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Rizumo is the het ship between Rin Okumura and Izumo Kamiki from the Blue Exorcist fandom.


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Rin and Izumo met on the first day of Cram School, where they go to learn how to become exorcists with the rest of their classmates. While they cross paths with each other during the first part of their days in Cram School Rin and Izumo didn't pay much attention to each other, as Izumo believed that her childhood friend, Noriko Paku, was the only person that she can relay on as a friend, while Rin didn't like the way Izumo treated Shiemi Moriyama, who wanted to become Izumo's friend. Even though Rin isn't very fund of Izumo's cruel words about Ryuji Suguro's goal to defeat Satan or the way she treats Shiemi like a personal slave, Rin didn't let it stop him from coming to Izumo's aid when a Naberius attacked her and Paku, along with him defeating Izumo from her own familiars turned on her. After Rin tells Izumo to tear up the summoning circles, so the Byakkos would disappear, before he takes on the Naberius, that was later chased away by one of Yukio's bullets. As everyone else tended to the treated Paku, Rin finds Izumo crying her eyes out as she is ashamed to show her face from not being able to defeat her friend, seeing a part of himself in Izumo, as he too wasn't able to save someone he cares about, and because Izumo is in still her underwear he takes off his t-shirt and gives it to her.

The next morning, as Rin is brushing it teeth, Izumo returns the shirt he lent her and asks him to not tell anyone that he saw her crying yesterday, before thanking him for saving her and Paku. Rin promises to not tell a soul and after he notices that Izumo had washed the t-shirt he begins to think that he has misjudged her, but Izumo clamed that she only did so because it was dirty to which has Rin realizing that he needs to be careful about her character. Rin later joins Izumo when they went to see how Paku's recovering was coming along, before leaving the girls alone when he left the room with Yuko. Because of yesterday's events, Izumo had trouble focusing in her classes and had even gotten into a find with Bon where she accidently hits Rin when he stood up from his seat, which led to the whole class being placed in detention as Bariyons were placed on their laps as punishment; with Rin and Izumo sitting next to each other. As Izumo expresses how she doesn't want to be placed with the "losers", Yukio explains that no exorcist fights alone and that is the main reason why the whole class is being punished together, before leaving them to think about their actions and his works. As Izumo and Bon began to fight with each other again, Rin being in the middle between the two asks them to stop fighting, before the lights mysteriously die and the Naberius from yesterday appears in the dark to attack them again. Rin volunteers to led the second Naberius away from them while searching for the switch that turns the power back on, with Izumo staying behind to help the others fend the remaining Naberius off on their end. Shortly after Izumo find the strength to regain control of her familiars so she can help her classmates, the light turn back on which means that Rin was able to find the secret breaker on his end before he rejoins them. In the end, the Naberius attacking them in the dark was revealed to have been set up for their exwire exam. When Rin said that he stabbed the second Naberius with his sword, Izumo begins to view Rin as a mystery since is it impossible for a page to defeated a mid-level demon all on his own with only a sword.

As Rin and Izumo continue with their classes and missions to gain exorcist experience with fighting demons, and after Shura Kirigakure came into the picture as another teacher to their class, it soon came time for their forest camping trip where Rin offers to help Izumo and Shiemi prepare their dinner, since Izumo is struggling to do so and he has skills in cooking, to which has Izumo noticing how good he is at repairing it before taking the first bite of the finish dish. Seeing Izumo and everyone else enjoying his food gets Rin to realize what it is like to have a group of friends, before it was time for them to head into the demon infested forest. Izumo was able to bring her lantern back to camp on her own, while Rin brought his back with some help from Shiemi, Bon, Konekomaru Miwa and Renzo Shima. When the Demon King of Earth, Amaimon, attacks Rin and Izumo's classmates, Rin chose to reveal himself as the half demon-human son of Satan in order to save them from Amaimon. Like everyone else Izumo was shocked by this and began to draw herself away from him, because of his demon out burst when Rin lost control of himself. While Rin is put on trial for being Satan's son, Yukio explains his older twin brother's brief story to Izumo and the others.

Rin tried to continue as normal in classmate and with his classmates, before being pulled out of it. When a few exorcists, including Rin and Izumo's class were sent to Kyoto, Izumo is the only who choice to sit next to Rin on the train ride there. Izumo answers Rin's question of why she isn't afraid of him, like everyone else is, by explaining to him that there are many people in the exorcist community who have demon blood and that Satan being his biological is the reason why he is an outcast that many want dead. Despite who is the reason Rin's half demon blood, Izumo doesn't think of him as a monster.


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Rizumo is one of the well liked het ships between Rin and Izumo within of the Blue Exorcist fandom, and is commonly rivaled with RinShi, Shizumo and the main femslash ship of the BE/ANE fandom, IzuShie. Along with there being fans who ship Rizumo beside YukiShi. The ship's support grew after a few Rizumo like moments were shown in the Illuminati arc, as it shows that both Rin and Izumo are older siblings, have animal form familiars, lost their mothers and have their own demonic forms. From when Izumo became the temporally vessel for the Nine-Tailed Fox, and both of Rin's demon appearances from whenever he opens the Koma sword that contained his demon heart and after it was broken by Yukio. Which is why most of the ship's current fanart features them in their demon-human appearances.



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