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Romura is the femslash ship between Allura and Romelle from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Romelle made her debut in the second episode of season six, but she did not meet Princess Allura until the fourth episode. Allura is shocked to see another Altean as she thought she and Coran were the only survivors. Romelle tells Allura what Lotor had been doing to her brother and many other Alteans. While Lotor pleads for Allura to listen to him, Allura looks at Romelle before knocking him out.

In the last episode, Romelle is with Allura in the Blue Lion, which Allura pilots when they sacrifice the Castle of Lions.

In the last episode of Season 7, Romelle, along with Coran, are in Allura's hospital room. Romelle is sitting on the side of the bed near her and looking at her fondly with a smile.


The ship came to in season 6 where it was revealed that Romelle, as well as some other Alteans, were alive. As the two are not related, fans have deemed it good to ship. Fans ship them as the two are were forced into a war they didn't want nor signed up for, and the two could find comfort in each other, which would lead to romance. Fans also ship them together as the number of times the Voltron cast and crew have talked about LGBT representation in the show.



Romelle/Allura tag on AO3


  • Unlike her 80's incarnation, Romelle is not related to Princess Allura and does not hold a royal status.


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