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Reki Kyan is the main character from the SK8 the Infinity fandom.


Reki is a high schooler student from Okinawa and a part time worker of DOPE SKETCH who tends to skate to "S", a place for skating which is hidden from police. He's a cheerful person, but he tends to feel inferior to others when he feels he's no good enough, taking an example from when he fought with Langa. Skating is also a favorite hobby for him, to the point that he always tries on dragging people to let them know about it, but gets ignored sometimes (until he meets Langa).



Reki x Boat Girl – the ship between Reki and the unnamed girl on the boat


GearBlossom – the ship between Reki and Kaoru Sakurayashiki
LoveGear — the ship between Reki and Ainosuke Shindo
MatchaGear — the ship between Reki and Kojiro Nanjo
Reki x Reki's Childhood Friend — the ship between Reki and his childhood friend
Rekiya — the ship between Reki and Miya Chinen
Renga — the ship between Reki and Langa Hasegawa
ShadowGear — the ship between Reki and Hiromi Higa
TadaReki — the ship between Reki and Tadashi Kikuchi


MatchaSnowGear — the ship between Reki, Kojiro, and Langa
Reki×Langa×Adam — the ship between Reki, Ainosuke, and Langa
Rengiya — the ship between Reki, Langa and Miya


DenReki — the ship between Reki and Denki Kaminari
MatchaBlossomSnowGear — the ship between Reki, Kaoru, Kojiro, and Langa
ShoReki — the ship between Reki and Shokichi Oka
Sketchy×Langa×Reki — the ship between Sketchy, Langa, and Reki
Sk8ters — the ship between Reki, Langa, Miya, Kaoru, Hiromi, and Kojiro


DOPE SKETCH — the ship between Reki, Shokichi, and Sketchy
Kyan Family — the ship between Reki, Masae Kyan, Koyomi Kyan, Nanaka Kyan, and Chihiro Kyan
Rekoyo — the ship between Reki and Koyomi


GearSkating — the ship between Reki and skating
Reki×Headband — the ship between Reki and his headband
SnowGearSkating — the ship between Reki, Langa, and skating


Langa Hasegawa

Main article: Renga

Langa is Reki's best friend from the moment he teached Langa skateboarding. They became close with it, and also since both shared the same love for skateboarding (Langa a bit more later, but still his love for skateboarding was almost as Reki's), they could strengthen their relationship. Langa has also admitted how the reason he was skating was Reki, which could mean Langa feels more than a simple friendship (confirmed in episode 8). They also mutually tell each other that both wanted the same (skating infinitely with each other), which can be interpreted as a indirect love confession. He also confirms about his happiness, which was indirectly Reki (though obvious). It's unknown if Reki feels the same as Langa, but it is strongly implied as Reki tends to be even more softer with Langa.

Not only that, considering a point like CindeReki, which is a CD Drama in which Reki dreams about being Cinderella and Langa as his prince, it's possible Reki keeps a secret crush on him, even though not being said aloud.



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