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Romy is the het ship between Rogue and Gambit from the Marvel fandom.


Rogue & Gambit (2018)

The story begins when several mutants were disappearing after going to the Paraíso island to seek treatment for their past traumas.

Kitty suspects that something bigger is happening and decides that sending a couple with real problems to infiltrate as a patient would be the easiest way to investigate. And the obvious choice is Rogue and Gambit due to their troubled past being a perfect disguise to not create suspicion for possible badguys on the island.

Rogue is not happy with the situation, as she wants to stay away from Gambit because of her insecurities in their relationship. Gambit, on the other hand, shows his intentions to reconnect with her since they met in the mansion and thinks that, even if this is just a mission, couple therapy may be the opportunity they need to fix what's wrong with him and his lover.

Introducing themselves as Anna and Remy to Dr. Grand, owner of the psychiatric clinic, it is clear from the beginning that their problems were too big and made it difficult for them to be in the same place without creating tensions and fights.

But as the days of therapy and investigation progress, they have a chance to talk about moments that have never been properly resolved, so they can try to understand each other's point of view.

Rogue finally expressed her feelings for him, explaining why she felt insecure, fear of abandonment and needed to have her own experiences, but also how difficult it was to try not to love him. And Gambit was devoted to his feelings for her without ever having any intention of giving up on her, no matter the obstacles that stood in their way.

Strangely, as time goes by in that place, they start to have blackouts, lapse of memory and their powers start to weaken, however they also feel increasingly lighter and happier and it becomes difficult to even think about the problems around them.

Going to the island's hospital to investigate, they discover a large number of mutant patients have been hospitalized in a weakened state of dementia. Case after case, suddenly appearing without explanation.

Then they finally admitted that something was very wrong and decided to invade the psychiatrist's laboratory. Only to unusually discover that old versions of themselves were being kept there.

Lavish is the one doing this. Using her powers during therapy to steal people's negative experiences and turn them into replicas and slaves of her will, or simply steal their powers when she needed them.

Fighting their old versions, Rogue and Gambit understood that that was why they were happy for the past few days. Without the negative feelings surrounding their relationship, everything became easier to deal with.

Anna began to doubt whether she really wanted to regain her powers with the price being to recover her bad experiences, pain and suffering, but Remy assured her that it had to be done, because it was part of who they were and they had to learn to deal with the problems by themselves.

The idea of ​​a fresh start without avoiding the mistakes of the past, boosted their determination to continue the fight against the clones of them and other mutants, Lavish's previous victims.

But each time they destroyed one of the replicas, they saw the negative memory that each represented. So they were able to experience each other's feelings first hand in some of their darkest moments. Like how great Rogue's love was for Remy despite her insecurity or how hurt Gambit felt when she didn't trust him in the past.

In the end, Rogue absorbed Lavish's power and thus can defeat all the clones at once, consuming the abilities of several different mutants and losing control. Fortunately Gambit was there to comfort her and keep her conscious and focused.

And with the enemies destroyed, they were finally able to return the lost mind and the stolen powers to the island's weakened mutants.

While watching the sunset on the beach, Rogue apologized for fear her feelings for Remy and said she now understands that she cannot expect everything to be magically perfect between them, they have to accept their feelings and fight for the future that they want together.

So they decided to be with each other forever and Gambit promised to introduce Anna to his cats.


Gambit and Rogue are one of the most popular couples of the X-Men and in Marvel comics as a whole. Shippers have been enamored with the two since their introduction. Fans of the ship typically have a dislike for the X-Men films, as they didn't adapt their relationship.

On AO3, Romy is the second most written ship for Rouge and the most written for Remy. It is also the fourth most written ship in the X-Men (Comicverse) tag and the most written in the X-Men: The Animated Series and X-Men: Evolution tags.



Remy LeBeau/Rogue tag on AO3


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