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Sallails is the het ship between Sally and Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



Tails and Sally are both members of the Freedom Fighters and close to Sonic the Hedgehog.

In "Heads or Tails", Sally orders the water-balloon catapults to fire at the incoming Buzz-Bombers, saving Tails from being stung by one. In "Hooked on Sonics", Tails was disgusted at Sonic and Sally making out.

In "Sonic and Sally", Tails greeted Sonic and "Sally" after a successful mission. "Sally" gives him a few kisses to the cheek. Tails asked her how come she didn't do the "funny kiss", "Sally" just kissed him once in the forehead. One night, Tails sneaks up to the window to see "Sally", and confirms his suspicions. When the real Sally then came to Tails sitting on a log, the fox ignored her at first, but upon doing the funny kiss (a kiss on each cheek and then the nose), Tails recognizes and hugs her. Thinking she "is not the real Sal", Sonic pulls Tails away from her despite giving the hedgehog a kiss. The chipmunk chases after them, ending the episode.

Sally, Bunnie, and Dulcy witness Tails and Antoine being kidnapped by Uncle Chuck in "Sonic Conversation". After Sonic rescues them, she and Bunnie see the hedgehog and Tails walking with their heads down. The next day, Sally walks to Sonic and Tails who are sitting on a log. It is revealed that Uncle Chuck was able to control himself in his roboticized form and has become a spy for the Freedom Fighters. Sally advises about changing the hearts of the robotized animals as an alternative to a de-roboticizer, and the three do their serious thumbs up.

Both appear in the "Sonic Christmas Blast" special, but Tails was not able to meet the chipmunk on time as Sonic stops him and instead headed directly to Dr. Robotnik's lair to deliver Sally's presents. They also have cameos in Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball along with some of the other Sonic SatAM characters.


Sonic the Comic

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Archie comics

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

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Like in Sonic SatAM, they are members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

In one of their adventures, Sally, Tails and Monkey Khan are first seen being tied up by ninjas. When Sonic agrees to meet their master, a ninja slashes their bounds. All four meet the Bride of the Endless Reach and are the first outsiders to look upon the Web of Fate. There were then seen having dinner with Li Yuen and Li Moon when a dagger is thrown out of the window, smashing a tea cup intended for Tails. The next day, they subdued a group of bat ninjas. Mistaken for robbers, they lead the adventurers to their lord, who shows no interest in conversing while Sonic and Tails are inside. After Ken negotiates with the lord, he and Sally have a brief moment together, then confronted Fiona Fox and the Destructix. Sally punches Fiona in the stomach to keep her from insulting Tails any further. After a deal, the group heads to the Iron Fortress for another negotiation. They then meet Espio, who they follow to converse with his mother. With the last clan ruler reasoned out, the Power Ring on Ken's head transforms into his old crown. The four returned on the Tornado to New Mobotropolis to defeat the Iron Dominion.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

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The pairing is not very popular. Some may opt for them to remain friends rather than a romance since Sally already has a love interest.

A few artists even go as far as eroticizing their "funny kiss" in one episode.



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