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RinShi is the het ship between Rin Okumura and Shiemi Moriyama from the Blue Exorcist fandom.


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Rin met Shiemi when he was waiting for his younger twin brother, Yukio, to return from his supply run as pages weren't allowed in the shop that is run by Shiemi's mother, which Rin gotten him to come across the garden's gate and spots Shiemi planting flowers with a smile, before his half demonic blood causes him to get hurt by the demon protecting gate when he leaned in close to get a better to at the pretty blond girl. Shiemi was frightened by Rin because of how the gate reacted to him and that her calling Rin a demon angered him, but once Rin saw that the frightened was having trouble with her legs and was showing concern for her, Shiemi began to think that she is wrong about the unknown boy being a demon in human form, as he begins to help her fix the gate. Because Rin couldn't let anyone know that he is Satan's demon-human son, he didn't tell Shiemi the reason that the gate broke to his touch and even though he didn't like the idea of being put to work by Shiemi, even though it is his fault, or that she still had cow dug on her hands when they shook hands, it didn't Rin from blushing as they told each other their names. Along with Shiemi telling Rin that she now thinks of him as a nice guy, before she informs him that the garden was originally her late grandmother's and what the Garden of Amahara is. Rin didn't understand much about the mythical garden, he liked how Shiemi described it to him, before Yukio and Shiemi's mother catches Rin with in the shop's garden.

The oldest Okumura was surprised that his younger brother knows Shiemi, along with not liking the fact that both Yukio and Shiemi were ignoring the moment they began to talk to each other. Before he saw the root-like marks on Shiemi's legs as Yukio examines them to see if they were indeed caused by a demon. After Shiemi yelled at her mother, before passing out, Rin stayed outside Shiemi's storehouse "room" while Yukio and Shiemi's mother walked away without noticing that he stayed behind, so they could be here to tell Shiemi that her mother is worried about her well being, but Shiemi wouldn't hear Rin out to what he is saying about her mother's choice to leave the garden, as she promised herself that she'll protect it, which gets Rin to attack the garden in order to find the demon that is hurting her legs, and as Shiemi begs Rin to stop he asks her what is holding her back. Shiemi confesses that she blames herself for her grandmother's death, Rin understands where Shimei is coming from as he too lost someone he cared about to death and blames himself for not doing anything to save Shiro Fujimoto from Satan, before he tells Shimei to not make the same mistake, that she shouldn't let her mother worry and how her grandmother would make her to find the Garden of Amahara. Rin's words and actions allowed Shimei to open her heart on what's holding her back, along with Rin saying that he'll cut the root of the demon to help her walk again, before Yukio made his presents known to them as he is now able to exorcise the demon from her. The said demon on the other hand didn't to let Shiemi go, before it begins to use her as a human shield against the brothers.

With help from Yukio, Rin is able to kill the demon after Yukio cause it to separate itself from Shiemi, which saves her from it. After Shiemi stood on her own two legs again, Rin gets Shiemi to make up with her mother as it is something that she'll later regret if she doesn't. As Shiemi and her mother hug each other, Rin tells Yukio that he got scared when he shot Shimei even though it was revealed to be filled with plant nutrients which didn't hurt Shiemi at all. The next day Rin learns that Shiemi will now be joining Cram School, and when she sat Rin she tells him that she owns her choice for joining is thanks to him. Rin appreciates the thought, until Shiemi confesses her own reason for joining is so that she could be close to Yukio, which buns Rin.

Because Rin spends a lot of time talking to Shiemi in class, their classmate Ryuji Suguro began to accuse Rin of flirting with Shiemi instead of focusing on his studies, since Rin kept getting bad grabs. When Ryuji Suguro asked Rin if he and Shiemi are boyfriend and girlfriend, Rin says that isn't the case and even went to say that they aren't friends which hurts Shiemi, even though Rin properly mean it in that way; and was provoked into saying it.


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RinShi is one of the main het ships of the Blue Exorcist fandom, as well as it commonly being rivalled with both YukiShi and Rizumo.



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