Robina is the non-binary ship between Robin and Lucina from the Fire Emblem fandom.


Princess Lucina is the time traveler daughter of Chrom, the king Exalt of Ylisse, and Robin is Chrom's best friend, right hand and tactician.

She goes back in time after Robin, possessed by the demon Grima, kills Chrom and creates an apocalyptic future. In this ship route, against all the odds, Robin and Lucina fall in love with each other and have a daughter, Morgan, that doesn't exist in the original timeline.


Robin x Lucina is the most popular ship for male Robin. They are seen as a couple that defy the Fate together to change the future. The scene in which Lucina decides to kill Robin after discovering that he is the assassin of her father change and is more dramatic if they are in love.

The only criticism received against the ship is that some fans may find odd marrying the time traveler daughter of the best friend, who is a baby in the current timeline.



Lucina/Robin tag on AO3


  • The ship is only canonically possible if Robin is male.
    • If Robin is female, she is popularly seen as Lucina's mother and paired with her father Chrom.
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