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“I rescued you because I care about you, kiddo. You can take that as a compliment and a cautionary tale.”
— Gabriel to Sam

Sabriel is the slash ship between Sam Winchester and Gabriel from the Supernatural fandom.


Season 2


Gabriel, disguised as a Janitor, lets Sam and Dean into the office of a professor. He sees Sam's EMP and asks what it's for. Sam, disguised as an electrician, lies and says that it's to find the wire in the walls. Gabriel doesn't get why they're wiring up the office, since the professor threw himself out the window. Sam asks if he was working that night, and Gabriel says that he found him. Sam asks if he saw it happen, Gabriel didn't but he did see him go up with a girl. Sam asks if he saw the girl come out, Gabriel says no and that he hadn't seen that particular girl around. Sam asks if the building only has four floors, and Gabriel confirms. Sam asks if there would be a room 669, and Gabriel says no, asking why. Sam says that he's just curious and thanks him.

As Dean confronts Gabriel, Gabriel tells him that he shouldn't have come alone. Dean says that he didn't and Sam and Bobby walk through the back doors. Gabriel realizes that the fight Sam and Dean had earlier was a trick and sends his figments after the boys. Women for Dean and a chainsaw wielding serial killer for Sam. They get tossed around, Gabriel enjoying the show. Just as Gabriel gets up to kill Dean, Sam throws Dean the stake, and Dean drives it through Gabriel, "killing" him.

Season 3


As Sam and Dean are exiting the dinner, Sam notices that one of the patrons switched from maple to strawberry syrup, which is different from the other 100 time loops. Just as he realizes the man is behind the loops, the day resets.

Sam watches the man eat, and when he exits the dinner Sam follows him. Sam pins the man up against the fence outside, shocking the man and Dean. He holds a stake to the man and says that he knows who he is. The man denies it until Sam says that they've killed a trickster like him before. The man then reveals himself to be Gabriel, and that Sam and Dean hadn't actually killed him. Sam asks why he's doing this, but Gabriel says that they tried to kill him, so why wouldn't he return the favor. Sam angrily asks if this is fun for him, killing Dean repeatedly. Gabriel says yes, but it's not really about that, it's more about Sam watching Dean die repeatedly forever. He asks Sam when he'll realize that he can't save Dean, and Sam says that if he kills Gabriel, it stops. Gabriel then backs off saying it was a joke, and when Sam wakes up it'll be Wednesday. Sam accuses him of lying, but Gabriel says that if he is, Sam knows where he'll be. Sam says it'd be easier to just kill him, but Gabriel doesn't want that and snaps his fingers. Sam wakes up on Wednesday.

After Gabriel "permanently" kills Dean, Sam goes out on a hunt for the trickster. Six months later he gets a call from Bobby, saying that he'd found him. Sam meets him at the Mystery Spot, where he tells him about a summoning ritual that would kill a person. Sam's says he'll do it, and Bobby volunteers as the person. Sam goes through with it, believing that Bobby is Gabriel in disguise. After a moment of letting Sam believe he'd killed Bobby, Gabriel reveals himself, saying that Sam was right and he was just screwing with him. Sam asks Gabriel to bring back Dean, but Gabriel says that he's dead and isn't coming back. He asks to be taken back to the Wednesday, and that he and Dean won't come after him. Gabriel doesn't know if he should do it, even if he can. He tells Sam that there is a lesson in the whole thing, and Sam asks what it is. Gabriel says it's the obsession with saving Dean, the two constantly sacrificing themselves for each other, nothing good comes out of it. He calls Dean Sam's weakness, and says that everyone knows it. It's going to be the death of him, and he has to be able to let people go. Sam says that Dean is his brother, which Gabriel says that this is life without him. Sam pleads to bring Dean back, and Gabriel agrees since it stopped being fun months ago, and takes him back to that Wednesday.

Season 5


Dean realizes that Dr. Sexy isn't the real Dr. Sexy, causing Gabriel to reveal himself. Dean orders him to let them out, but Gabriel reminds him that they have nothing to threaten him with. Sam asks if it was Gabriel on the police line, and Gabriel says that he couldn't resist. Sam tells him that they need his help, and Gabriel guesses that it has to do with them breaking the world. Sam asks for him to at least hear them out, and Gabriel agrees, if they can survive the next 24 hours and vanishes.

Later, just as Castiel is about to tell them something about the trickster, Gabriel appears and makes Cas disappear. Dean angrily says that they get it, playing their roles, but Gabriel says that's only half of it. Sam asks what the other half is, and Gabriel tells them it's being the vessels of Michael and Lucifer. Sam is shocked that he wants them to say yes, and Gabriel says he's all for it. Sam says that the world will end, but Gabriel tells them that it's their own fault and they should just get it over with. Dean asks what side Gabriel is on, but Gabriel says he's on neither and tells them both to accept the roles chosen for them. Sam asks what will happen if they don't and Gabriel says that they'll just stay in TV land forever, and snaps his fingers, changing the channel.

Sam notices a cop eating a sucker, and tells Dean to follow his lead as they head over. Dean is able to stab the guy, but the cop behind him reveals that they got the wrong guy, Dean asks if they actually did, as Sam comes up behind Gabriel and stabs him. The TV land disappears and they end up back in the warehouse.

Sam and Dean discuss Gabriel and how he isn't dead yet. Sam reminds Dean that Cas said that he was too powerful to be a trickster, and Dean points out that the way Gabriel looked at Cas, it was like he knew him. Sam brings up how mad he was about Michael and Lucifer. Dean then realizes what they're actually dealing with.

Dean calls to Gabriel, saying that they'll be the vessels of Michael and Lucifer. Gabriel asks if they're ready, but Dean makes him turn Sam, who had been turned into Baby, back to human first. Dean asks why the stake didn't kill him as Sam then lights a lighter and throws it down, lighting a holy fire ring around Gabriel. Dean then says that he's been an angel the whole time, which Gabriel calls crazy. After a minute Gabriel undoes everything and claps, saying that it was well played. He asks where he screwed up, and Sam says that he didn't, but nobody gets a jump on Cas and then asks who he really is. Gabriel reveals his name, and that he is the archangel Gabriel. Sam asks why he ran away, and Gabriel tells them that he couldn't stand watching his family turn on each other. Sam says that he can help them stop it from happening again, but Gabriel says that it can't be stopped. Dean is angry that Gabriel wants to see the end of the world, but Gabriel just wants it to be over. He doesn't care who wins. Sam says that there has to be a way to stop it, but Gabriel just laughs, since it's not really a war, but a fight between two brothers who betrayed each other, something Sam and Dean should relate to. Sam asks what he means, and Gabriel explains why they're the vessels, specifically the whole brothers thing, and that it's their destiny.


As the gods argue over what to do with Sam and Dean, Gabriel appears. Sam is about to say his name when he cuts off the Winchesters's ability to speak. He tells them that it's always wrong place wrong time. He tells Sam and Dean that the gods need to talk and sends the two to their room.

Gabriel then appears in the hotel room, and Dean says that they should have realized it was his plan sooner, but Gabriel says that he's here to save them. Sam asks if the gods have a chance against Satan but Gabriel says it's a bad idea, so they need to get going. Dean asks why he can't just zap them out of there, and Gabriel says that Kali has them on a blood spell. So he has to get their blood from her. Dean realizes that the gods called him Loki, so they don't know who he is. He threatens to tell them who he actually is if he doesn't help them. Gabriel gives in.

Season 13


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Ketch rescues Gabriel from Asmodeus and brings him to the bunker. Dean and Sam are shocked that Gabriel is still alive. Gabriel is bloody and terrified, and his mouth is sewn shut.

Sam cuts the string shutting Gabriel's mouth and asks what happened to him, but Gabriel is silent. Dean tells Sam to stay with Gabriel in the bunker as Ketch and Dean go to the apocalypse world.


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Sam and Castiel go into Gabriel's room in the bunker, and Cas thinks that Gabriel might not remember them. When Cas and Sam try to feed Gabriel his grace, he freaks out.

Gabriel writes out his story on the walls of his room, and Sam and Cas wonder why Gabriel won't talk to them even though his mind is intact.

Sam watches as Castiel attempts to 'jump start' Gabriel's mind, but Cas informs him that Gabriel might be lost forever.

Sam talks to Gabriel and tries to break Gabriel out of his own mind by talking about family. Sam tells Gabriel that the world needs him, and that Sam needs him. Gabriel talks for the first time by correcting Sam, saying he'd been with pornstars, not hookers.

Asmodeus calls Sam to demand Gabriel back and threatens to destroy the bunker. Sam wards the bunker to try and keep Gabriel safe. Amid the struggle with Asmodeus, Gabriel returns to full power and destroys him, saving Castiel and Sam.

Sam and Cas explained everything to Gabriel and wants to welcome him to the team, but Gabriel refuses and disappears despite both Sam and Castiel asking him to stay.

Dean comes back from the apocalypse world and he, Cas, and Sam deduce that they need to find Gabriel to open another portal.


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Gabriel shows up wounded at Sam and Dean's Motel room, where the Winchesters were staying as they were looking for them.

Sam patches up Gabriel's wounds and Gabriel asks for more of his grace, since he was drained from defeating Asmodeus. They tell him they used it. He goes to sleep on their couch.

Gabriel doesn't want to help the Winchesters, but they're confronted by two Norse demigods, who attack Sam and Dean. Gabriel stabs Sam's attacker and saves him, scaring off the remaining demigod.

The Winchesters chained Gabriel to a pipe and asked him to explain what the Norse demigods wanted with Gabriel, so he explains that he was laying low with the demigods, who then sold him to Asmodeus, so he wanted revenge on all three of them. Sam says that since Gabriel was low on grace, he was killing them the old fashioned way. Gabriel's main target is Loki. He explains that he'd helped Loki before, and thought Loki would help him again.

Dean starts berating Gabriel for running away and not fighting Lucifer. Gabriel says that the video was his help, and that they wouldn't have been able to put Lucifer in the cage without him. Dean gets angry at Gabriel for running and Gabriel yells about his time with Asmodeus and his revenge and Sam says they get it. Dean says it won't help to kill the people responsible, but Gabriel still wants to go through with it. Dean tries to talk Sam out of helping Gabriel get revenge and points out how nothing has ever come of it. Sam tells Dean it's not about him, it's about Gabriel. They agree to help Gabriel if he helps them.

Gabriel explains that Loki is nearby, and while Dean thinks the plan to kill Loki's sons in order and then Loki himself is stupid, Sam still defends Gabriel's plan.

Gabriel kills one demigod and goes after Loki. Sam and Dean watch as Gabriel kills Loki, and Gabriel nods to them after.

Gabriel thanks Sam and Dean for helping them, and says he'll help them defeat other world Michael. Sam asks Gabriel how he feels after getting his revenge, and Gabriel claims to be a whole new man.

Gabriel gets his own room at the bunker.


Season 2

Tall Tales

  • Sam encourages Gabriel to tell Dean and Sam what he saw.
  • Gabriel messes with Sam's computer.
  • Sam and Dean realize that Gabriel is the trickster.
  • Sam follows Gabriel up the stairs.
  • Sam says he'll catch up to Dean and Gabriel.
  • Sam searches through Gabriel's locker.
  • Sam and Dean argue about the trickster.
  • Sam tells Dean to keep an eye on Gabriel.
  • Gabriel watches Sam and Dean's 'argument'.
  • Gabriel tells Dean that he knows that Sam and Dean are hunters.
  • Gabriel tells Dean that he likes him and Sam.
  • Sam watches as Dean kills Gabriel.

Season 3

Mystery Spot

  • Bobby tells Sam not to obsess over the trickster.
  • Gabriel calls Sam the dysfunctional one out of the two Winchesters.
  • Gabriel had someone send Sam flowers after Dean died.
  • Gabriel says that talking to Sam is like talking to a brick wall.

Season 5

Changing Channels

  • Sam finds Gabriel's candy wrappers at the scene of a crime.
  • Gabriel comments on how good the Winchesters have gotten at figuring out his game.
  • Sam asks if Gabriel knows Cas.
  • Sam looks over Gabriel's body.
  • Gabriel arrives and comments on the rims on Sam as the Impala, Sam tells him to eat him.
  • Gabriel comments on how Satan is gonna ride Sam, whether he's human or not.
  • Sam looks on as Dean and Gabriel talk.
  • Gabriel blames Sam and Dean for ruining his cover.

Hammer of the Gods

  • Gabriel looks to Sam.
  • When helping the Winchesters get to safety, Gabriel shares a last glance with Sam.
  • Gabriel gives the Winchesters his 'final' message in a porno. Sam watches a bit longer than Dean

Season 13


  • Sam claims that the 'Trickster' is dead.

The Thing

  • Sam cut the string that had kept Gabriel's mouth shut and asks what happened to him.
  • Sam stays at the bunker to take care of Gabriel.

Bring 'Em Back Alive

  • Sam tries to comfort Gabriel and sits him on his bed.
  • Sam tries to feed Gabriel his grace.
  • Sam confesses that he needs Gabriel
  • Sam is the first person that Gabriel talks to after being rescued
  • Gabriel saves Sam and Castiel from Asmodeus
  • Sam tells Gabriel "Welcome to the Team"
  • Sam asks Gabriel to wait before he disappears

Unfinished Business

  • Sam patches up Gabriel's wounds
  • Gabriel saves Sam from his attacker
  • Gabriel tells Sam to not let anyone tell him he's 'just a pretty face'
  • Sam tries to stop Dean from being angry at Gabriel
  • Sam tells Gabriel that they get why he wants revenge and Gabriel looks at him.
  • Sam defends Gabriel's revenge plot and convinces Dean to help
  • Sam stays back and asks Gabriel how he's feeling after getting his revenge
  • Sam calls Gabriel 'Gabe'


Gabriel“Wow Sam! Get a load of the rims on you!”
Sam“Eat me.”
— Changing Channels
“We lost people on that suicide mission, good people!”
— Sam about Gabriel, The Devil You Know
“I need you, Gabriel.”
— Sam, Bring 'Em Back Alive
“And the last time the world was ending, I put my money on you. I think you can pull it off again.”
— Gabriel, Bring 'em Back Alive
“Don't let anybody ever tell you you're just a pretty face.”
— Gabriel, Unfinished Business


Sabriel originally started as Sam/Trickster. The reason people ship Sabriel is usually in comparison to Destiel, so both Winchesters have angels. Others ship them based on their opposing personalities, or because of their noticable height difference.

The reason some people do not like Sabriel is that in Mystery Spot, Gabriel killed Dean a million times, but this gave Sabriel shippers an amazing line, "It appears Sam has hit Gabriel's mystery spot."

After Gabriel is rescued, people often compare Sam's "I need you" speech to Gabriel as remarkably similar to Dean's "I need you" speech to Castiel, which is one if their more popular moments.

On AO3, Sabriel is the second most written ship for Sam and the most written ship for Gabriel. It is the third most written ship in the Supernatural fandom.



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  • Gabriel is the angel of Monday, the day Sam was born, as well as the angel of dreams, the supernatural ability Sam possessed back in Season 2.
  • Both Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) and Jared Padalecki (Sam) are open supporters of the ship.



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