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Salamy is the femslash ship between Sally and Amy from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Archie comics

In both continuities, Sally and Amy are good friends and companions of the Freedom Fighters.

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Sonic the Hedgehog #25 was a way to recreate the Sonic CD game within the comic. Amy was eight years old and was the number one fan of the hero Sonic, as well as his pen pal. Doctor Robotnik kidnaps her upon learning of her relationship with the hedgehog. Sonic gets angry and acts impulsively, but Sally tells him to wait, as it can be a tra. The blue hedgehog tells Sally that he does not have time for a meeting when Amy is in danger. Sally replies that they are going to save her, but that she does not intend to risk putting anyone in danger. Due to Sonic’s recklessness, Tails ends up kidnapped. While Sonic fights Metal Sonic, Sally arrives on the scene and kicks Dr. Robotnik, rescuing the pink hedgehog and the fox.

In issue 40, Amy protests in front of the jail where Sonic is being held, thinking that it was unfair. Sally thinks the pink hedgehog is tender and, from her attitude towards Sonic, she finds it very cute, but protests are not allowed and she has to stop her. Upon seeing her, Amy smiles and exclaims that she knew that the princess would come to forgive Sonic. Sally tells him she cannot release him because there are serious charges against him and comforts her when she starts crying. Sonic begins arguing with Sally from inside the cell. The princess gets angry and asks him to show some responsibility in front of Amy, who is a girl who admires her hero. While they continue to argue, Sally takes Amy’s arm and takes her away from Sonic, while the girl yells at the hedgehog who still believes in him. Later in the comic, Amy is questioned by Antoine during the trial, who claims him for asking a badger to be part of his Sonic fan club. Amy sobs and this annoys Sally, who yells at Antoine to stop bullying the witness.

In issue #79, Sonic goes on a mission and the king has ordered the rest of the Freedom Fighters to go with him. Amy asks if she can go, but Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie tell her she cannot because she was too young. She does not understand it, as Tails can go and is her same age. Nate Morgan explains that Tails has much more experience and had defeated Ixis Naugus. The bristling woman goes down and says she understands it. Then, Elias thinks that the only way to wake Queen Alice from the coma she is in, is to make a wish with the Ring of Acorns, but when she goes to look for him it is too late. Amy had used the ring to become a few years older (her design changed from classic to modern). In the next issue, Sally learns what Amy had just done, but did not blame her for not being able to use the ring for her mother.

Issue 142 begins with a younger Amy begging the princess to turn her into a Freedom Fighter. Sally replies that she is too young and inexperienced, in contrast to Tails, who does have the experience. Amy does not believe him and thinks Sally wants to stay with Sonic. Angry, she starts walking away from Sally, who thinks she is ridiculous, but says nothing. It all turns out to be a memory of Sally, who is standing on stage telling what happened. While Amy, now a teenager, thinks she is going to die of shame. Sally goes on to tell how Amy used the Ring of Acorns to wish she was older and that, although she was older physically, she was still a child mentally. In Sally’s opinion, that stage of Amy was over and Amy had become a beautiful young girl both inside and out. The princess recognizes Amy’s work in defending Fort Arcorn and names her a Freedom Fighter.

In issue 144, Amy sends an anonymous letter to Aly, a person who gave advice on relationships at the newspaper. In the letter he explains his relationship with Sonic (without saying his name) and how it feels to not be able to have a relationship with him, in addition to people telling him to give up. Aly replies that she is too young and that is why she will not notice, but that her feelings are temporary. She adds that her true love might be closer than she thinks. Amy doesn't like the advice, so she throws away the letter. Those who are reading the newspaper see an anonymous letter about a breakup, which Amy and others instantly recognize as Sally’s letter. At the end of the issue it is revealed that Aly is actually Sally and that she had sent herself a letter to mislead her audience.

In issue #193, Sally seems to be amused by Sonic’s reactions to Amy’s displays of affection. He even sends them on a mission together and amicably mocks the hedgehog for his discomfort. This indicates that Sally thinks Amy’s insistence is funny and doesn not think it was a bad thing.

In issue #222, Amy admits that if Sonic loves Sally, he wants her to be happy, even if it was not with her. He also defends them from people who are ruining their date.

When Sally is robotized into Mecha Sally, Eggman uses her to fight the Freedom Fighters. During one of those fights, all the characters are saddened to see her, but Amy is the only one who gets mad at Eggman for what he did to him. In addition, he strives to return her to normal, even if he has to fight against her. Mecha Sally reveals that she believes that Amy is trying to destroy her in order to stay with Sonic. Amy protests and asks him how selfish he thinks he is, as he came to save his friend.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Amy was already a teenager and Sally did not have a courtship with Sonic, so there were not the same misunderstandings from before the Super Genesis Wave about the feelings they had towards each other. The ship became more popular due to various events and because they appeared to be close. They both received Nicole’s memories together. On one occasion, Sonic commissioned Sally to carry Amy on her board, so the princess carried her in her bridal-style arms. At number 260, Amy called Sally for her Miles Electric while she was on a mission and they had a chance conversation about the situation and Sonic’s transformation to a werehog. During it, Sally showed faith in Amy by assuring her that she trusted that all of them would know how to handle the situation. The last time they met before the comics were canceled, was at a tea party at Sonic Universe #90 which they attended alongside Sonic, Cream, Cheese and King Nigel at Castle Acorn.

Sonic the Comic

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This pairing has some following, overshadowed only by the two pairings involving Sonic, Sonally and Sonamy. Due to this, fans would commonly place the two against each other. Those who do pair the two are in an attempt to stop the war between the two major Sonic ships, and to represent acceptance. A few others would add Sonic himself to the two instead, forming Sonsalamy.

There are currently eleven fan-works on Archive of Our Own as of December 2021.



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