Romance is the het ship between Lance and Romelle from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Lance first met Romelle when Keith, Krolia and Cosmo brought her to Castle of Lions, where she told him, Coran and the rest of the Paladins her story of the hidden Altean colony and Lotor's monstrous actions towards the Alteans he had took from the colony, like her brother. In the after match events of the Castle of Lions' loss, the real Shiro's return and had began to make preparations for their journey to Earth, Romelle flights with Lance during their first part of their journey in the VLD episode, "The Road Home". Where she caused Lance some trouble as she kept on pressing countless buttons in the Red Lion, until she, Coran, Kosmo and the Space Mice were all placed in the Green Lion with Pidge, who wasn't about it. Despite the headache trouble that Lance had gotten from Romelle during the first part of their long journey, Lance didn't let it stop him from giving Romelle a second chance to fly in the red Voltron lion with him, again.

In "The Journey Within", as their journey seems to be taking too long to reach Earth, Romelle learns from Lance about their rotten luck that involves something out so it could try to kill them, before the Paladins get hit by a void that motionless frozen their passengers where Romelle is one of them, and shortly after the Paladins formed a stronger bond between them their passengers become unfrozen. Romelle asks Lance if something had indeed tried to kill them to which Lance replies yes, before Voltron delivers all of them straight to Earth's solar system. Once they all arrived at the Galaxy Garrison on Earth, Lance, Romelle and the others were given orange Garrison uniforms to wear.

Shortly after Voltron saves Earth and were ready to free the rest of the universe, Romelle becomes a member of the Atlas crew so she could help Lance and the others in their task and to make should that they stop Lotor's mother. The day before they left Earth, Romelle stood beside Allura as Lance asks the princess if she would like to go on a date with him and after Allura agrees to it Romelle helps the princess to find a courting outfit to wear, where Romelle's turn of picking it out of Allura was ridicules. When the two left Earth on the IGF-Atlas to continue Voltron's mission, Romelle keeps her orange uniform while Lance is given a blue colored one that matches his Paladin armour. At one of their mission briefings about Honerva, who had tricked Romelle's fellow Altean colonists into joining her side, Lance and Romelle are seen siting beside each other during it.


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The reason as to why fans have shipped Lance with Romelle might be due to the fact that the two have flown in the same lion together a few times, even though Romelle had caused Lance some trouble the first she flew with him. As well as the fact that Lance to shown to be a lady's man and playboy at times.

On AO3, the ship only has 12 fanfics.



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