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Rosacrose is the femslash ship between Rosaria and Sucrose from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Rosaria and Sucrose don't have any canon interactions in the game. Although they might know each other as they're both from the region Mondstadt. They both also seem to know about Albedo, Sucrose is Albedo's assistant and Rosaria has a voiceline about Albedo. They were also both on Albedo's banner once, Rosaria being on his rerun in 2021 and Sucrose being on his banner in 2020. In the game they are both 4 star characters.

These two don't have much similarities, although they do have some differences. The most notable one is probably that Rosaria dislikes topics that bore her and having to work overtime. She often skipping all church activities when possible and the first one to leave if she is forced to attend. While Sucrose loves experimenting and spends most of her time researching on bio-alchemy, stating that she likes to discover the secrets of life. Her research often yields numerous results that she often labels every unique variable as a result of its own, regardless of how useful said result may be. She spends an immense amount of time researching that she finds herself quickly bored whenever she takes a break.

Rosaria and Sucrose's main colors are also opposites. Most of Rosoria's color scheme is red or magenta, while Sucrose's is green. The opposite of green is magenta or red, making their colors opposites. Sucrose's outfit is mostly blue and white, while Rosaria's are mostly red and white. Blue and red are complementary colors.

Another difference is Rosaria is described as cold and blunt. In Genshin's official website, Rosaria is said to be "An unusual woman with sharp, piercing words and a cold manner". On the other hand, Sucrose is worrying and timid, she has trouble talking to people in worry that she'll offend them in some way. You can somewhat see this in both of their "Hello" voicelines. In Sucrose's, she gets worried that she might trouble you, but she's interested in learning about your travels. In Rosaria's, she's straightforward and immediately assumes you're a disciple.


Rosacrose is a rarepair in the Genshin Impact fandom. Not many people ship it as they don't have any canon interaction. Although, with people who enjoy rarepairs, it's a decently popular ship. People who ship it enjoy their dynamic. They also fit the extremely popular trope, "Opposites Attract" and the popular femslash trope, "Light Feminine and Dark Feminine".



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