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Roupaz is the femslash ship between Rouge and Topaz from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


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In "Fly Spy", Rouge explored an abandoned factory and found a small shiny object, after which bright lights spot at the bat, revealing G.U.N. soldiers surrounding her. As Topaz prepared to handcuff her, Rouge complements her toughness and calls her an old lady. The other soldiers laugh and Topaz tells the commander to cease. The commander recognizes Rouge as the jewel thief from the previous night. Rouge, Topaz, and the commander were then seen at the President's office. Rouge asks Topaz for a cup of coffee, with the soldier reluctant at first but obeyed when her commander orders her to do so. The President offered Rouge a special agent position at G.U.N. in exchange for freedom. Rouge and Topaz infiltrated Dr. Eggman's fortress and were able to use a bomb to destroy one of Dr. Eggman's robots. As they fled the fortress, Topaz did not know how to thank the bat. Rouge suggested her to "lose some weight".

In "Running Out of Time", Topaz contacts Rouge on the radio informing the bat that the President is in danger. Both Rouge and Knuckles infiltrated the President's office and knocked out some rouge agents under the command of Card Passer. Topaz arrived after the brawl, checking on the President's condition. After the President replied that he was fine, Topaz exchanged glances with the bat. Later, when the portal to Sonic's world powered up for a second time, Rouge gave Topaz a gem that was "a steal" from the jewelry store as a parting gift. Rouge bade her long-time friend and companion farewell as the bat entered the portal, leaving Topaz weeping while Mr. Tanaka comforted her.


This pairing is fairly popular. There are currently nine fan works of this ship in AO3.

It is one of the few Sonic X ships involving a major human character (other than Dr. Eggman or Maria Robotnik, who also appear in the games) having a deep relationship with a Sonic character.



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