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Reki x Reki's Childhood Friend is the slash ship between Reki Kyan and his childhood friend from the SK8 the Infinity fandom.


Reki's friend is only introduced in Reki's flashbacks, as his name remains unknown. It is said that both were a great duo until Reki's friend was badly injured and had to quit skateboarding. Because of it, Reki gets very worried about Langa, who's always reckless on doing dangerous actions which could hurt him, and Reki gets mad at him when Langa tries to do so, as he didn't want him to go through the same situation as his childhood friend. This will be explained more ahead. When Joe talks about Adam to Reki and Langa in his restaurant, when he says that those who beef against him couldn't escape, being severely injured and quitting skateboarding at the process, Reki remembers his friend in the past, and so feeling sad as he finished remembering it.

After Langa brought Reki home when they had been taught about Adam's techniques at skateboarding by Cherry, Reki tells Langa about how he started skateboarding, as its reason was because his friend had asked him to pick it up along with him, but he then got injured really badly and so quitted skateboarding when he had the accident. He mentions he didn't want to experience the same situation with Langa, and asks him not to skate against Adam, because he was afraid something similar could happen to him. Langa insists doing so, and Reki asks the reason of it, which Langa only says that even he got injured, he wouldn't quit skateboarding, he says this for reassuring Reki, and then he convinced him. Both then promise his skating against Adam would go fine, while Reki warned Langa not to be reckless while skating, as the latter smiled and accepted.

In episode 10, when Langa heads to Reki's house, he peeks over a video someone had recorded that showed Reki's attempts on doing a trick on skateboard. It's strongly implied it was Reki's childhood friend was the one who had recorded it, as there was no mention of other friends who liked to skate along with Reki, his friend is the only person who had to do it so. Meanwhile with Tadashi and Reki, the latter mentions about when he first got on a skateboard, showing his friend in the flashback for a brief moment, as he explains to Tadashi that skateboarding was fun. After everything, there's no other mention about Reki's friend by the end of the anime. It's unknown Reki's childhood friend status, but it's implied he's already fine by the time that had passed.


Whilst Reki's childhood friend name is unknown, it's not really popular as he is a minor character and doesn't appear physically on the anime, only in Reki's flashbacks. In fan fics, their relationship is often portrayed as past lovers, which relationship hadn't worked out. However, it's rather treated as friendship than a romantic pairing because of how they used to get along (and the limited appearances of Reki's friend and the lack of history for him), and because Reki is already shipped with someone else.

On AO3, it currently has 5+ romantic works and 6+ gen works.



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  • It's one out of the two ships which the other character's name is unknown, with the other being HiroManager.


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