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“Hey Sabito... Do you think, Tanjiro can beat him?”
— Makomo asking Sabito if Tanjiro will beat the Hand Demon.

SabiMako is the family ship between Sabito and Makomo from the Demon Slayer fandom.


Sabito and Makomo are both fellow apprentices of Urokodaki. They were both trained by him and eventually sent to final selection to become potential Demon Slayers. While they both fought hard when they attended. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it and their failure to return left their master in a grieving state.

Though they were now deceased, their souls could not rest and returned to Mount Sagiri as spirits. The two met and eventually grew a close bond with each other as time progressed. They both remained there for a devastatingly long period of time until Urokodaki finally took in a new student, named Tanjiro Kamado. After Tanjiro trained under Urokodaki for a year. Urokodaki shows Tanjiro a very large boulder and tells him if he can cut through that boulder. He’ll allow him to enter Final Selection. Urokodaki then left without saying a word. Tanjiro experienced trial and error in cutting the boulder countless times. Even after mesmerizing all of Urokodaki’s training and constantly working hard he was still unable to cut the boulder. After six months, Tanjiro is trying to renew his determination after failing to cut the boulder many times.

He is then suddenly yelled at by Sabito, who tells him that he is not acting like a Demon Slayer at all before jumping down and striking the boy. Tanjiro asks Sabito what he is doing in which he responds by saying why is he still sitting on the ground. When Sabito challenges Tanjiro, he responds by saying he could hurt Sabito because his sword is real and Sabito’s is wooden. Sabito laughs and says he appreciates Tanjiro’s worrying but tells him he wouldn’t even be able to scratch him at his current level. Sabito approaches Tanjiro and the two clash and Sabito tells him there’s no need to worry because he’s much stronger and that he already cut through his boulder. Sabito lectures Tanjiro during their battle and tells him that he hasn’t mastered his training at all and scolds him for only memorizing the information and tells all of it needs to be hammered into his flesh.

Sabito strikes Tanjiro multiple times who becomes weary as their battle continues. He claims that he has been working hard everyday but says that he’s losing face and thinks he can’t do it. Sabito tells him he can but he has to keep moving forward, Sabito demands Tanjiro shows him everything he’s capable of. With that Tanjiro yells and does a maximum effort swing but Sabito avoids and does a powerful uppercut with his wooden sword and it knocks Tanjiro unconscious. Makomo appears after the fight and Sabito entrusts the rest of his training to her who nods and smiles in response. When Tanjiro reawakens, Makomo asks if he’s okay and he quickly sits and asks Makomo if she saw what happened and she appears confused at the question. He tells her how impressed he was at Sabito’s skill and that not even one of his strikes lost an ounce of power. He asks her if it’s possible for him to become just like that. Makomo smiles and says it is because she’ll be there to look after him.

Makomo oftenly told Tanjiro that Sabito and herself both love Urokodaki very much. She also explained to him that she and Sabito aren’t related, they were orphaned and that Urokodaki raised the both of them. But she never told Tanjiro why the two were helping him. She tells him that in order to master Total Concentration Breathing he has to expand his lung capacity. When asked how he can do so, she simply responds by telling him to train to death. However, Tanjiro is still unable to defeat Sabito despite training even harder. Tanjiro was repeatedly defeated by Sabito until six months where his blade finally reached Sabito first. Makomo commends Tanjiro for what he’s done and tells him to keep winning. Once Urokodaki permits Tanjiro to enter Final Selection. Tanjiro becomes happy and tells Urokodaki to say hello to Sabito and Makomo. Once Tanjiro leaves Urokodaki becomes shocked and questions how he knew those two when they died so long ago. While Tanjiro is at Final Selection, he encounters a strange Demon at Final Selection. Makomo asks Sabito if he’ll be able to beat him. Sabito says he doesn’t know because they couldn’t win despite their best efforts.

Once the Demon asks Tanjiro what period it is. The Hand Demon becomes angered once Tanjiro tells him that they are in the Taisho era and curses Urokodaki. Tanjiro asked him if he really knew Urokodaki and the Demon said he does because Urokodaki trapped him where he is now. It was then when Tanjiro finds out that Sabito, Makomo and Urokodaki’s other students weren’t killed because of their incompetence. But because this Demon prioritized into killing Urokodaki’s students. As he tells Tanjiro that he vowed to kill all of Urokodaki’s apprentices as revenge for trapping him. He also says that Sabito and Makomo were Urokodaki’s two students that stood out the most and that they were his strongest apprentices that he defeated. Once the Demon gleefully explains how he killed the two Tanjiro becomes enraged and pursues him. As their fight goes on Makomo grows concerned and asks if Tanjiro will lose and wonders if it’s even possible to behead that Demon. Sabito tells her he is unsure of what will happen but reminds her that Tanjiro is the one who cut the thickest boulder of all.

The battle nears its end and Tanjiro rushes down the Hand Demon, he manages to cut a bunch of the Hand Demon’s arms and close the distance between them. The Hand Demon attempts to grab him, believing that he’ll be unable to decapitate him. Tanjiro however manages to cut the Demon’s head off before he could do so. After winning this battle, Makomo, Sabito, and all of Urokodaki’s students who’ve fallen, can finally rest. Sabito and Makomo both slowly leave for good and ascend to a world where they don’t have to worry about demons nor sadness anymore, and they can finally go back to Urokodaki as souls.


“I leave the rest in your hands, Makomo”
— Sabito trusting Tanjiro’s training to Makomo


Episode 2 eyecatcher

SabiMako is fairly known within the fandom. Mainly because of the little ships Makomo has to offer.However some fans tend to avoid shipping them romantically and view them as siblings since they were both adopted by Urokodaki. While they are adoptive siblings, some fans view them as a Het ship. This is because they're not biologically related and believe the two would fall in love if they were to meet in person. However this falls behind in popularity when it comes to Sabito's more popular slash ship (SabiGiyuu) but people who like Het ships often ship the two alongside GiyuShino. It currently has 42 works on Ao3.

Many fans theorized that if Makomo and Sabito had survived, they would’ve been able to become Hashira with Giyuu and get to train Tanjiro better, and alongside them and Nezuko they would’ve been close friends as the water breathers could reunite and spend more time training and hanging out together. Many fan arts consist on the two of them training together or spending time with Urokodaki.



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