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Robotic Knight is the het ship between Jaune Arc and Penny Polendina from the RWBY fandom.


Janue and Penny first met in volume 3 of rwby. They knew of each other when Jaune's teammate Pyrrha had to fight against her in the vytal festival tournament. He then proceeded to watch his teammate fight Penny alongside Nora and Ren. He was then devastated and shocked when Pyrrha "killed" penny and it turned out she was a robot. He was then very happy to see her alive and well again in the beginning of volume 7.

While Jaune and Penny didn't speak to each other at all in volume 7 he was noticably shocked to find out in the last episode that Penny had become the winter maiden. He also seemed happy that she was alive and ok. In volume 8 chapter 10, when Jaune realizes that Ren and Nora are about to have a moment together, he quickly and awkwardly leaves the room saying that he'll go see if Klein needs any help with Penny. Later that same episode a crashing sound can be heard, then Jaune quickly running down a flight of stairs signalling for everyone to go outside, to where Penny is. While everyone is trying to constrain Penny, Jaune runs up to a kneeling Ruby and Penny and moves in to boost Penny's aura.

Once that is over, Jaune and Penny are then seen sitting next to each other in the schnee manor main hall with everyone else. While everyone else is to come up with a strategy, Jaune is seen still boosting Penny's aura. Jaune then informs everyone that he can't keep boosting Penny's aura forever. In the last episode, Penny after being stabbed by Cinder falls to the ground. Jaune then runs up to her and begins the healing process. Penny then desperatly asks Jaune to kill her, reaching her hand out towards his sword. Jaune at first initially refuses, saying he can save her but Penny meekly asks one more time. They both give each other a sad look and then Jaune stabs Penny. The scene then shows him scream out in horor for what he's done while his tears and Penny's blood from his sword drip to the ground.


Robotic Knight is a rarepair in the rwby fandom. It has existed since volume 3 but didn't gain some popularity until volume 8. Fans were excited when the two started to speak to each other but dissapointed when Jaune ended up mercy killing Penny. In the next volume Jaune is undoubtedly going to have trauma over this. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



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  • Their ship name comes from the fact that Penny is a robot and Jaune is a knight.


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