa then started insisting that he join the team, much to Rei's annoyance. However, due to Nagisa's persistence and after seeing Haruka swim, Rei decided he wanted to swim as gracefully as Haruka and agreed to join the sport.

Eternal Summer

Rei starts to disappear to someplace mysteriously after practice. The boys ask their coach what Rei could be up too, to which he says that Rei "must've gotten himself a girlfriend" which Nagisa seems very distraught by. Rei turns out to be just getting extra swimming from Rin since he wanted to improve his other swimming strokes.

When Nagisa runs away from home and tries to go to Haruka and Makoto so he can have a place to stay, Rei bursts in the front door and worriedly asks where Nagisa is and how is he. He only calms down when he verifies Nagisa is fine. When Nagisa reveals that his parents wanted him to quit the swim club, Rei responds that he's not letting him leave- since Nagisa was the one who recruited him in the first place.

Dive to the Future

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Dive to the Future

Sprouting Dive Start!

  • Rei asks to take another group photo, since he doesn’t look good in it, but Nagisa sends it, much to Rei’s horror.
  • Rei and Nagisa go to Samezuka Academy to tell about Haru’s tournament.

A Promise on a Shooting Star!

  • Nagisa jumps and half hugs Rei in excitement.

Interference of Loss!

  • Rei tells Nagisa that their training camp has to be taken seriously once he starts getting over the top ideas.


“Where is Nagisa?! I want to see him right this instant!”
— Rei, to Makoto and Haru.
“I'll never allow you to leave. ”
— Rei to Nagisa, on leaving the swim club.


Summer's End Evening Twillight by Yonaga Tsubasa and Hirakawa Daisuke


Rei and Nagisa are an easy and sweet pair to ship. They have a very close relationship with each other which is often reflected in fanfiction. They are often shipped because of their opposing personalities with Rei being a perfectionist and a bit uptight and Nagisa being carefree and childish. Nagisa is also very supportive of Rei and vice versa, and both care deeply for each other, not to mention the show often highlights their close relationship with each other specifically.

Most people ship the two and there is little fighting between it and it's opposing ships. They appear frequently as a background pair for other ships as well. Little dispute is held over if the pairing is likely to happen. Many believing that they are already together. This was increased following their montage of moments from episode eleven of Dive to the Future.

On AO3 it is the most written ship for both characters and the third most written ship in the Free! tag.



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  • Nagisa's motif animal is a penguin and Rei's is a butterfly.
  • In the fan-made abridged series, 50% Off, the two are an official couple.
  • One of Nagisa's reasons for Rei to join the swim team is that Rei has a name that is traditionally for a girl, just like the other three members, and Rin.
  • They are wearing matching diamond ring necklaces in the official art for their character theme song, Summer End's Evening Twilight.






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