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Romatt is the het ship between Matt and Romelle from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


From separate character interactions, Matt and Romelle have similar attributes to each other. They are both older siblings, although Romelle's case ended more tragically than Matt's reunion with his sister, Pidge.

Matt and Romelle have been portrayed as an intellectual people. Matt displays a more genius level, knowing how to fight and figure out situations through a complex lens. While Romelle doesn't have 100% genius intelligence like Matt or Pidge, she is very smart in her own way. Her curious and skeptical mind displays her as a person who needs all the facts before coming to a conclusion with her finding out about the colony and what had happened to her younger brother, Bandor.

They also display a curiosity for technology, shown with Matt being impressed by the Castle in season 4 and Romelle touching every button in the Red Lion as well as playing Pidge's video game in the Green Lion.

However, the two have not directly met or interacted yet.


The rarepair is still very obscure in the fandom after season 7, but there are dedicated fans coming into the pairing and creating content for it recently.

There are little inside jokes about them, saying that Matt and Romelle would be the "Space Link and Zelda" and would go on adventures together. Matt would also be most likely the more outgoing one on adventures, while Romelle being fearful and skittish of the obstacles they come across.



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