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Romalink is the het ship between Link and Romani from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


Link first meets Romani when he arrived at Romani Ranch which she was named after. He finds Epona after losing her to the Skull Kid and wanted her back. Romani asks Link for his name but regardless of whether or not he gives it to her, she decides to name him "Grasshopper" instead. She then explains that a group of alien poes are about to come and attempt to steal their cows. Romani recruits Link's help and allows him to keep Epona after he practices with her. If he talks to her in the evening while she is sitting with her sister Cremia, she will call Link cute. She will also invite Link to stay with them, stating how he can sleep with her in her bed.

If Link does not help Romani or fails to stop the aliens, she will be abducted along with all of their cows. She will be brought back to the ranch at the end of the second day and be very disoriented. If Link talks to her the next day, she will allow to practice again. However, Romani will reveal to Link that she does not remember what the practice was for. If he arrives on the final day without meeting her first, she will be confused as to who he is.

If Link does help Romani, she will stay inside of the barn and guard the cows while Link protects them from the outside. If he succeeds in protecting the cows, Romani will be very thankful and award him with a bottle of milk. She will even instruct him to drink while putting his hand on his hip as that is what everybody does around Romani Ranch. The next day, Romani's sister Cremia will invite Link to deliver the milk to Clock Town with her. Romani will also want to go but Cremia will not let her.


Romalink has a small amount of popularity within the Zelda fandom. It is not quite as popular as Cremlink despite the fact that Romani is probably closer to Link in age. A lot of fans see Romalink as the Termina equivalent of Malink. Those who do ship Romalink sometimes also ship Malink and find them to be fitting together for multiple reasons. The largest reason is usually Romani's obvious crush on Link. Another reason is the similarity to Malink.



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  • If Link meets Romani in his Deku, Goron or Zora forms, she will call him cute and state that she's never seen a foreigner before.


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