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“I like him, he talks to me a lot.”
— Giyuu about Kyojuro on the official Kimetsu no yaiba second fanbook.

RenGiyuu is the slash ship between Giyuu Tomioka and Kyojuro Rengoku from the Demon Slayer fandom.


In both anime and manga Giyuu and Kyojuro are not shown to have any interactions whatsoever however in the lightnovels, which are canon and written by the author themselves, they are shown to have a somewhat funny relationship. Aside from Shinobu, Kyojuro is the only one who really bothers to pay him any attention and be friendly with him. He never sees Giyuu in a happy mood, so he tries very hard to make him laugh.

Their first interaction was in the Hashira meeting, were they were looking for a punishment for Nezuko and Tanjiro for breaking the rules. Later it was stated that Giyuu also helped them back then to survive, which the Hashira agreed that he must be punished too. Kyojuro was in favor of decapitating Nezuko and Tanjiro’s head, but after learning that Giyuu participated too he got a little bit shocked as well as the other Hashira, since now they didn’t agreed to give the same punishment to him (but still agreed to punish him).

In the second fan book, Giyuu states what he thinks of Kyojuro, saying that he likes him, along with stating that he talks to him a lot. Rengoku thinks that Giyuu’s voice is so calm that it’s difficult to hear, and that he works hard, according to his section. In Rengoku’s gaiden, Kyojuro is seen holding back Sanemi from attacking Giyuu. After Kyojuro's death, Giyuu received the news. Even if he didn't show much sadness, he did worry and felt sad for his lost. After that they don’t have any interactions.

Some parallels of them are that Kyojuro is the fire Hashira, and he’s more sociable, blissful, has a very has a very cheerful but firm attitude, and he’s always in service for helping others. He’s also was amiable, pure of heart, and boasted extraordinary technique and swordsmanship stemming from strict practice and discipline. Giyuu is the water Hashira and he’s devoted to help others too, but he’s more serious and wears a stoic and unbothered expression on his face. Both of them lost someone precious of their family, as Kyojuro lost her mother and Giyuu lost her sister.


RenGiyuu is a decently popular ship within the demon slayer fandom, however it gets overshadowed by more popular ships such as GiyuShino and UzuKyo. This ship isn't popular compared to the ships GiyuShino or SabiGiyuu since we have known little about their interactions, but it still have it's fanbase. Some fans thought they were going to be rivals if Kyojuro survived, since Rengoku told Tanjiro he was going to train him, but Tanjiro already used water style (which is Tomioka's style), and even Zenitsu and Inosuke were going to be Kyojuro's students. Other fans thought they were going to train together all them together as to teachers, but sadly Kyojuro didn't survive his fight against Akaza, and none of this could happened. Still Giyuu got to fight Akaza and alongside Tanjiro they killed him, finally revenging Kyojuro. Both Hashira fought Akaza and had s victory on their fights, but that costed Kyojuro’s life and Giyuu’s arm.

They have a huge contrast in personality: Kyojuro is very sociable, open and joyfully with the other pillars and other people, while Giyuu is more quiet, closed and serious with them. Also their colors are the opposites from the color wheel: Kyojuro’s color is orange, while Giyuu’s color is blue. Both of them tried to keep save the Kamado siblings, and Kyojuro is one of the few people that made kind of a good impression with Giyuu, since he isn’t very sociable but he even likes that Kyojuro talks to him, as it’s mentioned in the official fanbook that he enjoys when the fire Hashira talks to him, unlike with other people that he is preserved and doesn’t say a word or even doesn’t respond back, and it could be seen this with the other pillars (like Shinobu) or with people he just got to know (like when he met Inosuke), but after they defeated Muzan he was finally able to show more emotions and finally get along with the ones he dis not got any tipe of friendship relationship, as it’s seen he could interact back with Tengen and Sanemi. Right now there's 345 works in the AO3.



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RenGiyuuTan refers to the ship between Tanjiro Kamado, Giyuu and Kyojuro
UzuRenGiyuu refers to the ship between Tengen Uzui, Giyuu and Kyojuro


  • Kyojuro does not let other’s speak ill of Giyuu behind his back.
  • Rengoku is seen trying to teach Giyuu how to smile in a official illustration.
  • Both of them have fought Akaza.
  • They are the only characters to have a gaiden so far.
  • They are both from Tokyo.



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