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Saiai is the het ship between Saiki Kusuo and Aiura Mikoto from the The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. fandom.


When Aiura learned her "Mr.Right" would be at PK Academy, she decided to attend. She wanted to find him as soon as possible. She didn't know much about her "Mr. Right". Somethings she did know were that his hair was pink, he had crazy abilities and his initials were "S.K". Saiki's first thoughts was that she was a possible rival to him.

He failed to attend school one day to check out Aiura's powers. While trying to save Chiyo Yumehara, Aiura starts to witness Saiki's powers. She then starts to follow him in an attempt to get close to him, thinking he is her "Mr.Right" or soulmate. Saiki did appear to have trust Aiura. He needed for Rifuta Imu to get rid of her affection for him. He chooses Aiura to be his pretend girlfriend to trick Rifuta. Aiura also had helped him stop a volcano from destroying all of Japan.

Saiki calls the girls "-san", however, Aiura is an exception. He calls her by "Aiura" suggesting they are close. Mikoto tends to share her feelings openly about Saiki. She usually gives him love-filled thoughts to him. She openly gets flustered when Saiki praises her.


Saiai is not a popular ship in the Fandom. However, some speculate that Saiki has feelings for Aiura, seeing how close they are. Many shippers tend to ship this over Saiteru, because of their dislike of Kokomi. It currently has 40+ works on Pixiv.



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