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Sk8 the Infinity is a sports anime series.


High school sophomore and skater Reki is addicted to the "S", a very secret and dangerous downhill skating race that takes place in an abandoned mine. Skaters are especially crazy about the "fights" or heated battles that break out in the Razas.

Reki takes Langa, a transfer student who returns to Japan after studying abroad, to the mine where the races are held. Langa, who has no skateboarding experience, finds himself drawn into the world of "S".


Reki Kiyan
Langa "Snow" Hasegawa
Miya Chinen
Hiromi "Shadow" Higa
Kaoru "Cherry Blossom" Sakurayashiki
Kojiro "Joe" Nanjo
Ainosuke "ADAM" Shindo
Tadashi "Snake" Kikuchi
Shokichi Oka
Nanako Hasegawa
Kiriko Kamata



Hiromi x Manager — the ship between Hiromi Higa and the Florist Shop Manager
KazuMiki — the ship between Kazu and Miki
Kiriko x Adam — the ship between Kiriko Kamata and Ainosuke Shindo


Adam x Joe — the ship between Ainosuke Shindo and Kojiro Nanjo
EDENSK8 — the ship between Ainosuke Shindo and Langa Hasegawa
Hiromi x Oka — the ship between Hiromi Higa and Shokichi Oka
Love Blossom — the ship between Ainosuke Shindo and Kaoru Sakurayashiki
MatchaBlossom — the ship between Kojiro Nanjo and Kaoru Sakurayashiki
Miya x Langa — the ship between Miya Chinen and Langa Hasegawa
Rekiya — the ship between Miya Chinen and Reki Kiyan
Renga — the ship between Reki Kiyan and Langa Hasegawa
TadaAi — the ship between Ainosuke Shindo and Tadashi Kikuchi


Sketchy x Oka — the ship between Shokichi Oka and Sketchy
Sk8ters — the ship between Reki Kyan, Langa Hasegawa, Miya Chinen, Kaoru Sakurayashiki, Hiromi Higa, and Kojiro Nanjo


Joe x Cherry x Adam — the ship between Joe, Cherry and Adam
Reki x Langa x Miya — the ship between Reki, Langa and Miya


Adam x Jail — the ship between Adam and Jail



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# portmanteau characters type
2104 Renga Reki Kyan/Langa Hasegawa slash
1652 MatchaBlossom Kojiro Nanjo/Kaoru Sakurayashiki slash
296 TadaAi Ainosuke Shindo/Tadashi Kikuchi slash
210 EDENSK8 Ainosuke Shindo/Langa Hasegawa slash
101 Love Blossom Ainosuke Shindo/Kaoru Sakurayashiki slash
95 Miya & Reki Miya Chinen & Reki Kyan gen
94 Adam & Snake Ainosuke Shindo & Tadashi Kikuchi gen
61 Reki & Joe Reki Kyan & Kojiro Nanjo gen
49 Reki & Langa Reki Kyan & Langa Hasegawa gen
44 Reki & Kaoru Reki Kyan & Kaoru Sakurayashiki gen


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SHIPS het Hiromi x Manager
slash EDENSK8Love BlossomMatchaBlossomRengaTadaAi
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