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Rosalink is the het ship between Link and Rosa from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


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Link first encounters Rosa in Holodrum when she is finding her way back to Subrosia. He has to follow her in secret so that he can reach Subrosia as well. During his second visit to Subrosia, Link finds Rosa on the beach lamenting that she has lost her ribbon but he is able to buy her a new one. When he does so, she is thankful and takes him out on a date, using her key to explore the Temple of Seasons with him. Afterwards, Link can go on a date with Rosa again at any time and travel with her throughout Subrosia.

If Oracle of Seasons is played first, then Link can encounter Rosa again in Oracle of Ages while journeying throughout Labrynna. He can first encounter her on Crescent Island and help him get his shovel back from the Tokay. However, she will not follow him because she is on a vacation as an independent woman. Link can also find Rosa at the Goron Dance Hall at Rolling Ridge and will comment that the Subrosian dance is superior.


Rosalink has a small amount of popularity within the Zelda fandom. It is usually overshadowed by all other ships such as other ships in the oracles game and especially Zelink. However, some do ship them together because they did go out on a date and can continue to go out on dates in the future if the player desires to do so. There are some fans who like to point out the fact that they felt that Link was only using her for her key although this was never directly stated. Others find their relationship to be amusing because the two are different races and Rosa could even bathe in lava while Link would be hurt.


  • While Link is on a date with Rosa, some of the other Subrosians will be jealous if he talks to them.


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