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Rosewick is the het ship between Ruby Rose and Roman Torchwick from the RWBY fandom.


Volume 1


Ruby is at a dust store, which Roman enters and starts to rob. One of his henchmen tries to rob Ruby, but she just knocks him out, as well as the second one he sends after her. They end up on the street, where Ruby unleashes her weapon, while Roman sends all of his men after her. She easily defeats them, and Roman fires his cane on her, which she easily dodges. Ruby looses him for a moment, but quickly finds him scalling the building and quickly follows. He attepts to blow her up, but is stopped by Glynda Goodwithch.

The two then see each other again in the last episode of volume 1, where Roman instantly remembered her. He then proceeds to fight her and her friends and successfully lands a shot on her due to her being distracted. He then berates her for her interfering in his robbery and causing it to fail. They then see each other again in volume 2 chapter 4, where Ruby and the rest of her team fight against him, while roman is in his Atlesian Paladin-290 mech. They eventually manage to destroy it, while roman escapes with Neo.

They then see each other again in volume 2 chapter 11, when ruby unintentionally finds out their hiding spot. Once ruby is captured he becomes delighted in her torment. He then tries to kill her before she's eventually saved by her teammates. In volume 3 chapter 11, Ruby chooses to go after Roman's ship while everyone else defends beacon. After she boards the ship Roman is very noticeably annoyed but goes to face her anyways. Him and Neo then team up to take on Ruby. Once Ruby managed to send Neo sailing off the airship Roman becomes infuriated and starts beating her with his cane. He then begins ranting at her saying that the real world is cold and she can die like all the others if she wants to. But that he would keep doing what he does best, lying, cheating, stealing and surviving before roman himself is swallowed by a grimm.


Volume 1

Ruby Rose

  • Ruby says that Roman started the fight.


Rosewick is a rarepair in the rwby fandom. Mainly because the two are enemies and there's quite a huge age gap between them. The ship sank after volume 3 when Roman was eaten by a grimm. Fans liked the antagonistic relationship between the two. There's hope if Roman is still alive the two might fight again.



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  • Roman gave Ruby the nickname "Red"[1].




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