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Royal Guards is the slash ship between Royal Guard 01 and Royal Guard 02 from the Undertale and Deltarune fandoms.



RG 01 and RG 02 are both members of the Royal Guard. The two guard Hotland together. RG 01 specifically requested to patrol with RG 02, as revealed by Undyne in a phone call. Frisk encounters the two in Hotland, where the two attack the human. The two attack together with Team Attack.

Frisk can clean of RG 02's armor, which causes him to get hot and take it off. This causes RG 01 to get really nervous. When Frisk spares them, RG 01 confesses his emotions about him to RG 02 he says he “like likes him” which means he had a crush on him, and thinks he’s cool. After this confession, he backs out and says he was kidding. However, if the protagonist called Undyne before encountering the guards, RG 01 instead blames his confession on human mind control. After this, RG 02 asks 01 if he wants to go eat Nice Cream, to which 01 agrees.

After the confession, when they are checked, it is stated that the two are looking at each other happily. If the two guards are spared, they then go out to get ice cream with each other. After this, they can be found at the top of Hotland, where they have bought all of the remaining Nice Creams.

If Frisk kills one of the Royal Guards, the other's attacks become stronger. It is also impossible to spare exactly one of them, similarly to Dogamy and Dogaressa.

In the Genocide Route, when the check action is used on the two, the text describes the two as lovers staring over the edge of the cauldron of hell. In that route, the two attack Frisk to avenge Undyne.


The two appear in the Hometown at the end of Deltarune Chapter 1, wearing armor helmets along with matching trousers and flannel shirts. The two stand near the picnic tables by the lake. RG 01 enthuses over the scenery.


The ship has gained support due to their in-game interactions. With RG 01's canon attraction to RG 02, and the potential for them to become lovers, the ship naturally sailed. Since the two always appear together in-game, they are often portrayed together in fanart and other material. It is also the most popular ship for both characters, as the Royal Guards are rarely shipped with characters other than each other. As such, it does not have major rival ships. However, it is not as popular as many other ships due to the fact that the Royal Guards are not major characters in the game.

On AO3, it is by far the most written ship for both characters. However, it is only the second most commonly featured pairing in fanworks where the two appear, behind Alphyne. It is not among the top ships for the Undertale fandom in general.


“I... I... D-dude... I can't... I can't take this anymore! Not like this!! Like, 02! I like... I like, LIKE you, bro!! The way you fight... The way you talk... I love doing team attacks with you. I love standing here with you, bouncing and waving our weapons in sync... 02... I, like, want to stay like this forever...”
— RG 01's confesssion to RG 02



RG 01/RG 02 tag on AO3


  • In Undertale files, the sprites for the two are named with the word "bara" which is a term used for Japanese art and media which features masculine men in homosexual relationships known in Japan as "gay manga".



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