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Reiner Braun is a character from the Attack on Titan fandom.


Reiner is an Honorary Marleyan and a former inheritor of the Armored Titan. Reiner was apart of the 104th Training Corps and out of the graduating class, Reiner ranked second in the top ten graduates. He joined the survey corps before betraying Paradis.



ReiAni — the ship between Reiner and Annie Leonhart
ReiKasa — the ship between Reiner and Mikasa Ackerman
ReiKuri — the ship between Reiner and Historia Reiss
ReiPiku — the ship between Reiner and Pieck Finger


AruRei — the ship between Reiner and Armin Arlert
EreRei — the ship between Reiner and Eren Jaeger
GalliRei — the ship between Reiner and Porco Galliard
MaruRei — the ship between Reiner and Marcel Galliard
ReiBert — the ship between Reiner and Bertolt Hoover
ReiCon — the ship between Reiner and Connie Springer
ReiFuro — the ship between Reiner and Floch Forster
ReiJean — the ship between Reiner and Jean Kirstein
ReiJiku — the ship between Reiner and Zeke Jeager
ReiMarco — the ship between Reiner and Marco Bott


ReiBertAni — the ship between Reiner, Bertolt Hoover, and Annie Leonhart
EreReiBert — the ship between Reiner, Bertolt Hoover and Eren Jaeger
The Alliance — the ship between Reiner, Armin Arlert, Annie Leonhart, Mikasa Ackerman, Jean Kirstein, and Pieck Finger
Warrior Unit — the ship between Reiner, Pieck Finger, and Porco Galliard


ReiFal — the ship between Reiner and Falco Grice
ReiYumi — the ship between Reiner and Ymir


GabiRei — the ship between Reiner and Gabi Braun


GunNer — the ship between Reiner and Gun


Historia Reiss

Main article: ReiKuri

When Reiner joined the 104th Training Corps, he started to feel like one of the cadets and fell in love with Historia, sometimes telling himself that he was going to marry her. It became clear when they got stuck in the castle ruins and Historia tore off a part of her skirt to bandage Reiner's wound. Despite that, Historia has never known about his feelings and she has never shown any romantical or sexual feelings for Reiner. Reiner remained respectful to Historia, and even helped Ymir give her letter to Histotia. It is not known if the feelings were genuine, if it was the real Reiner or his soldier personality he made for himself so stay sane on Pardis, but until the end of the story Reiner keeps thinking about Historia, even after she has gotten married to another man.



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