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“I rescued you because I care about you, kiddo. You can take that as a compliment and a cautionary tale.”

Sabriel is the slash ship between Sam Winchester and Gabriel from the Supernatural fandom.


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Gabriel is first introduced in Tall Tales as the trickster. Posing as a janitor for the university, he lets Sam and Dean into the Professor's office; while being questioned he shares a few jokes the two get along. Throughout the episode, Sam's computer is messed with and while his initial suspect is Dean, it is later revealed Gabriel was the culprit. Later, the brothers are arguing in front of the school as Gabriel observes them, Sam defends him over Dean's plan of putting a stake through him and decides to go to his house.

In Mystery Spot Gabriel attempts to prove a point to Sam; that Dean is his weakness and everyone knows it. He does this by making Sam repeat the same Tuesday over and over again with Dean dying a different way every time. Sam eventually catches on that his time loop is a result of the trickster and demands he be taken to Wednesday with his brother alive. Gabriel obliges but on Wednesday, Dean is killed in a mugging. Sam begins to go down a very dark path cutting himself off from other people and dedicating himself to hunting. Eventually, Bobby reports that he found the trickster again and the two head to the Mystery Spot. There, Gabriel tries to converse with Sam again and, after telling Sam that he's like a brick wall, Gabriel snaps his fingers and ends the fake reality, bringing Sam to Wednesday morning with his brother alive.

In Hammer Of The Gods Gabriel finally reveals his archangel identity to the Winchester brothers. After creating a plan to kill the deities and escape the motel, Gabriel gets trapped by Kali who then stabs him with his own angel blade, much to Sam's horror. Later in the episode, while the brothers are trapped in a conference room with the other deities, including Lucifer, Gabriel appears and reveals that the weapon Kali stabbed him with was made out of an orange soda can. He then places the brothers and Kali behind him to get them to safety, giving Sam once last look before the trio leave the room.


Season 5


  • When helping the Winchesters get to safety, Gabriel shares a last glance with Sam.

Season 10


  • When talking to the psychic, he mentions that inside Sam's mind is only the image of a hobbit-like man in a prison.

Season 13


  • Sam cut the string that had kept Gabriel's mouth shut.
  • Sam confesses that he needs Gabriel.


Gabriel“Wow Sam! Get a load of the rims on you!”
Sam“Eat me.”
―Changing Channels
“We lost people on that suicide mission, good people!”
—Sam about Gabriel, The Devil You Know
“But the hippie over here(Sam), I’m seeing some creep-ass hobbit fella, in a prison cell.”
—Oliver about Gabriel, Inside Man
“And the last time the world was ending, I put my money on you. I think you can pull it off again.”
—Gabriel, Bring 'em Back Alive
“Don't let anybody ever tell you you're just a pretty face.”
—Gabriel, Unfinished Buisness
“I need you, Gabriel.”
—Sam, The Thing


Sabriel originally started as Sam/Trickster. The reason people ship Sabriel is usually in comparison to Destiel, so both Winchesters have angels. Others ship them based on their opposing personalities.

On AO3 it is the second most written ship for Sam and the most written ship for Gabriel. It is the third most written ship in the Supernatural fandom.

The reason some people do not like Sabriel is that in Mystery Spot, Gabriel killed Dean a million times, but this gave Sabriel shippers an amazing line, "It appears Sam has hit Gabriel's mystery spot."



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  • Gabriel is the angel of Monday, the day Sam was born, as well as the angel of dreams, the supernatural ability Sam possessed back in Season 2.
  • Both Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) and Jared Padalecki (Sam) are open supporters of the ship